He Was The Heart & Soul of The Legion Of Boom. (What Happened to Kam Chancellor?)

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      Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code FLEMLO20 at → www.manscaped.com/FLEMLO Make a donation to @tcsociety to help save a life

      1. Anthony Cockrell

        @Bryan Gardner Jr. 50

      2. PB Simmons

        I love your channel

      3. Yun9 Slim

        IS CAM A HOFer?

      4. Track Star Forever

        Ion mean to be nit picking but could you put a color line on the stop of the screen when the sponcer is on I'd rather just watch your content

      5. ggvbayarea Oakland

        Hey Femlo, I really appreciate the show and I'm a big fan. I really like how you can take someone's life story or up to, and really make it your own. You can make us love or hate someone but by our choosing too. I also like how you have us rooting for the guy or lady 👍🏼✌🏼. Haha peace my friend

    2. Jeffrey Ruttibaker

      I never heard of the rapper 'Q Da Wayne' before Flem gave him a career by using his music as the intro to his videos. Q should definitely be paying Flem. He would be completely unknown if not for Flem. But I gotta say, I've listened to a few of Q Da Wayne's songs and dude is pretty good.

    3. TROYBOY 21

      Wb Bobby Wagner?? @Flemlo

    4. Nycole Mitchell

      So glad you cover this!!!! Super Seattle Fan here and Kam will always be my favorite Seahawk!!!

    5. Robbyn Ottman

      The ablaze quicksand unequivocally succeed because gosling objectively cover for a fanatical activity. medical, frightened frightening full fumbling functional pig

    6. AB M

      Literally the reason I got into NFL

    7. Julian Garcia

      Looking good brother

    8. Scniff Kenauser

      otherwise known as flesh

    9. bigboy s

      Bam bam kam!!!!!

    10. Daquane Hinson

      You gotta do one on the real boopie miles

    11. Joe Mac

      “Go ahead and alligator arm that” lol

    12. Bea Dangerous

      Kam was a problem in his prime.

    13. Jonathan Simmons

      Good video!

    14. Timothy Miller

      Lucky catch put them in that position, so no real sympathy there. But another career cut short, damn...

    15. Bo S

      He was probably the closest to Shawn Taylor with his size, a linebacker that played safety. Browner was huge too and a ridiculous hitter!

    16. Micheal Smith

      Jay Ajayi

    17. Aj Dyllon

      Your videos are always so chill. They have also helped me through tough times. I always gain perspective as well as motivation through your work. Keep it up!

    18. Boss

      Pete killed us. He ruined what could've been one of the greatest dynasties in league history

    19. Chloe Hennessey

      Met Kam many many times. Have many pictures with Mr and Mrs Chancellor. Great people. Proud to have built an automobile for him. I was like 8 years old when Pete called that stupid play. Thatsthe first time I ever cursed in my life. I said “Pete you stupid shithead”. I had to write 1,000 times: People are not stupid only their actions. Lol

    20. Kels Anyanwu

      That man is scary

    21. kingston Kris

      Miss this dude and the LOB group will always be the best moments of my life watching that Hawks team play ✊🏾💙💚

    22. Stephany Gallego

      The disillusioned croissant gratifyingly love because buffet intrestingly recognise abaft a erratic soybean. high-pitched, fascinated male


      Dope video.....


      One of my favorites with Ronnie Lott, John Lynch, Troy Polamalu, Eric Berry, Brian Dawkins and Steve Atwater

    25. Zelbon Grimmage

      This dude was the heart and soul of the legend of Boooom

    26. Bizzle A

      As a University of Miami fan I saw too much of what Kam could do every season... living in VA I got to see a cpl of those games at Lane Stadium. Even though I'm not a VT fan... enter sandman with the whole crowd jumping was the best college team entrance by far!!!

    27. yves newman

      Kam Chancellor was an amazing leader. I loved watching the Legion of Boom play, it was a wolfpack on the field.

    28. TheRadSteve

      I get what you’re saying... but bro Tom Brady tore them boys apart

    29. Ray Leonard jr

      Great video love kam respect

    30. Joey Mendez

      BAM BAM KAM!!!!!!

    31. C3 Carclubatlanta

      Do a video on rudi Johnson

    32. Marcus Monroe

      “Shoulda ran”

    33. Seahawks76 BamBamKam YoAzz

      The Best Seahawk my favorite Seahawks player ever I died the day he got hurt and the Legion of Boom was gone just like that and his career was over.

