He Became the Biggest NFL Draft Bust of All Time! What Happened to Ryan Leaf?

FlemLo Raps

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    Ryan Leaf has become one of, if not the BIGGEST NFL draft bust of all time... But there is more to his story.

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    5. Steven birdcage

      terrible numbers for leaf

    6. Steven birdcage

      can you do another video on the dumb ass bears selecting david terrell in the first round, could of had tom brady but that goes for all teams. david terrell has to be at the top when it comes to bust

    7. J P

      You gotta stop making me cry at the end of these bruh!

    8. raider4life2000

      Well damn, now you gotta respect a man that keeps standing back up after getting knocked down

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    12. Addison Shorter

      Sounds like mans didn’t have real friends or real family around him his whole life. No one to tell him he’s being a bitch.

    13. The Brian Randall Show

      24:40 “let’s atleast look at the human aspect of it” your best quote in the whole thing. Showing that athleticism, money and fame doesn’t fix the underlying issues that a person has. I appreciate the hell out of your videos and your storytelling.

    14. Liz Holmes

      Great story and congrats to Ryan for pulling himself out of all the problems

    15. JR 02554

      One of your best videos and that's saying something. Dude you're so talented. Thanks for putting this together

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      You are too amazing at this. All of your content is top grade. I respect you being die hard Cincinnati fan. Must apologize being a Washington fan and us getting Jackson and the horrible accident with Burrow last year. Keep them coming.

    17. Erik Alexander

      About right. Spoiled kid who never was corrected or told NO! Had talent and pride went to his head

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      Dude Flem Lo it would be intresting if you checked out Ryan Leaf hosting the Rich Eisen Show and maybe looked at his perspective and side of the story and if necessary make some corrections to the video

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      I was like 4 years old during this draft my Chargers picked this man wasnt a football fan til we had Brees but the most Chargers thing we could do 😂😂

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      Femlow is the most impartial reviewer I’ve ever seen

    31. Kevin Bennett

      Yeah people live out teachy or preachy quotes but in the end it may not apply to you. Know who you are.

    32. cmrjc74

      Went to high school with dude he was definitely self entitled and immature but glad to see he’s found some peace

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      That was really well put together

    35. J M

      Dang man. That ending was powerful. I’ve heard the ryan leaf story a hundred times but I never considered that somebody who is thought of as a textbook failure could literally be a more powerful source of inspiration than actual hall of fame qbs. There’s a lot more to life than the game of football

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      Bro, your research skills are immaculate. I bet you got all A's on your school projects

    45. The Supreme Fishing Team

      We all know those guys who get pumped up by everyone then they get to thinking they are better then u. I don’t feel bad for guys like him they are litterally assholes

      1. The Supreme Fishing Team

        He probably used to make guys feel like shit. He knows how being a looser feels

    46. Jackson Shaffer

      Why didn’t you talk about how he went 1-15

    47. Jadin Mosley

      Peyton a goat omm I loved the colts ever since I was born in 2002 and when he got traded to the Broncos I went with him.... he’s a legend💯

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      This was a really good one. Touching. Glad to know things are on a good page now for him

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      Good work doing this story! Has to be my favorite. Ryan Leaf as gone through so much. I'm happy he found peace.

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      Your videos are amazing. Thank you

    53. poida smith

      He’s advocating for the NFL to step up on supporting mental health for players and retirees. Very commendable! 💪🧠

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      Hell, I saw that same behavior by adults in my small town. 45 years ago and the football heroes had a different set of rules from us mortals.

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    60. Russell Warner

      I always think no matter how talented someone is there are always mental problems, criminals problems, desire and work ethic all play a part in them not seeing their full potential.

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      He matured too late

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      Because of this clip, I will no longer associated Leaf with failure. I will associated with perseverance. Thank you.

    67. Zach Mire

      “It’s all about perspective...” This quote is exactly why I watch and love these videos. Watching major news networks such as CBS, NBC, and NFL Network, it’s clear that all these anchors, analysts, and players have very set and strong opinions about the people in question. This reporting is so difficult to follow and agree with, because you hear one person say someone is amazing, and another says the person is a complete failure. This channel, however, shows me viewpoints from the person in question, and what motivates these people to make the great or bad choices they’ve become known for. This is why I love this channel. I’m showed the viewpoint of not just multiple people, but from the person in question themselves. I am allowed to create my own opinion of these people through the spectacular videos I love watching from this channel and this guy! Keep doin’ what your’e doin’, man!


      Seeing alot of players now a days. kEspecially at the WR Position

    69. Juan Galvez

      Manning got drafted into a pretty great situation. Indy was loaded on offense, two probowl TE's, a probowl RB and Marvin Harrison as a rookie. Not saying Leaf wouldn't have still imploded, but no way Peyton would've had the career he did in San Diego.

    70. Burk Luca

      You presented a perspective. Nice job man

    71. Napoleon Bonaparte

      What do u mean? I will argue to the death that Nathan Peterman is better than Tom Brady

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      Leaf is a large draft bomb but not the largest of all time as you have Jamarcus Russel and Tony Mandrich. Jamarcus because he was the number one pick. And Tony Mandrich because he was such a consensus home run, I mean every one thought he was can’t miss.

    74. Chris Pap

      I’m from Pittsburgh and I was at bar grabbing some food and remember saying “wow Woodson won the Heisman” and the moron next to me yells Rod Woodson won the Heisman...Lol...Rod Woodson was was 40 years old by then...

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    77. LibertarianUSA1982

      I worked at a prison in Montana that Ryan Leaf was an inmate at.

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      Imagine if he actually played linebacker, really could have been a completely different story

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    96. Jared Cook


    97. Robert Scott

      The biggest bust gets famous, the second biggest bust is just a bust that’s forgotten... so honestly could be worse

    98. Durgenheim

      The thing I enjoy the most about these videos is that it highlights the humanity behind these complicated individuals. Society has a habit of applying binary labels (good/bad, success/failure) but so many of these players fall somewhere in between. Who they were on the football field is not always indicative of their value as human beings, and many of these guys have learned from their failures and become better people as a result. FlemLo - thanks for doing the research and illuminating the lives of these men beyond the bright lights of the NFL.

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