Tyrod Taylor "Injured" by Chargers Team Doctor! Falcons Keep Blowing Leads! & NFL Injuries Galore!

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    Here are 3 interesting storylines through three weeks of nfl action. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to keeps.com/flemlo to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment."

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    1. Ty

      Doctors make mistakes, that's why they have pretty wild insurance. I do think it's a bit odd that it happened in this situation cause it's not like it was a high stress situation like it can be in the ER/OR. I have several friends who are surgeons, no sports medicine doctors though so kinda curious what that's like.

    2. Quenton Griffin

      Don't know if you will read this comment.. I am a ATL native, real 404 dude.. Zone4.. There is a curse on all ATL./ UGA games. The Atlanta Hawks r to blame, they traded future HOF Dominique Wilkins for Danny Manning... Mind you the Hawks were in first place of the Eastern conference... This was mid season thinking Danny Manning would resign w/ the Hawks.. He didn't... Total embarrassing situation. Look at the Braves also, Uga can't win the SEC.. Terrible karma for da A.. Great show!! Just answering your question about what's the problem in ATL... You can even throw Mike Vick into the fold... Just a down south theory...

    3. aaron bercasio

      Tate martell

    4. Adrian Reyes

      What I wanna know is what is "really" going on in Atlanta!!

    5. xraysjb xraysjb

      The Chargers should give Tyrod Taylor a 2 year guaranteed contract

    6. Wes Roop

      Would love to see you do a video about the rebuilding of my Panthers. I know we are 3-7 but it's hard not to notice that were building something special here. The similarities to the 2002 Panthers are crazy. The following season we went on that crazy run in the playoffs.

    7. Rickey Fydrych

      I like these new type of videos 👍

    8. Nicholas Sharp

      He’s never gonna let that AB hit go. 😂


      I dig your stories. You do a fantastic job, stay positive 💥🎧♿️

    10. Jacob Rose

      Lol since this video was made Odell tore his damn ACL too. 2020 just isn’t the year for anybody I guess

    11. Wanda Fisher

      Who Dey!!!!!!!!

    12. Wanda Fisher

      Why haven't ESPN picked up this guy???!!!!

    13. Butters Stotch

      They took his JERB!!!

    14. Joziyah Nin

      Ayy I’m a eagles fan I’m happy but my friend a falcons fan....... I feel bad

    15. Dalilinator 14

      Flemlo def my favorite youtuber

    16. RustCole01

      I mean, I wouldn't blame Tyrod if he pursued some kind of lawsuit but the way I see it is... would he have refused the injection if he had been verbally given the odds of a possible punctured lung? I'm sure his signature is on a medical release somewhere but I highly doubt he read it. It sucks for Tyrod but I also feel bad for whoever the doctor is. I would bet my car that the doctor is beyond devastated even if it wasn't a matter of incompetence.

    17. John Doe

      Dude you should do a super in depth video about Tyrod Taylor. I always thought the Bills did him dirty, and then what happened recently with the Chargers is just heartbreaking honestly.

    18. Maracog

      I really like Tyrod too bad he's all over the league.

    19. Michael Coleman

      They need to rid of turf fields and go back to grass.

    20. procreation100

      Questioning the falcons then see them go 0-5 and like damn what’s really wrong.

    21. Luxe Luce

      Does flemlo play pro ball? College?

    22. JetDahShark

      I appericatie all the hard work you do in your videos man been a follower for a while now. Mind posting the links to articles and resources in your description if that's not too much work? Thank you!

    23. Jesse Johnson

      I feel bad for tyrod and I feel bad for the doctor cause his career is probably over I’m sure it was a mistake but damn you can’t accidentally give someone a possible life threatening injury

    24. Jet Did

      The guy Who injured Tyrod Taylor was Justin Herbert’s Agent

      1. Jet Did


      2. Andrew


    25. cuckland finn

      falcons also blew a huge lead to 49ers in 2012 nfc championship

    26. cuckland finn

      49ers did same to Charlie Garner

    27. James Carter


    28. rob12124d

      Chargers announced Herbert is the starter moving forward

    29. Kevin Vest

      Here’s the deal, Goodell has to go! Paul Tags was way better, the game was so much better in the nineties. Goodell and his social b.s. has to go!

    30. Kevin Vest

      Dam! Look at that NBA muff!

    31. Kevin Vest

      Dude, that’s dirty as f! I can’t believe someone would purposely do that. Wouldn’t it just be easier to say “you’re the back-up”

    32. Kevin Vest

      Can you do a video on Kevin Smith Cowboys/A&M. How about Leon Lett, Nate Newton?

