(It Took All Of This For Him to Change) What Happened to Brandon Marshall?

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    A Look back at WR Brandon Marshall's NFL Career.
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        What happen to SHAUN ALEXANDER

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        Actually @FlemLo Raps , I must say your by far one of my favorite sport related story and content creators and one of the dopest content creators period.. cue the Wayne ..

      5. Timothy Fannin

        @Flemlo Raps Hey man what’s up? Are you from Cincinnati? Just wondering love your content it’s awesome but I’m worried about your video on Romo. I don’t think it will be incredibly horrible because I completely enjoy all your videos mostly because you are fair and honest. But I’m a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and unlike a lot of fans absolutely loved Tony Romo thought he was amazing and if he ever would have had the right people around him then they would have won multiple Super Bowls. Now in 2007 and 2009 they should’ve went to the super bowl especially 2007 they were the best in the NFC and because of Wade Phillips and horrible play calling they lost to a team they smoked 2 times in the regular season there was no excuse for that ever. Oh and 2014 wasn’t bad either. In my opinion for the amount of years he started his stats and just the records he broke and damn I mean the things that man did on the field he carried that team for 8 years. He’s a HOF in my book and if he had a little help he’d have that ring and be a 1st ballot HOFer. Anyways I’m going to watch your video on Romo and I imagine it will be great but ugh man the title?? Lmfao come on!!? “Did Tony Romo really suck?” You know he was amazing an Elite Quarterback he was an un drafted player I mean holy shit look how far he went. He’s light years better then his NFC East opponents Donavan Mcnabb SUCK! Eli Manning do I have to say it?? Less then mediocre and his career stats show it my god how did the Mr. Magoo of the NFL win two rings?? Then I don’t even have to mention redskins they I mean shit they ruined there future franchise quarterback’s career they are the browns of the NFC. anyways I don’t know if you’ll read this but I really enjoy your content your videos are awesome and they are not bias in anyway. Thank you FlemLo!!!

    2. Manzambi

      His podcast is dope

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      Yes i must agree with your take on Mr. Marshall. The man has made strides along the way both b4, during as well as after his football career and you can see The evolving Man he has been

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      I think I may have BPD meeting someone like him might help me

    5. billny thehighestguy

      I wanna meet him

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      Best sports pod out there? Nah that’s Pardon My Take sir

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      Brandon ain’t catch no 21 passes in the pro bowl, wtf this man smoking bruh...

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      His podcast is my favorite damn podcast. Dude is thriving in life today.

    9. jtm Jtm

      The intro should just be retitled "incidents of Blunder Marshall"

    10. Dionna17

      Your video is on point, as I was curious about his past. Brandon is certainly one to reckon with... I AM Athlete is one of my faves to watch!

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      Crazy how this talent slipped.

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      Your good at these videos man just got a new sub.

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      Shit, word up, every word was well said.

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      Bro, I love your channel. Been with you for a while. This is also a good segment. With that being said, I would consider a title change for guys like B. 'Where is he now', or somethin man. He's doing good things man. Not only was he a phenomenal player, but he's also a great philanthropist. He's still eating. What happened to him doesn't fit when you're talking about people who persevere, and win.


      Do one on earl Thomas

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      He's doing damn well with I AM ATHLETE.

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      solid video. just started watching i am athlete clips. one of the best shows out there right now.

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      Flemo you doing too much

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      Video starts 4:00

    20. Devin Foster

      Ask Brandon about big joe slapping him when he was at ucf in the locker room.😂

    21. Ron Mac

      The fact that he never played in a playoff game is not a negative on his career. Football is a team game. One player is not going to take a team to the NFL playoffs. O. J. Simpson rushed for 2,000 yards in a 14 game season in 1973. The Bills didn't make the playoffs.

    22. 42nick56

      You forgot his 3 domestic violence arrests in 2007, 2009, 2012, and another misdemeanor battery charge in 2008. If any of this happened around the ray rice era, there would be no Brandon Marshall. Happy he’s changed for the better and addressed his issues but he is very lucky he got to play in the league as long as he did with all those arrests and character issues.

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      I can't judge Brandon for being a mad when Jay got traded

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      That’s the smartest thing to do when you have a disorder. Learn everything about it, that way you can figure what sets it off and how to control it.

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      Dont disrespect Channing crowder on the show smh

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      Of course the Assistant coach is one of the best current coaches right now 😂☺️

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      Wtf u talking bout u explaining the next person life

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      Thanks for the video bro

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      He takes aren’t bad actually I don’t think yk what you’re talking about 😹 but I mean you’re opinion is you’re opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️

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      No playoff games? Joe Thomas fans see no problem with this. :D Great video! I never knew Marshall went through so much.