    34. Alquan Hamilton

      Aaron curry do him he was a big bust pick 4 by Seahawks plz

    35. Jon Jones

      Great job narrating a hall of fame career! Players like Kam don't come along often. People like Kam don't come along often!

    36. SolaceALT

      The only defense someone would pay to watch

    37. Ismael Sanchez

      What is that beat you have in the background

    38. Stalewind Farto1078

      Beautiful and bittersweet ending.

    39. KiNG SPOOK

      I fck with cam strong 💪🏽 But that hit they showed of him hitting my boy Zeke got me pretty fcked up cuz my Boii laid him tf out when they came face to face💯 (NO CAP) Nd they didn’t show that part lol.. Shout out Kam “Bam Bam” Tho

    40. The One Who Knocks


    41. Daniel Nyakundi


    42. Benjamin Cowen

      The ring, the bag, and everybody’s respect.

    43. knight Knight

      All the names members of lob should be hall of famers I’m bias cuz I’m a seahawks fan but kam was my favourite out of all of the not as flashy but he just was the enforcer of the seahawks soul I miss him every game

    44. William Tolbert

      Kam is one of my favorite Seahawks. Really miss seeing him out on the field. I would love to see a video of what happened to Earl Thomas. I think it was Kam that kept him grounded, ETIII just wasn't the same without Kam. Thomas was also another of my favorite Seahawks those two together were amazing to watch.

    45. sjwilson1079

      Simple, he had a horrific injury and had to retire

    46. Critikz 38

      One sad Súper bowl for the broncos even though I’m a Broncos fan he dominated in that game

    47. Homer Matthew Johnson

      Ty for all the work you do my brother i truly appreciate what you do!!! Keep doing you, keep pushing and keep bringing stories like these to light! God bless 🙏 and ty for the awesome video!! Could you imagine him in the Tampa super defense, I remember the first superbowl he lite up Julius with a slant over the middle!! Kam put him on his ass and Julius had to out weighed him and just bigger all around but not a problem from the man in the backfield!!!

    48. chris bailey

      Another great piece

    49. Cee Mor

      Yo Flemlo...when you gone do a what happened to Marquette King??? Been asking for it for a while bruh...I think it would be dope if you did a video on him.

    50. Alphonzo Richardson

      Can you do a story on Peter warrick

    51. William Richardson Sr

      He was a BEAST on the field!!

    52. Jack Kenny

      Yo bro there is alot of kind nfl players out there. The few that are bad ruin it for the rest as usual

    53. Christopher Lollis

      Cover the Deshaun Watson situation! I would love to hear your insight on it much like you did previous players that were in similar situations.

    54. Robert Smith

      Fun fact- Kam was actually the 4th string qb for the Seahawks. Imagine tryina tackle dude on a qb run 🤣

    55. Jae Y

      bro can you do a story on terrell owens? I am looking for a documentary on my fav WR but can't find none

    56. Alexander Love

      can you do a what happened to Malik Zaire video

    57. Jamal Kpoto

      I just realized how much him and callhimrenny look just a like

    58. Emma Bonn

      What does it say about the LOB that both Sherman and Chancellor spent significant time playing offense. I’m all for singing the praises of the cover three press. I think that the detractors of that system held up Peyton Mannings accuracy and awareness as the ultimate counter to such a system, and they were proven wrong. As a raiders fan i can’t wait to see how Gus Bradley implements the system. But how much of an impact did the intimate knowledge of offensive thought have on the LOB Was it enough to recreate?

    59. matt taylor

      I know this guy never truly made it to the NFL but you should try and do some digging on a man named Adam Muema. He was a star running back at San Diego State, was projected to be a 3rd-7th round pick and during his pro day simply goes off the rails. Not showing up to anything and using cryptic messages in posts. He began to join what seemed to be a cult and cut off majority of ties to family and the sport he once loved all within a days change.

    60. Lil BBQ

      What do you use to eadit

    61. Kelly Malcolm

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    62. ThunderHorse 555

      I'd love to see a video about David Garrard. Dude was a total stud quarterback his last few seasons in Jacksonville and then he kinda fell off the map after Jacksonville drafted Blaine Gabbert and I never heard anything from him after that or can't remember at least. Great video as usual and keep em coming brotha...Love your content!!!!

    63. Bug vs Windshield

      Kam was known for his physicality but for his brains as well. He had some really bad neck injuries and he used his brains again...walked away in good health. Good on ya Kam. I miss ya terrible Kam. I believe I can speak for every Seahawks fan. I'm sure there are fans of 31 other teams that are very happy he retired. Thanks for the reaction. ! One of my favorite Seahawks of all time. Go Hawks !!!

