What Happened to Vince Wilfork? (Did He Smile to Keep From Crying?)

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    Vince Wilfork is an NFL urban legend. But he dealt with a pain many dont know about.
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    1. tony verbrugge

      I played ball wit a dude that went to hs with Vince said he was a super nice dude always smiling

    2. Vintage Swiss


    3. Drew Wik

      Aliem McNiel out of NC state reminds me much of wilfork

    4. Syd Hill

      They still have a sandwich named after him at the Big Y supermarkets, forever one of the most loved Patriots!

    5. Jacion Bryant

      Don’t let people hate on remember just be yourself if you great 👍 they go hate yeah yeah

    6. Jacion Bryant

      That 2001 team was a god squad

    7. Jacion Bryant

      This how I feel to I feel for this man 👨 bro hope he doing good now

    8. GiantsKnicksFan

      Flemlo is good at giving us the message of how athletes are still humans too

    9. Stro Sinatra

      Supreme genetics LOL... You mean fkn overweight, I hate when people call O/D lineman athletes they’re just fat that’s it

    10. Black Ice

      I think he's a HOFer

    11. Black Ice

      FYI,I had to look it up Tommy Harris got drafted b4 Vince

    12. Black Ice

      This video made me cry. Cherish your parents while they are here

    13. Thomas Morgan

      Thanks for this video. I never knew about Vince Wilfork's personal story. As a Ravens fan, I always had tremendous respect for Vince and no matter how much I despise that New England franchise, I will be happy to see Vince Wilfork in the HoF.

    14. Jeffrey Ruttibaker

      I never heard of the rapper 'Q Da Wayne' before Flem gave him a career by using his music as the intro to his videos. Q should definitely be paying Flem. He would be completely unknown if not for Flem. But I gotta say, I've listened to a few of Q Da Wayne's songs and dude is pretty good.

    15. Tyler Strong

      Word on the street is that jeff Fisher and Fisher's son are coming also. In what role, unknown.

    16. Dominic Compton

      Man you need to do these for espn 30/30 bro. great job on all these videos. keep up the good work.

    17. Rob Basich

      Awesome video.

    18. Unfogiven One

      Yo why put the article up and then adlib it? Can you read homie? I try to read the article ans go along with you then I’m like WTF is he reading here? Cuz it damn sure ain’t this article that I’m readin lmao fucking with you playboy, keep doing the damn thing

    19. Missco

      As a pats fan I love this. Big Vince is the only jersey I bought. Dude was my favorite player.

    20. J

      Vince is probably one of most liked football players of all time. Never heard anyone talking bad about him.

    21. Hunter Biden’s Crack Pipe

      I’m a Patriots fan I miss Wilfork so much.

    22. Noah Bauer

      do the center from baylor that had cancer

    23. Its_ Dan0s

      Flemlo, after watching an episode. It's like I known that person all his life, you really have a gift bro. I hope you make it BIG and take your talents passed KGup, but always stay yourself and remember us. One

    24. W. Lee.

      FlemLo this video was a work of art.

    25. Chris Machabee

      Dude, nice job. My opinion, very profesional. To me it was like a talking book, really good. I'm a Patriots fan from a long way back and I like Woolfork but I never knew a lot about him, I learned a lot from this video. Really nice ob, striaght pro level, like the best. Be easy.

    26. Rob Silva jr

      Awesome video bro much luv n respect from Boston Ma ...... Thumbs up 4 FlemLo all day

    27. Kelly Malcolm

      The ambiguous sheet daily question because coil rahilly decorate next a colorful yarn. volatile, tall april

    28. Alberto Gonzalez

      Big Vince uncle married my cousin haven’t meet him yet but I will hopefully, but really great people tho!!! Much love!!!

    29. Bob Yost

      Flemlo. Your storytelling just gets better and better!!

    30. Anthony Peralta

      12:15 I mean for a second it actually looked like he was gone🤣🤣🤣🤣 but you know I mean the man was 350 pounds 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    31. Dominic Soto

      Flemo really be making videos that could change a person life and it’s crazy to really think about

    32. Jacob Ball

      What a great story. Keep swinging flemlo! You're gonna blow up like mcafee or rogan. Seriously. I love you're content

    33. Randy Talltree

      Who created the "Tummy Roll" after a sack? Vince or Michael Bennett?

    34. Benjamin Bailey

      Man,,, your not allowed to tell tear jerkers like this, only difference between me and Vince is he played pro ball and I didn't but God still has blessed me tremendously,, but yeah when I get to feeling down,, I always know someone had it worse,, and made it so all I can do is continue to live and thank God for giving me the opportunity to live and be a blessing to someone else's life shit real talk,,, I needed that,, keep doing what you do brother!!!

    35. chad binkley

      Vince is a beast.. always loved his personality... good video bro

    36. Kwame Bardwell

      This was a really good story im glad it ended good

    37. Christopher Murillo

      crazy how I really don’t care about football BUT this channel makes stories within the sport really interesting, skys the limit bro you really have gift.

    38. The Funny videos

      As a Pat's Fan Vince is one of my Fave ...God bless him and his family

    39. doublem1971

      Well done my brutha!

    40. Winston Wood

      Damn that Miami team was stacked 😂

    41. aFatherOfMany

      Dude I don't know if there was another thing that could be said about this guy that would add anything to your video. You're commentary Is purely next level. God Gave you a tremendous gift bro..100%

    42. Polo Donch

      Whole vid and doesnt show any of the dirty hits??? You bias kid

    43. akeem oye

      Bruv keep on showering us with your content respect

    44. Victory Asher

      Yo Flemlo....this documentary is on point...and that background music is dope! What is that song?

