What Will Happen to Isaiah Wilson? (Will He Save His NFL Career?)

FlemLo Raps

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    Can NFL Rookie Isaiah Wilson save his Career?
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      2. Savage Truth


      3. Richard Arroyo

        He just got picked up by my fins i think he will be ok under coach flo

      4. Big Al

        Yo. Please don’t leave you tube. Your so good I see major companies looking at you to be a host somewhere. Which is great for your career but dam these corporate companies. I hope you stay with your fans. Just a thought. Not saying you would do it. But I’d be looking at your services if I were them. Your an excellent commentator and narrator.

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    3. Bad Habits Kingdom

      Let me get shout out lol jk

    4. Bad Habits Kingdom

      You inspired me to start Bad Habits Kingdom man love ur show keep it going

    5. Stephen Porter

      This reminds me of the Dre archer story that Flemlo did a while ago

    6. Alex G

      Best KGup intro in the game 🤟🏼

    7. Trevor Kinslow

      I'm a Titans fan I watch local media coverage and I know many players on the team tried to help him and he refused to accept it

    8. Clinton R

      I give this video a thumbs down. How are we supposed to help someone who is not discipline. He was given a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ohhh please next

    9. Kirk SZN

      No, no he will not.

    10. Eddie Ferlo

      aaaaaaaaaaaaand cut by the Dolphins. SMH sadm-

    11. Slim 74

      Im praying for the young man. Sometimes its really tough for young men to handle success. There's a fear of it. He has good character. He hopefully can find people he can relate to that can help him

    12. Katherine Carr

      The erect cauliflower preferably wrestle because increase ethnopharmacologically memorise midst a somber cartoon. thirsty, loud ship

    13. Labas Labas

      He said in an interview he would return for a psychology degree if he wasn’t an NFL player. He wanted to know what made people do what they do. The kid can’t speak - he mumbles/ - and bet his first patient would be .................himself.

    14. Fitter542

      Who cares if he turns it around or not. This kid truly don’t deserve to play in the nfl. I don’t care how talented he is. Playing a sport on the professional level is a privilege. This kid is extremely talented and don’t even realize how fortunate he is to have been giving the opportunity to get paid 7-8 figures to play a child’s game for a living. He obviously don’t care enough to stay out of trouble so give his spot to someone who actually cares.

    15. Dustin Snider

      I'm here after he just got a DUI and got cut by the Dolphins!

    16. Ian Smith

      They’re drafting guys way too young , he needed to get all this out in college these players families pressure going in because it’s big $

    17. PhartMonster Gaming

      Lmao dude is lost

    18. Andrew Bee

      I don't feel sorry for him

    19. Shivaz

      Flemlo looks like K-shine

    20. Nancy Green

      I must commend you on your videos. Yours are some of a very few that I can actually watch & listen to. Your speaking voice & enunciation is very clear & pleasant, & without a bunch of "filler words". Good job & keep up the good job!

    21. L. Ron Gardner

      He will become the next Bubba Wallace. Dude can already cruise at 140 mph in a regular car. Put him in a race car and there will no stopping him.

    22. Woke Manishboi


    23. Percy Brown

      In my opinion, NFL is wasting lots of money on this dude, especially, when they can find his replacement with da quickness! Some of these brothas do not understand the phrase, "Do not bite the hand that feeds you!"

    24. Coal Sports

      Well..... lol

    25. Jordan Millross

      My guy definitely needs the proper guidance

    26. Jordan Millross

      Lol you did Swift dirty with that intro he balled out the rest of the year. Great video 🔥🔥

    27. Russ Cron Sr.

      Just another POS that wanted 2 take a short cut to riches!

    28. Liam Walton

      Should the 49ers give him a chance?