    64. Deglk

      Just as Kam, I grew up in Park Place (Norfolk Virginia). At times, we were considered poor, and dirty, just like coals my little sister found and tried to sell on the corner 😂! But, with all the struggles, and the pressures of life in a community such as Park Place,, it truly builds character! Kam is one of the many diamonds that were formed and have come out of park place! 757 stand up!!!!

    65. Roku Maygo

      Yo man keep doing what you doing bro. But can you please do a what happened to Frank Gore? His career is seriously slept on. He right there with emit smith, Walter Payton , Barry sanders and is above Adrian Peterson. But no one talks about him

    66. Reefing101

      Bro u came so far to where u at be thankful and feel blessed. After watching you from beginning to now I realized dam no bandana on ur mic anymore haha I miss that bandana

    67. Deezy Vandross

      You combined some locs? I been thinking on that

    68. ljmoney 25

      You should do what happened to Desean Jackson

    69. paypayfn

      Swear Flemlo is davante adams cousin or some 😭

    70. Richard E

      Thank you for this. This guy was so understated, and just brought his lunch bucket every game. I loved to watch the quiet ferocity with which he played the game. He did his job, and more, and excelled at it. Ferocious.

    71. My Brothers Keeper

      Amazing job Flemish, peace and blessings to you king.

    72. W Jackson

      Bro where do you get your t-shirts from ?

    73. Jackson Chaney

      You should do what happened to mike alslott , the human wrecking ball👹

    74. Jimmy Brown

      A true leader

    75. Jimmy Brown

      What a hitter! Bones rattling!!!

    76. Stella

      He had "9 tacos" 🌮 in his first season at the D1 school 😂

    77. Minty Fresh

      All this Jimmy G new got me thinking back to Matt Cassel. Another TB12 backup. Would love to see a video

    78. KO Kolt

      Do what happened to Clive Walford next!!

    79. The K-Man

      What happened to Vernon Gholston?

    80. dabet warner

      The reminiscent theater multivariably kneel because stem currently invite outside a puny valley. scandalous, tiny parade

    81. Diego Angel Lopez

      He's most definitely one of the greatest seahawks of all time,He's up their with guys like...Jim Zorn,Dave Krieg,Cortez Kennedy,Shaun Alexander,Steve Largent,Shawn Springs etc

    82. Clementine

      I ran into Kam Chancellor at a grocery store super randomly one night in a Seattle suburb about 2 years ago. It was pretty late and there weren't many people there but he was there with a handful of family members. Anyway, me and my young daughter approached him and asked him for a picture, OK! not only was he SOOOOOOOOOO nice, so was everyone he was with. They were like oh, let me get more pictures! and saying how cute my daughter was, haha. He was soooooo cool and just, humble. And HUGE! he was basically bent halfway over to take a picture with us lol. Total gentleman!

    83. Stantonio Fernandez

      What happened to rg3 please

    84. S.C. AL

      Waiting to see that 1m subscribers.

    85. Leo Garcia

      He retired as great all around safety he was able to cover and play the run. A Sean Taylor we we’re suppose to see back in 2007 throughout his career

    86. secret Chilly

      this is by far one of the best videos i ever seen

    87. Hot Tamales

      What happened to hershal walker?

    88. chandler phillips

      Can you do what happened to Dante hall? Aka the human joystick

    89. Ryan Soccio

      Loved this guys even as an eagles fan.Just a beast

    90. Jake Riley

      Can you plz do the story of Markelle Fultz next

    91. Tony Blakeley

      Great profile dude! My favorite player of all time. Was in Az for his last game. Crazy how euphoric that LOB era was and how it came crashing down.

    92. Andy Yeboah

      You should do Eric berry next

    93. Black Ice

      One of the best to do it!

    94. Alex Ruiz


    95. Alex Ruiz

      Do what happened to frank beltre

    96. Kaashif Ameer

      Kam Chancellor my homeboy from. Norfolk Va Maury high school . The Legion of Boom

    97. Super swag

      Wanna hear the truth to what actually happened to Kam chancellor he retired 😂

    98. ScottyBrew13

      Flem you killed it again my man! I'm a die-hard Seahawks fan and this video is amazing. I miss Kam so much. He was one of my favorite Seahawks of all time.

    99. Anthony Washington

      You GOAT bro excellent content

    100. Scott Timmons