    45. Gregory LaGrange

      football players have a habit of ballooning in weight after they stop playing. Dude needs to watch his health or he'll soon have the same problems as his father.

    46. Drone Wizard Jay

      Thanks for this video! All respect to Vince

    47. MrSean2790

      Damn I went through that same stuff with my kidney. Blessed to still be breathing

    48. ElijahHeyokaNobody ?


    49. biggrip713

      One of the best guys ever. Great video man keep it up.

    50. Robert Phillips

      It's so nice to see videos like this. An athlete who is a good person, who works hard, and didn't let tragedy or football define him. An inspiration!

    51. Cale of Caledonia

      Such a great story, lost my mom six days after I turned 18 from cancer. I’m 33 now and it seems like a lifetime ago but that shit still hurts.

    52. J P

      When I die... I want flem to do my eulogy.

    53. Gage Phillips

      13:40 sTiLl!

    54. Troy Walls

      Flemlo, I enjoy your videos. Very well done. Mr. Wilfork... good story!

    55. ryanm8rm

      Needed this video today flemlo. Keep doing what you're so great at bro. 💪

    56. UC Steven

      Seems like the kinda dude you meet randomly somewhere and could have a friend for life. That’s dope

    57. SilentBob420BMFJ

      Derrick Lewis

    58. skidrow007

      Of all the outstanding videos you've done, this is one of your best. Keep telling these stories sir!!

    59. rashone smith

      This was prolly the best video yet...awesome sauce bro..💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    60. Jake B

      He was very athletic and agile for a guy of his size

    61. Thomas Lewis

      The jolly Giant!!!! Best all time nose tackle for the Pats...

      1. Thomas Lewis

        I also lost my mom and dad 9 months apart when I was 25 and my brother was 18.. They where are world... It sucks having no parental guidance going threw life sometimes but you find a way...

    62. Steve Sulak

      Not a Patriots fan at all. But I give credit where credit is due. Vince is top class. To make the NFL and not have his parents there to cherish the moment had to be devastating. But to see what he accomplished speaks immensely about the influence they had on him and the hero he turned out to be.

    63. Red Rum International

      Always liked Vince, he’s a role model for the league

    64. Jason Wilson

      as a pats fan always love Vince. forever a patriot!!!

    65. gnquijada

      Thank you for showing Vince Wilfork some love! He may not have the stats of other DT/NT, but he wasn't a typical DT/NT. That man was a brick wall ny himself!

    66. Miles Shaw

      great video man you could be a sports writer

    67. keith morton

      You are dope af. I love you FlemLo!

    68. Reds Nation

      When he was on the Pats he would always come to my Hometown for the local sausage joint lol.

    69. Superkick101

      Can you do what happened to Jeremy Langford

    70. Heisman _

      Que the way!!!!

    71. Valentine Dad

      This got me FUCKED up

    72. Brad Dier

      Your videos always leave me with strong feelings, but this one hits different.

    73. Hear MeOut

      My dad said never eat BBQ or ribs cooked by a skinny fellow.

    74. Marcus Parsons

      Love this dude right here!

    75. Matt Hill

      Great job brother. Love these ♥️👍🏽

    76. Richard Perry

      Great story!

    77. SupremeSaiyan1

      Another banger from Flem Lo!!!

    78. Robert Santiago

      That was dope. Inspirational. ✌🏼

    79. esteban martinez

      This is beautiful

    80. Tyler Bouck

      Wonderful production Flo. God bless in Jesus name!

    81. jason meyer

      Luv this one man

    82. Bsm.jay

      He from boynton that’s crazy

    83. wise 79

      Great video this is the type of stuff I enjoy seeing 💯

    84. joe ambrosia

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who gives Vince credit for the butt fumble

    85. The Ztg180

      Love the Dreads dog. And damn I never knew the 2001 U was so damn stacked lol I’m 20 atm

    86. dieyoung

      Great Job.....If you ain't turning pages, it ain't a book. Shout out to those who write, prepare, sale and deliver books.

    87. MrOcHoCiNco99

      Great video

    88. Jeff Schwartz

      Absolutely. His agility for a big man is legendary. Pretty good touch with the basketball also.

    89. DoubleO Ammoe

      Everyones parents die...🙄

    90. SAMMI’S World

      Good one big homie

    91. GTRSv

      I feel that Bernie Mac quote.

    92. I C

      Went to high school with wilfork great dude beast on the field. I know almost all his family

    93. Marvin Davis

      Hands down! Best video you’ve ever made on your channel.💯💯💯

    94. Andrew Price

      I was never a Patriots fan, but I always had a lot of love and respect for Vince Wilfork. I'd watch the Patriots games sometimes for the sole purpose of hoping to see him intercept a pass or make some sort of huge play. A lot of his personal tragedy outlined here isn't something I already knew but, now that I do, makes me love the man even more. Mad respect for him! Maybe I'll get the honor of running into him one day.

    95. Roaringlionz Productions

      Story time man

    96. Father Time

      Jeez Louise, I'm five minutes in and this one is rough brother. What a life, and what a phenomenal storyteller you are!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 BTW I luv me some Vince Wilfork and I'm a Cowboys fan. That's type of impact he had, I also watched that season of Hard Knocks.

    97. j in AVL

      Between you and mr Ballen I don't know who tells better stories..God bless ya brotha

    98. j in AVL

      Pat's fan here and Vince is and always will be a legend .love that cat

    99. Yvng Pharaoh

      Flemlo should definitely have way more subscriptions then he does this man does an amazing job telling the stories of football players. He has a gift of telling a story and getting deep into the life of a player not just what they did on the football field, but what they did off the field as well.

    100. Ab Gr

      One of my favorite patriots of all time .