Leads Blown, Heartbreak Felt, & THE UPSET OF THE YEAR! (Reflections Of a Bengals Fan Weeks 5-8)

FlemLo Raps

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    My Bengals went through the full range of emotions from weeks 5-8 in the 2020 NFL season.
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    1. FlemLo Raps

      Just watching this back and in case its not clear...if u make to the end of the video. Im IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM grouping the Steelers with the rest of the teams on screen. When I say 2-2 or 3-1 n our next 4, im counting the Steelers as an L. Its probably obvious...but I know how this internet thing goes lol. With that said...It would be WILD if we sneak up and get the upset though...

      1. Vikram Bansal

        corvette corvette

      2. USER 52SIXTY

        dont worry. you made it clear. people of reasonable intelligence should notice and screw everyone else cuz they're dumb.

      3. ELECTRON

        Flemo you should do the downfall of Richard Sherman

      4. LilBxtes

        John Ross was moved to cb in practice and got hurt again letting ya know very disappointing

      5. WarriorOfVirtue 5

        Do a video on Armanti Edwards from App State please.

    2. Luke Wilhelm

      I became a bengals fan this year because of I love joe burrows and their jerseys

    3. somebody on the internet

      Where the other two parts?

    4. Office Fern

      Flem ima need the next video on the end of the Bengals season

    5. Matt G

      I know you couldn’t wait to do this video lol I’m late on this but good video FlemLo keep up the hard work !!!!! That was one of the problems my team the Pats had this past season a lot of opt outs of key defensive players

    6. David Bowen

      I'm from the Queen City so I know all about heartbreaking seasons..... WHO DEY ALL DEY


      Y'all playing browns 2nd and 3rd DBs, so of course they gonna look better. 21 is gonna be a much better year.

    8. P Burna

      I LOVE AUDEN TATE MAN... #19

    9. Sean Kline

      We getting more of this? Looking forward to see what you had to say for these games.

    10. The King

      The bengals aren’t popular in Ohio because they suck 😂

    11. Quenton Griffin

      Good platform dude!! No disrespect.. I am a Falcons fan... Wonder bout that disease!!! 😂... Braves, Falcons, Hawks.. Keep doing what u do.. Good job..

    12. Quenton Griffin

      Why a Bengals fan? You dont seem old enough for Sam Whyche, Chris Colinsworth...1984.or the drive by Joe Montanna and TD not to Jerry Rice... Im sure u no the name of who caught it.. I think Fred Taylor.. 😂 😂

    13. NikiMik

      Question: I hardly ever run into a non-Cincinnati metro dweller that is a lifelong Bengals fan, so I ❤️ that FlemLo is a fan. Anyone know why he loves the Bengals?

    14. CECIL Murray

      FlemLo Raps you are an extraordinary worker you're the best in your field. I am amazed at the number of videos you have produced. Your pod is like a football encyclopedia.

    15. Adam Quintanilla

      Do you have a video on baker mayfield?

    16. M N

      Burrow may be Sam Darnold.....If the Bengals don’t smarten up and protect him. I’m a Jet fan. Trust me. Dont let the kid lose confidence. When that happens it’s a wrap. Que the Wayne.

    17. Tyler Henry

      At least your not a lions fan

    18. Alan Velazco

      Yo flemlo! Where the week 9-12?

    19. Sean Richards

      For all those bengals fans is Joe burrow a game manager? I need your opinion

    20. MelaninMike904 Davis

      They need u in the locker room motivating them

    21. Andray Jett

      Warrick Dunn Flemlo

    22. sac riches

      Where da new update video?? You ok ??

    23. ross boys3322

      I don’t blame John Ross for wanting to trade he is a great player and he showed it last year at least let him play for at least 10 minutes if I was John I’d want to trade also

    24. Jack Feldman


    25. Juan Rangel

      You must be so upset since Joe went down

    26. MrBezl

      Thanks for Dunlap!! From a hawks fan. Dude has 3.5 sacks in 3 games. We needed that 🙏

    27. MZNFL & More

      Baker did good first year bad second year and he is doing good this year

    28. Will Purcell

      When you watch this video after Washington 🤧🤧🤧

    29. Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe

      Packers just blown a lead against the colts because bad play calling defense started sucking and it took 4 turnovers to guarantee the lose

    30. Kingopp

      Here after burrow just go hurt 😳😳

    31. Beautiful Life

      Steelers fan here. I love your new QB. I’d rather have him than Jackson or Baker. If you keep building through the draft and make a few trades, you guys might be back to where you were a while back except with a far better QB. Once Big Ben retires, my team will probably be in QB hell for a while. So keep the faith and your time will hopefully come. Obviously I want my team to win, but Bengals fans deserve a good team. It’s incredible how loyal so many of you have stayed and I like the people in Ohio! So good luck in the future.

