Deandre Baker Gets a 2nd Chance at The NFL! All Charges Dropped in Major Plot Twist!

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    Deandre Baker looked like his NFL Career could be over, but not so fast.
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    1. FlemLo Raps

      Just a quick update video on Deandre Baker. Tune in tomorrow at 1pm CST for a ne WHAT HAPPENED TO? video.

      1. bob bib

        he got to the chiefs talk about a second chance

      2. Coyote -_-

        @THE DUDE p

      3. Charlie Ridgway

        Now he's on the Chiefs baby! Let's gooooooo!!

      4. Neal a

        See this is why I waited to make my opinion

      5. Jose Villa

        @WIliam Bishop he’s with the chiefs lol

    2. XMXXTV

      He pulled the Uno card 😂

    3. Righteous Angel

      he signs with a team in the Nfc west

    4. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    5. Brian B_Lo Crowley

      You Already “KNOW” Son Had To Tell Ma He Gotta Send Her Bentley That He Bought Her Back To The Dealer ! LoL , That Must Of Been Sick !

    6. Anthony Splash

      Just another example of how money benefits the rich

    7. Tree Da Barber

      That boy from Dade. The money just makes it worse 😂 Dade jits never change - forever ghetto

    8. Curtis Jackson

      Them ninjas were gambling. Somebody didn't want to pay up. So the victors debo'd what was owed. The losers got pissed, and for revenge called the cops. Once they realized how serious everything got they came clean.

    9. War Mac88

      Great video bro

    10. Juan Echevarria

      He's gonna get in trouble again...

    11. GTBreezy

      Damn watching this video again after his gruesome broken femur injury.

    12. CollegeSportsREVIVED

      Here after the injury. Giants fan here, real depressing after what happened, prayers up for him

    13. Quinn Curley

      He’s on the cheifs now

    14. Daniel Kenard

      I didnt watch this video yet but i was disappointed in how you had him guilty till proven innocent in your previous video glad it worked out for him

    15. Mathew Jerkovich

      Welcome to the Chiefs DeAndre

    16. LOB_Deny

      Truly blessed

    17. tstryker03

      UPDATE: he is been added to the active roster for the Chiefs and is expected to play vs the saints Sunday.

    18. Darryl Gibson

      They both deserve another chance; they are human not perfect n without fault!

    19. Dirty Birds

      Crazy how this part of the story was never really on the news like espn for fs1

    20. Tanner Cox

      I don’t understand how he got in trouble for getting their money back. Dudes didn’t pay their gambling bets

    21. B Stacks

      Welcome to the Champs bro.....Get your ring finger sized

    22. Shh There here

      He don’t deserve it

    23. Loudly Music

      he doesn’t deserve a second chance, he deserves to be in jail.

    24. Juan Rodriguez

      Hopefully the browns pick him up

    25. Baguette

      The chiefs: the team of ragtag pirates

    26. littlerush99

      Why would anyone in the NFL touch this guy ! He's been Criminal Minded for too long and hasn't learned a Damn Thing ! It will happen Again !

    27. MarLy MarLLe

      why is it a 2nd chance if he was set up? But Fair is where they judge pigs.

    28. Kristoffer Dean

      Cuz that's what you want... A known armed thief in your locker room. Hide your chains and wallets, fellas!

    29. Pacbanz

      Cowboys gonna sign him if not Raiders

    30. Basketballislife For m

      Love our vids bro you inspire me.

    31. Chuck Camaro

      Baker looks like he's on the path to being broke by 30 after making millions in his 20s

    32. Daniel L

      The lawyer for those supposed victims was arrested for extortion lol my mans is innocent. Fuck outta here

    33. Isaiah Pinal

      Niners better pick him up they need a young cb

    34. E-Sah305

      NFL really robbed Ray Rice of his career if they're letting everyone come back to the league over anything now

      1. Chase Sonier

        No lie

    35. Alan Wolensky II

      Let's go Atlanta. Pick up ya boy

    36. T W

      De'Lunch'Tray - Barker.

    37. The Renaissance

      Sounds like this isnt a 2nd chance ...but justice... he didnt do it ... and some people tried to ruin his young career outta selfish intent ..

    38. David Budzik

      Hush money

    39. Michael Davis

      Plot twist: the victims lawyer played his clients by going to Baker offering to send him a self incriminating text for a cool milli. Get charged, spend a year in jail, but probably just probation or they get dropped all together. Then he comes out a millionaire. Then he gets to write a memoir and make another milli.

    40. pretzel pals

      DeAndre baker doesn't use steroids you idiots

    41. Cedric White

      He sign with the CHIEFS he's in our practice squad just to get caught up on things I bet pretty soon he'll be playing in game soon

    42. jbinkley22

      When you get off because your lawyer is a bigger criminal than you are.

    43. omar smith

      Don't worry you will have another "what happened to DeAndre Taylor" story.

      1. FamilyNeverFold Ent.

        Who is deandre Taylor?

    44. Sugundese Nuz

      If anything, Dunbar and Baker was like Robin Hood lmao. It was an "illegal" gambling operation in someones back yard. They got cheated and flipped the table.

    45. Ovid Naso

      Bro how are your thumbnails always such low quality. It’s 2020

    46. P. UNIT

      He needs to focus on his career because he was getting burned in the NFL........