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      Love the authenticity and positivity in this video. Thank you FlemLo Raps! Please continue to put out fire content.

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      Home town orange county

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      I can tell he not stable when he was talking on I AM BLACK ep.2

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      🗣🅱️ is a silent Hero. One to himself and many others in the league, plus, those that struggle and suffer in the world. Awesome broadcast🔥

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      One question how can you supposedly assault a police officer I mean it's pretty cut and dry

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      Great Content for Football junkies!! Thank you for the positive content!

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      Amazing video! I've been watch him on "I am athlete" that shows great! This was insightful!

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      The guys that killed Darrentt Williams were intending to kill Bmarsh. Haven't watched the video yet but I hope you touched on that

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      Wya ina Nati gang ?

    46. SD Luciano


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      Prob best turnaround/ positive growth stories in NFL history.

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      i subscribed as soon as i heard the intro song.

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      Well I AM ATHLETE is damn well...so great for him

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      someone needs to help him write. he had it going but it’s getting sus. “and those shots reminded brandon that maybe he too could survive anything.” what?

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      Height, speed, hands and physical...Just didn't reach full potential...HoF.

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      Most underrated channel on KGup and it’s not a question

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      Sent here from I Am Athlete

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      I love black families staying together

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      You are good vibes, enjoyed this

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      Brandon Marshall is my first cousin on my dads side

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      Why isn’t Jay cutler not on tv?

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      Wife stabs me. There's no coming back from that. I'm done. Lol!

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      U should do a Ronnie Brown/Cadillac Williams video

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      Bro i have Bpm this is very inspirational

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      What yu know about Vic Im thee ultimate Judge...

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      Non regressing...

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      12:43 "like, you really don't know what these NFL players have to deal with"? but this sounds like something my family would do, and I'm an acne scarred whimpey moderately successful nerdy little engineer.

    66. laser foot

      when Hollywood Henderson ( Cowboys) got drafted, he was passed out from a narcotics/alcohol allnighter binge.

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      "He overcome his obstacle's."

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      Who else thought the person in the thumbnail was duke Dennis

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      Here in Pittsburgh bro we have so much talent but rarely get noticed but when we do we come out dominate asf he not to far from where AD from lol Tyler Boyd

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      Theirs no such thing as multiple personality disorder. It's called being human. Yall believe anything these crackas my up

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      I still trip when I see him on TV, his story is jaw dropping

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      Wth. I would've never thought he's been through all that. Thank you so much for sharing

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      Thought that was duke dennis🤣🤣🤣

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      What you do is amazing I don't even watch football but this was well written... Great Journalism

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      Worst sports commentator of all time.


      Darrent Williams death was Brandon Marshall's fault. I'm from Denver I remember when that happen. Those dudes that were involved were from my hood and I know some of the family members. For like 3 months after that happen if you got caught wearing blue im my hood you got locked up for questioning. It was crazy. But long story short Brandon was trying to act tuff and was claiming Blood and crossed the wrong people at the club. And im not 100 percent sure this is true but I was told Brandon really left Denver because he got word that them dudes friends where gone kill him because he testified a got them locked up so that why he left Denver

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      Video starts 4:01

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      Imagine if 2012 Brandon was on first things first and Nick goes "that's just a stupid take" 💀

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      That’s dope how Kyle Shanahan hooked him up

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      He snitched on dude in that murder too and disrespected those crips

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      Who had to fight to get a meal? 👀💪🏾

      1. Melijah Earl

        Wrongfully accused

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      He was very brave to run out his house when heard gun shots.

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      I have bpd and I understand these ups and downs lol 😂

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      He should have hired Olivia Pope or something because that statement was trash!!!! McDonald’s bag !!! 😂

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      Brandon is my favorite sports commentator.

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      Brandon is def an inspiration to those In that path . It’s a man thing .

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      Santonio is such a horrible name lol

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      I remember what a total badass he was. I knew he had some troubles but never knew how personal they were. He could've been one of the best ever...

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      “Rocky Point” Bro he got stabbed!!

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      I love Brandon Marshall. It was so hype when he reunited with Jay in Chicago

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      Good stuff Flemlo, as always....I love Brandon

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      My favorite part is always "Cue da Wayne!"

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      So I remember Brandon being good but damn he was really good

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      He is my idle because I didn’t know I had a bipolar disorder and anxiety and sleep issues but it’s just there with me now I get it handled and have techniques to relax me. Love this channel

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      I couldn't imagine fame. I think it'd be very hard to come back from.