    32. Allen The Skywalker

      Tbh ya rookie balling out like a all star Y’all just getting started❗️🔥

    33. Allen The Skywalker

      Tbh ya rookie balling out like a all star Y’all just getting started❗️🔥

    34. P. UNIT

      Bro the Steelers, Baltimore are beating the stripes out of y'all......

    35. Yianni Douris

      Jesus is king and our savior

    36. Brandon Weese

      If the front office doesn’t sit on their hands and does something this team will be dangerous in a few years

    37. WBsteve

      When the season first started i was impressed by Joe Burrow. But i could immediately see that his O-Line was trash, then as the weeks kept going by the o-line started to look better.....then it went to shit again. Then i was like, oh yeah, its the Bengals should have known. But if your a bangles fan you better hope and pray they get people around Burrow. Because he's looking good despite losing, and with him the team might finally be good. But it all depends on getting him people starting with the O-line.

    38. Black Viper

      Don’t worry the bengals have a really good team, there super young, rookie qb, the bengals are legit. The bengals will be great next year with all the young player. Oh wait, it’s the bengals.

    39. Thomas OKeefe

      It’s nice to see you be able to talk about the Bengals with a smile on your face. There’s a lot of growing up to do but I would agree that there is a lot to be optimistic about. It sucks that AJ Green has fallen off. But time Eventually gets the best of everyone. If I were you I would be stoked about Tee Higgins & Joe Burrow

    40. Daniel Trujillo

      Thoughts of a Jay Ajayi vid?

    41. mccloud79

      Why do you look a little bit like Ty Hilton

    42. Itolje Hughes

      Can you do a story on LSU cornerback Johnathan Zenon? Love your content!

    43. Itolje Hughes

      Can you do a story on LSU cornerback Johnathan Zenon? Love your content!

    44. 3xtra Terrestrial

      Were going to shock the world tomorrow Flem LETTSS GOOO

    45. Reese Keysor

      Imagine if patriots traded for John Ross that would be a win win

    46. Scott C

      Can we get a What happened to Eddie Lacy?

    47. BigPlayJohn J

      Bro john Ross got injured again:/

    48. Drew Simon

      You should do what happened to Jake Heaps sometime. The number one QB recruit of the 2009 class

    49. Felipe Negron

      Yo flem I discovered your vids about a month ago and been playing them nonstop. I have one question, have you done or will you be doing a marquette king video? I think there's some interesting stuff there

    50. Lt. Magnum

      Do a video on What Happened to Byron Maxwell next please.

    51. Mitch Rapp

      Flem.. I myself am also a Mississippi native (Booneville ,ms) I graduated from Baldwyn high. I have to know what town you are from

    52. K J

      Bengals fan here since high school. My biggest concern is what people aren't talking about. What happens if Burrow gets hurt? Who is our backup?

    53. Jack Major

      FlemLo, I don't know if you will see this but in the last two weeks I've watched every single one of your videos. I obviously don't know you but you seem like one of the most stand-up, down-to-earth, thoughtful people on the internet. I really enjoy your commentary & subtle analysis as well as your disposition & consistently unbiased attitude & perspective. Your empathy resonates & I really respect your work. Thank you for all the videos!

    54. Neutralchaos

      Flem, thank you so much! I really needed this video. Keep the faith! Who Dey!

    55. Jeff Lamb

      What happen to Marlon Mack?

    56. Jay Mitch

      Do u do Basketball stories to

    57. Finnex

      Please do “What Happened to Jay Ajayi?”

    58. WarriorOfVirtue 5

      Armanti Edwards App State

    59. Michael Paynter

      If the bengals won the chargers, eagles, colts, and if they won week 7 against the browns. The bengals record would be 6-2 .

    60. Nicholas Chilano

      Bro do a vid on Todd Marinovich he was a raiders Qb for a short time in the 90s but his story is wild

    61. bucklax31

      Any chance you will make a video on Adam Thielens NFL journey? That would be great to watch!

    62. Big Tee

      Can you drop a video on what happened to jordy nelson

    63. gsmd770

      I thought you really wanted to talk about something?

    64. GXRLA Prod.

      Tuff to be a bengals fan lol.....I’m a patriots fan😭😭

    65. Keyvis Moore

      What happened to Kyle Rudolph?

    66. Mike Smith

      If you need communication on someone that's playing better than you. 🤔 you don't see the tape

    67. Danny Johnson

      Why you had to say part 2 so hard tho? 😤

    68. Gio Spicknall

      Please do a video on Corey Ballentine, the 2020 6th round draft pick. He was shot right after being drafted. He kits got cut by The New York Football Giants. I love your videos and he deserves one.