    33. lil-Cotty T.R.C

      Can we get a sean Taylor vid Brodie 🔥love the Chanel btw

    34. Chris Anders

      As a temporarily NFL boycotting Texans fan. I'm surprised you didn't say anything about how crazy the Texans season has gone and them finally firing Bill O'brien.

    35. Azrael

      I hope Mr. Taylor has other skills and or sources of income because this NFL thing isn't working for him. Sad to say but he never got any coaching from day one and has to rely on talent alone with minimal support if any.

    36. Doingme 100

      I wish you could do a video on who the hell is Jack Easterby. He works for the Texans but I have seen a lot of people have been questioning his qualifications and what role he played in Bill O'Brian getting fired. I'm really interested in finding out about this guy.

    37. Charles Forney

      whats that song in the beginning

    38. Yourrussiancomrade Alex

      Us falcons fans wanna commit rn

    39. James Colegrove

      I still think they did it on purpose to Taylor so they can bring in the next guy Chargers stink

    40. CheezeHead Macgee

      I would grab that first year guaranteed, tell that staff thanks with my middle finger up, then go up to MN and take that job from Kirk Cousins.

    41. Science on the Right

      Age definitely is a factor. 18 yrs old vs 24 yrs old matters when you're playing at that high level. I also tore my hamstring, and it was horrible. Learned my lesson about not training the whole body. I over-trained my quads and neglected my hamstrings. Well. Was rounding third base in a softball game and SNAP. It was loud, at least to me, and all of a sudden, couldn't move my leg. Huge lesson learned. And I totally agree that athletes need to be built up slowly.

    42. The Fiend

      Do what happens to duck hodges 🦆

    43. Gaming HC

      Do a video about the Golden Tate / Jalen Ramsey situation!!

    44. Michael Edwards


    45. Tyler Zabilka

      There should be a video about what happened to Greg Olsen

      1. Tyler Zabilka

        He is no longer an amazing player people look out for, why

    46. JC

      Saints fans ain't wearing bags anymore! It's everybody else wearing them, now! Lol!

    47. Lela Kyle

      I thought I said you know what I'm saying alot. We about equal

    48. Y Azzk

      The Team Doctor is Paid by the Owner's of the Team whom know that Tyrod is the Coach's Fav but J.H. is the upper managements pick... Hmmmmm, just like Cleveland, Buffalo, Baltimore....??? Tyrod keeps getting the bad end of the stick. BTW: Perhaps CAM met w/Biden last week just like Trumpy did and now they both have Divoc-91??? That damn R.Kraft!!!

    49. Tave

      What happened to Michael Oher from the blind side would be cool he has an amazing storyline

    50. Grant Schwarzott

      yo flemlo do a video about blake bortles

    51. Ken Cranston

      Bill O'Brian did enough for the texans for him to not get fired in the 1st quarter of the season. The dude had the hardest schedule in the league the first 4 weeks. Guys wins the division in 4 out of his 6 seasons coaching. Guy/team just had a tough start. Happens to teams all the time and they turn shit around sooner than later.

    52. Ken Cranston

      Hopefully malpractice suites Are available to the player which i doubt.

    53. Ken Cranston

      LOFL at the 16 year old gynecologist!

    54. Pathetic Circus

      What happened to Mike Wallace

    55. H M

      NFL , CBS Sport, Fox Sports you need to hire this Young Lion. He would do some great set pieces for you or NFL films. PLEASE! ROAR! YOUNG LION ROAR!

    56. Special K

      Cue da Wayne!!!

    57. RiotCod

      What happened to Graham Gano?

    58. Hannah Deise

      Yeah but the other side of the argument to injuries happening in preseason as opposed to regular season games. And a lot of NFL players would agree. That the upside of no preseason games due to covid-19. Is the fact that if you're going to get injured at least it's going to be during a regular season game as opposed to a preseason game that doesn't matter and is ultimately meaningless except for preparation to the regular season. Because NFL players can agree that it sucks to have a Julio Jones or Aaron Rodgers or Ezekiel Elliott go down during a preseason game and he's lost him already for the entire year.

    59. LOU FAM

      Can u do What Happend to Kam Chancellor

    60. Matt H

      Probably been a hot sec since that doctor has done anything routine. They go for the cream of the crop so something like that would have been beneath him for a few years by now.

    61. Johnnieboi12

      Can we get a video on Su’a Cravens

    62. 18Dnick


    63. ChrisMaiTheAsianGuy

      You should do the rise and fall of bill O’Brien on behalf of the Texans fans we’re beyond happy

    64. Brandon Folkner

      Not only did he lose his job, having to deal with a cracked rib and a punctured or collapsed lung hurt when u breathe

    65. Omran Hamed


    66. sup g

      801 comment

    67. Gmike502

      So I was a bears fan, but I followed Josh Allen every year through college and Wyoming is my favorite college team. I am not a Bills fan because of Josh Allen, does that make me a bandwagon?