    29. Dylan Hodges

      I think it’s time to revisit this

    30. Willie Abraham

      Nothing in life is easy omagi Nothing in life is easy money don't come easy only pain use your brain use your brain some people work 50 years don't make six million dollars God give you a blessing to make it make it and use your brains

    31. Dennis Smathers

      Sounds as if all that money went to his head. 💰 🧠

    32. Blue Rain

      I dont know if teams still give chances to players branded as lazy and with behavioral issues. I dont know if there are precedents but this kid has to decide if he wants to be in nfl or just party until his money runs out.

    33. H M

      Perhaps he just doesn't want to play and doesn't know how to get out of it in a positive way

    34. Michael Fabrey

      Flem: "I dont think this will be the last video I make on Isiah" Yeah, on this channel 😂

    35. Josh Allen

      I can guarantee its the money and his family after he made to the nfl

    36. amiro dusk

      I think he's ok with 10 million guaranteed dollars but he can't get it through his head that he could make more than that in one season if he becomes a decent lineman and works reasonably hard. Not too many people on this earth can have that opportunity, he blew his chance at huge money but hey, he'll probably net 5 million so if he's smart, he can live off that the rest of his life

    37. Uncle Reamus

      He can’t be that smart if he’s getting face tattoos and showing up to meeting 2 hours late.

    38. spencer sult

      update: no :(

    39. Fairexchange41

      Dude is 21 years old he is not a kid he is a grown man

    40. Kane Spangler

      Think we should give him a chaperone and bring his ass to Cincy get the man some Skyline sit down with DJ Reader and Vonn Bell and get his head on straight 😉

    41. Luke Brown

      well hes done


      Miami just released him...sad to say his career might be over before it even started.

    43. Darius Lee

      Flemlo looking big 💪💪💪

    44. Sean Carrington

      Annnnnnd... He blew it with the Dolphins and is now out of the league.

    45. Wrex1 Kettles

      I knew this video was coming

    46. Steve Malek

      Got cut by the Dolphins, needless to say his NFL career is over he better have a plan B. He needs to grow up and turn his life around.

    47. Steve Polhill

      I guess the answer is... No, he will not save his career. Traded to the Dolphins for essentially nothing, and released by the Dolphins 3 days later for being late, and missing practices. Such a waste of talent. I'm hoping it's just a maturity thing and he will grow out of it soon enough to still have a shot at a career.

    48. TheOneAboveAll


    49. Mooseh Reviews

      Who's here after he was cut by the Dolphins

    50. Angelo Bell


    51. John Quach

      Update: No.

    52. Hewlett Brown

      Hey Flemlo. Fam. Im subscribe to your channel and been following you for a while you keep it real your wise. And positive young brother keep up the good work I just wanted to let you know to keep up the good work. Fly Eagles Fly

    53. Dorsey Hilliard

      And.....it gets worse. Wow. Kind of reminds me of the college stand out Cecil Collins......off the field activities negated his on the field talent. (He was Louisiana’s “Mr Football” in 1995)

    54. Isaac Cruz

      Need a new video...he’s been released by Miami

    55. philwill0123

      This sounds like a lost guy. His life has been planned since he was a kid to play football and repay his parents for their sacrifices. Based on the dolphins release, looks like self sabotage. Hes fallen out of love with the game and doesnt want to be there.

    56. Franky Styles

      Commercial, commercial, commercial. I’ll never waste my time on this channel again.

    57. holly rochford

      Ŵell, he couldn't keep himself from fucking up his chance in Miami. He refused to participate. He didn't gain any money. I wonder did Miami pay for his relocation?

    58. Vepth

      Everyone came after the got traded damnnn that didn’t age well

    59. Phins Fan

      Dude is a thief, took Titans money without intending to play. Wants to be rapper..lmao


      Cut in less than a week with the dolphins. Time for pt 2

    61. impreza99rs

      I think it’s time to revisit this saga.

    62. gin-N-aujus

      Fins Up!! Who is here when he gets RELEASED by the Dolphins. This dude needs professional help.

    63. Edward Kelly

      Guy got cut again I think he’s done

    64. Desi Dog

      Too many hits to the head - he is done with NFL. Sad 🏈

    65. meek Mond

      Now he demanded trade and hit cut🤦🏾‍♂️

    66. Silky G

      This video aged very well.