    69. JUDALATION gamestrodamous

      LOL the BENGLES are a JOKE... You draft a QB with NO OLINE TO PROTECT HIM... and send him out to get KILLED every week... Yall should be ASHAMED that your young QB is getting EATEN ALIVE... Season over just sit JOE before / he gets HURT and misses out next year... YA BETTER SIT HIM cuz you are 1-8 what good is it to win any games? tank for a better OLINE next year you idiots.

    70. JBudkeENT

      i stg i said the same thing when we went up 21 against the colts bro

    71. JBudkeENT

      playoff run otw 🧡🖤

    72. Kam Shelton

      upset of the year........... raiders quiefs week 5 DOMINATED

    73. NST Sports Performance

      Hey Flem! We're a sports training facility in NE Ohio. We work with a lot of pro athletes and we'd LOVE to collaborate with you! Hit us back! We'd love to make something with you!

    74. Bipolar Jigga110

      Looks like you got into a fight my guy!!!

    75. Ryan Ayers

      Who is the FlemLo for the Seahawks? Love your content man.

    76. Akshay Mandadapu

      DEZ BRYANT part 2

    77. gavin_ispossible

      Joe Burrow need to fast AJ Green more

    78. Erik Edwards

      Anyone think joe burrow has a shot at winning offensive rookie of the year? Justin Herbert has better stats so far in most ways. Think if he leads the bengals to a few more wins than the chargers he can still get the award?

    79. Lowell Smith

      Next year we draft an o line to help burrow it'll be the start of something good

      1. sac riches

        Might need to draft a qb pray for joe

    80. That Dude

      Hey how bout you do a what happened to Peter Warwick. Dude was a dog at FSU!

    81. Mike Rob

      Big FSU fan and always good to see their products in the NFL. Auden Tate is nice in tough on that jump ball at 6'5"

    82. Jaylen McClanahan

      As a Titans fan, Dislike. Nah jp, I was aggravated as hell watching this game though. Joseph was getting cooked alll game

    83. mattluvsrush1

      FLEMLO! Love your videos bro! What happened to T.O.? (Terrell Owens)

    84. Grizwald Dickie

      Burrow is great . But the bungles are historically bad. Just rename this segment the Joe show 🤣🤣

    85. Chris Kaufman

      You're one of the best there is at what you do, happy that you're a fellow Cincy fan, and congratulations that you get to document their upcoming rise to greatness with a front row seat for all fans and historians of the NFL. I would love to hear your thoughts on Tee Higgens, and if he is as good not as good or better than you thought.

    86. Dom Roach

      You just put Auden Tate on my radar! I love your channel but your Bengals videos need to be chopped down to 10-15 minutes lol. I know this would be hard for you to since they are your team but the Bengals are hard to click on for must of us lol

    87. Blessed Awesome

      What’s up FLEMLO? could you do a what happened to Darren Carrington? You’re the best at what you do! Peace out have a good one FLEM!

    88. Stephen Singleton

      Who punched my man FlemLo? I know that eye feeling like hell.

    89. espben360

      Damn AFC north going to be like NFC west soon! All those teams, Bengals soon, will be able to win the division realistically

    90. babyave

      i’m not even a bengals fan, but i’m a joe burrow fan. he’s so electric to watch, you guys definitely have a special QB who will be around for a long time.

    91. Reeve Staley

      This is the best shit to listen to for long drives. Flemlo is obviously an empath, he balances intuition with logic in a dope balance. His voice doesn’t annoy the f out of me which is a +2

    92. Ryan McKitrick

      What happened to ... OJ Simpson Aaron Hernandez

    93. Jay Hay

      Our offensive line men coming back is not a good thing if they get their jobs back.

    94. Jay Hay

      Excellent points about Auden Tate. I was hyping him all off-season and was shocked when he wasn't getting any playing time. He is flat out good.

    95. fabricio pintado

      Can u do a video on kordell Stewart he’s my favorite player and not a lot of people know him

    96. BlueButtonFly

      Gdo Lil Wayne's voice makes me sick after the Trump bullshit.

    97. Andrew Piedrahita

      As a bengals fan hope is alive

    98. B.W.Fontaine

      Even though my squad has beat up on the Bengals in the past, I'm a lifelong SF 49ers fan, I've watched both of your Cincy evaluation vids thru to the end, that's how good I think your content is bro....also, Burrows and Higgins are savages, as long as they stay healthy, y'all have got a really good combo with those two....

    99. Samuel Fotheringham

      Going to be a great game next week vs my Steelers tbh I'm kinda nervous, especially with the Steelers last performance and yinz coming off a win

    100. J. Coder

      I hope Cincy hands the Steelers their first loss! 🙏🏽🤞🏽