    68. D.F.W Zay

      Plz Do Marcus Mariota 🦆‼️

    69. Tessa Lit

      Ain't gonna lie I use to hate Matty ice cold down the stretch 4 no reason really accept him being so good so early the fans could have an easier time with no Vick and i hated that but then he showed he can't win a big game

    70. SmithN' Wesson

      So happy seeing Flem make it. Been a fan for a long time. Dudes videos are always 🔥

    71. Brett Gartin

      Just came across your channel and been binging it like crazy since. You tell a great story and I really like how you give us all the surrounding detail. Think about doing the Brett Favre game in 03 where he goes off in Oakland after his dad passes. One of my favorite NFL moments and a great story. Like to see how you spin the tale.

    72. Bob Bobby

      As a viking fan we are use to blowing leads

    73. Reyden Rull

      you should do what happened to Michael Oher. The Blind Side

    74. Mateo David Gutierrez Gonzalez

      Have you made a video on Fred Jackson yet?

    75. Andrew Butler

      Love your content bro, and I’m from the mid south also.. all of that to the side HOW did you become a bengals fan. I mean how😂😂

    76. Words of Wizdom

      3:03 lmao the kid who impersonated a doctor and they actually bought it. If I remember right he didnt actually hurt anyone so....

    77. Words of Wizdom

      Flemlo looks like a not so little lil wayne

    78. MEAT TV

      Shout out cause i'm wearing the exact same shirt rn too lol

    79. AK90

      Not a popular topic but can you make a video on the cfl? Love the videos, I just think considering how long the cfl has survived it deserves some level of respect

    80. Oceann Tye

      We need to get my man to 1 mil subscribers feel like he should have at least 2 by now shit crazy

    81. jk lauderdale

      When they train you for CPR they tell you to expect cracked ribs - After the earthquake in Haiti I actually had a coworker sued by a survivor to cover his med costs because the cracked ribs complicated the rehab process. Yes, certain things *can* occur but a punctured lung during a routine pain management injection? 1: If the pain needs to be "managed", listen to your body 2: If there's a known risk (and yes, we all know there is), please tell me the last time this happened?

    82. Robert Andrews

      Start playing fantasy. The. You won't really care who wins as long as your players have good games. I was a long term raven fan, started because I hated Pittsburgh, but a few years ago started playing DraftKings and now I don't care at all who wins

    83. The Dolt

      Flemlo, your stories are great, but it is your talent and your way of telling them that rocks. You are a real talent!

    84. blue durag

      Do a video on what happened to CJ Spiller please

    85. Seⱥn

      Man life’s tuff

    86. CelticThugPoet7

      Dude Shoulda Called Doctor Dre...

    87. Will Perez

      Ricky Williams Video please

    88. Javell Swanson

      Another amazing video Flem!!! Do you plan on bringing back The FlemLo Five? These topics would have fit in seamlessly with that construct of video.

    89. xMoth Gideon

      I just wanna say that i personally love hearing you talk bro. So entertaining, it could be on any topic haha

    90. Greg Wilhelm

      You should get into audio books and voice acting. Articulated enthusiasm

    91. Paco JuanRico


    92. Kj Kinsler

      Flem man you reacted to my highlights my junior year of high school, I’m now a junior in college at Alcorn State University. Just wanted to say your videos always been something I can come back to and enjoy. Keep going! I got a sophomore tape from college if you ever wanted to check that out as well. Thank you for your content

    93. Justin

      Preseason absolutely helps, if you've played football y'all know you don't tackle your own teammates at game intensity in practice (if y'all did lmao). The body needs a few intense moments over the course of a month to get used to game intensity.

    94. kg xiii

      this nigga femlo is a legend, he’s never dropped a bad what happened to video. EVER

    95. raheim21

      Thank goodness Tyrod didn't take the field.

    96. The Proud Asshole

      7:29 ummm it was 25 points actually... Go Pats 28-3 🤣

    97. RiZz Uchiha

      Atlanta it's the coach , I said that since they lost in the bowl, that coach is stupid with play calling once they have the lead... Chargers Taylor will start once he can, but if they're losing I feel they'll make the switch but give him a whole game, These low tackles injuries are simple, because of targeting rules everyone now dives at the waist or lower .. You didn't see it this much back in the day because people wanted to knock helmets off, now it's dive at their knee an flip em...

    98. SO. CAL

      2:33 saying " Actually " instead of " Accidently " … well said

    99. Cashcow856

      Bro do something on AJ Green I’m a big fan of yours and I need to know your input before I trade him in fantasy. Much love and bless

    100. deshawn lockhart

      Lol love your videos bro