    47. DaRealCowBoys

      Came back and he with K.C now!

    48. Joe Mama

      My Seahawks don’t hate these type of players. Idk tho might not want him and Dunbar together

    49. 187foufcfk

      where is the intro?

    50. Sound Perseption

      The giants are fucking dumb watch how this man becomes a pro bowler in the next 2 yrs I hate ny 🤦🏾‍♂️

    51. Jordon Platt

      @Dallas Cowboys 😂

    52. Matt Johnson

      Talk about lucky. This dude was literally staring 10+ years, losing his career, and probably coming out broke in his 30s until he paid the witnesses to recant their story. If I was him, I would be in disbelief that it doesn't look like it's going to play out like that

    53. Tilled

      better use that second chance, gods knows they didn't deserve it. something that fucking stupid is not just a 22 year old.

    54. Mr Spacely

      Cardinals should get him in right away. He would be behind one of the if not the perfect veteran to guide him in his last years on the otherside of the U.S. Plus he would be having so much fun and playing for a contender that he wouldnt need to worry about his past anymore. I think it works perfect. We could really use his talent and depth to one day take thr thrown from P dub

    55. Andrew Dinger

      I hope he resigns with the giants

      1. Fredi Martinez

        Chiefs sign him on practice squad

    56. Sauce

      He robbed someone then proceeded to pay them.

    57. murda 1

      I knew he was innocent

    58. Aqua LionXE

      Wow, feel like someone got bribed

    59. Eddy Huang kuan Fuk Huang kuan Fuk

      I'hope for him and al the other young Players in NFL they learned on that and be more concious Sorry for my bad english from a French Guyana fan. Geaux Saints

    60. andrew oolman

      If it’s too good be true it obviously is

    61. Cam23

      I'll say stay away from broke n.... That's not on your level.... And yes he was better than them.... He just didn't know it

    62. Iain Grant

      Lmao kinda sus bro

    63. Jaden B

      This story feels at least 2 yrs old.. 2020 has been wild

    64. Beaux Washington

      Extremely lucky

    65. Joe Ward

      Love your content my guy! Keep it up!

    66. Matthew M. Stevick, CFP

      INCREDIBLE Josh Gordon work FlemLo - all of your work is great, keep it up, we love it.

    67. Different Perspective

      Wrong place" Wrong time"Around the wrong people" Doing the wrong thing! When you hang around fake and foolish people the end result is severe consequences.... Life is about learning growing and experiencing hopefully he learned all (three)..... If you didn't learn his lesson he'll be humbled again....⬆️⬆️⬆️

    68. MAJIN GELO

      He coming to kc babyyy

    69. Will Cutlip

      Ok now my lions need to pick him up

    70. Richard Clegg

      Good for him, seemed like such a tragic ending for a young man's career, second chances are so rare in our judgemental, everyone's guilty before proving innocent, society... best of luck to him...

    71. Jake the snake

      If the niners sign him they might be scary next year

    72. Snap1Wisdom

      When the Giants won’t trade you so you have to find other ways to leave the team

    73. worlds okayest

      Honestly don't even care as long as he keeps his nose clean, sign with the titans

    74. Xavier Zattoni

      You were the man for the job on this video

    75. Bald N Bearded

      Titans definitely need this guy

    76. Nick Pratt

      Im hoping he plays well here in KC

    77. Unkle Joe

      Hopefully he learns

    78. Alonzo Evans

      What was the name of the song that you playing in the background bro? I know you’ve used it on several different other videos but what’s the name of this song

    79. Benz

      Can’t believe he’s on the Chiefs now that’s crazy I wish him luck on the Chiefs no cap

    80. Didio Da Costa jr

      Love how you followed up on the story right away remember watching the other video over the summer

    81. Raul Garibay

      Thanks for not cuing Wayne,

    82. BLVCKHOODIE -Pyro

      Damn u have 0 street knowledge lol

    83. Brandon McCourt

      KC signed him last night to the practice squad to get him up to speed then he is going to play in a week or 2

    84. Lamario Arias

      He just signed to the chiefs

    85. JLA Media

      I’m still paying them on principal

    86. James Nelson

      Plot twist:The victims were giants fans and they were tired of them losing so they dropped all the charges against him🤣🤣

    87. Melo Black

      Colts go get em

    88. Chris Snape

      The Seahawks should sign him on the cheap, we need help, also we have his partner in non crime haha

    89. James Richter

      And now the other guy is in jail because he was representing his client

    90. Dan Amor

      It would be hilarious if he joined Dunbar in the Seahawks to fix that secondary

    91. James Richter

      Then payed em

    92. James Richter

      He definitely robbed them

    93. Caiden Yoder

      He's a real lockup corner!!! Just saw the Chiefs are gonna sign him to the practice squad

    94. Stoicism Is powerful

      This sounds like Ghost off of power

    95. Leng Lor

      He probably did pay them off? But who knows

    96. Tommie Jenkins

      Dallas Cowboys are meeting with him

    97. Africa Unite

      Going to my Chiefs

    98. Stephen Viele

      Yo we did it with Vick lets get us another CB to help slay.

    99. Hunter Davis

      Chiefs probably

    100. Milan White

      Baker to the cheifs