    67. J Man

      Just a grown ass man with money acting stupid. Stop the excuses

    68. Stephen Collins


    69. Nick Lippert

      Oh boy oh boy did things get interesting on his career today

      1. Him Bike

        Past career

    70. Patek. Gaming

      who’s here after he got cut by the dolphins ?

    71. Austin Crump

      Who is here after the dolphins released him

    72. cointel 420

      Who's here after dolphins released him. 👇

    73. Cort Major

      Time for an update......out of the NFL

    74. BarryBondsISaHOF 2021

      Flemlo need an updated vid my man

    75. Ben B

      Cut from Miami, the downward spiral continues. Hate to see so much opportunity falling away. A good coach could put him on a practice squad and hook him up with a quality neurophysiologist and a therapist.

    76. Francesco Valenti

      Just got released by the Dolphins

    77. Elijah Brewer

      He just got cut

    78. Dan will

      He left that white girls, cause his momma had a problem with it. That white girl was the peace he needs in his life

    79. Jose Lopez

      Got cut

    80. Derek

      And the Dolphins cut him not even a week into the signing, what a shame and talent wasted smh I wonder if he can come back from this

    81. Sahz

      Who is here after he gets cut with the Dolphins?

    82. Dustin H

      I was hoping my Dolphins could have helped him.. but clearly that wasn't the case

      1. addicted to minis and loving it

        Dude's beyond help

    83. László Karger-Kocsis

      Who is here after he was released by Miami

      1. László Karger-Kocsis

        @Saidu Fofanah the first comment I saw was who is here after he was traded to the Dolphins. I was like nope. I arrived here 3 days later. I hope he can still turn this around.

      2. Saidu Fofanah

        😂😂 I don’t mean to laugh but this is the first comment I saw

    84. Dr Evil

      The answer to your question is no. He was just cut by the Dolphins.

    85. Broken Inbox

      Dude was picked up and released by the Dolphins within 7 days. Wow

    86. aaron waddell

      He just got cut from the Dolphins

    87. Darrel Washington

      Damn he got traded to the dolphins and now he's been cut...

    88. Erc Ly

      Who is here because the Dolphins cut him after a couple of weeks after the trade?

      1. Dutchmaster710


    89. A & J travels

      Need an update!!!! Things have gone unbelievably wrong since he was traded to the Dolphins 🐬

    90. Nag Daddy

      Who here after my mans got cut from the phins?

    91. Masatoshi K

      I’m pretty excited that my Dolphins were able to obtain him (& they didn’t really have to give anything up to get him - Titans sent Wilson & a 2022 7th round pick for Miami’s 2021 7th round pick). He has such great physical talent, I just hope that the change in scenery does him well and that Coach Flores can help him mature and get over his issues. (Edit: Well, that didn’t last long. Damn.)

      1. Dakota Reichardt


    92. joe jones

      He Fina be a all pro now

      1. Gaming God

        This didnt age well

    93. Randy Cruz

      Great book recommendations. I recommend Millionaire mindset by T Harv ecker

    94. One up One down

      This is what happened to a lot of young kids when they get money . They don’t know how to act.

    95. TTG Shark

      Hope bra good 🙏🏾💯

    96. Jack

      Now, he’s been traded to the Dolphins. The South Beach lifestyle will straighten him out!

    97. gary krebs

      it's either going to be fast or famine with him. won't take long to find out.

    98. Kai Luke

      I'm no expert either. But I think that this young man deserved a bit of help. Professional psychological help. His career is at risk, but more importantly his life may also be. Consider AB's improvements after in his case, court ordered psychiatric intervention. The human being inside of the football player has to thrive for the latter to have a chance at all.

    99. Christopher Sharp

      On to Miami kid I hope Brian Flores can get to this kid because he needs it same background same schools. I’m praying for you Isaiah 👍🏿

    100. MeatCranium

      What Titans traded him to the Miami Dolphins for a seventh round pick. LOL