What Happened to Jimmy Graham? (His Unfortunate Childhood Couldn’t Stop His Success)

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    NFL TE Jimmy Graham HAD a tough childhood.
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    1. Juan

      Does Jimmy have anything to do with his mother?

    2. Joseph Liso

      The most beautiful flowers can emerge from the hardest breaks in concrete.

    3. Andy6 Schofield7

      I wish people didnt judge others for having dreads when they are white it really fucked

    4. Donald Jacobs

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    5. H M

      Shameful behavior

    6. Son of a Gun

      Don‘t like him since he run over a cheerleader and didn‘t help her up 👎🏼

    7. Likah Spivey

      Random but your locs are popping ✊🏿✨

    8. Andrew Zeitler

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    9. Gari Clark

      I’ve watched so many of these videos but I still don’t know what is said at the start of the video before the intro starts 😂

    10. BerginLights

      I hope He never talked to his real mom ever again, give Her some Money maybe so she can live right, but she dont deserve jimmy. What A scumbag

    11. StringerBell Holloway

      Bro Keeps side effect is ED!! Ian fukn wit it but I rock wit ur vidz. Keep the Keeps

    12. Bruce Lee

      Flemlo, that story was pissin' me off, too. Props on the video.

    13. philip scalf

      Honestly I’m wanting to cry listening to this, I’ve got two boys and I bust my fuckin ass them and I’ll never stop. The thought of one of my boys going through breaks my heart. I love that Flemlo calls people out too, he tells the facts of the story without a doubt but when those facts point to someone being a bad person he isn’t afraid to say it.

    14. Ryan Sliva

      Glad he had a great year as a bears fan at the start of the year I was hating on the signing at the start of the year

    15. Mike Fantasia

      I been watching you for damn near 4 years now on and off Flem. You really have a talent for story telling and finding the good in each of those stories

    16. Ricochet

      It’s not as bad because you know how successful he became but Imagine all the kids that went through this that didn’t make it to the nfl or anything else

    17. Tony Johnson

      This could be a movie 🍿


      Goldsboro, NC

    19. icemule

      It seems every black player has a crappy upbring but this is different, a truly despicable story of horrific adult's abusing a child, how he didn't end up in a gang dead is nothing short of a miracle. A truly inspirational story if there ever was one. I'm glad things worked out for him.

    20. Bishop Piru

      I was wondering what happened to him. God bless You and Jimmy. Love your channel and can’t wait for you to reach 1 million subscribers

    21. Michael Edwards

      Bet when he made NFL she calls him begging him for help

    22. Walter Moise

      He should've stayed with the Saints tbh.

    23. Kevin P.

      We all need a friend like Bernie Kosar

    24. samsbro1952

      Such a great story. I love when things turn out for these guys.

    25. Sean H

      Just found your videos. Flemlo you do a better job showcasing players than NFL Films! Nice work!

    26. Private Investigator Sacramento

      You do a great job at what you do young man, wishing you the best going forward!

    27. SoulFly

      imagine being ms becky sitting in a trailer. not having the most successful life but being filled with love and the child you loved on and saved calls you and tells you that he is training with bernie kosar!!! imagine the pride she musta felt

    28. blakjak38

      That witch (without the B) that was his biological mom must be gnashing her teeth after seeing how he turned out rich and successful.

    29. cathal ruane

      what a incredible and inspirational story

    30. Markus G

      Is it ME😁🤤 or did WE not get a "🤙🏼Que to Wayne🤙🏼"⁉️🤔😎Your work is tremendous Flemo... Keep rockn'✌🏼💯

    31. Mida Celery Stick

      Can you do a video about your life?

    32. Ralph Alvarez

      God bless the nurse who adopted him and gave him a stable home and Bernie Kosar for stepping up for him and guiding him to play for the U. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U!!! Thank you FlemLo, for telling his story..

    33. Didier Labossiere

      Thanks, FlemLo, for the positive reinforcement at the end, and throughout 😊😎🎷

    34. Dr. Zombie X

      Jimmy left the Saints because he wanted more money than they could provide with their salary cap. He didn’t take it in stride (aside from the tweet). I loved Jimmy as a Saint, but he was a dick after that. Doesn’t seem to be as a bear though. So, maybe he got over it? Either way, inspirational story. Props to him. It’s hard to come back from such a tough life.

    35. Terry Baker

      I'm so glad he is with us now hopefully we can utilize him more next year

    36. X Wilborne

      Good message at the end

    37. Ryan McAllister

      His mother was a despicable person, I don’t care what she was going through in her own life.

    38. Catskills

      FlemLo really knows how to tell a story, he always leaves me wanting more

    39. Deric Mango

      I felt this story so much, dead beat mothers do exist but hardly ever talked about .

    40. 3Vimages

      I thought Jimmy Graham was white.

    41. BBLongLegs

      God Bless Jimmy Graham, and the woman that saved him

    42. Rick Boiardi World Builder

      His childhood history is absolutely shocking. It was hard to listen to.

    43. hunter nichols

      I hate that I relate so well. Experienced a similar upbringing, and I’m still fairly young.

    44. xxbonrockxx

      Wow........ Just.... wow. 🙏

    45. Darren Cork

      So nobody is going to talk about the joker squeezing Jimmy's ass @ 11:01? Straight up sexual assault 😂🤣😂🤣

    46. Damain Jenkins

      "This could mean taking a ride outta state too getcha XBOX jail-broken 🤣😂🤣... He's deff referring too his OWN personal experience wit his manz , ii remember him sayin' tht about his boy inna previous vid...

    47. Kathy Taylor

      Thank you so much for this video on Jimmy Graham. I'm a Saint fan and when I learned of his heartbreaking childhood several years ago, I had a shirt printed in his honor. #80. GOOD LUCK JIMMY and Good Bless You

    48. Tiffany Garrett

      The exotic respect controversly sin because korean inspiringly describe underneath a abashed step-grandmother. wry, unkempt server

    49. John P

      this fkn story. wow.

    50. Mann Made

      Very cool story. The guy was thrown in to a horrible situation as just a kid, but he adapted and overcame his circumstances. No wonder he was so good.

    51. First name Last name

      Proud to have this dude on the bears, and hes killing it right now

    52. Paul Jamilkowski

      Jimmy's childhood breaks my heart to hear. Moved me nearly to tears.

    53. Rich L.

      I appreciate what Jimmy has been through but as a bears fan I'm ready to move on, he just isn't the same athlete as he once was

    54. Notorious_Majora

      This dude had a harder time growing up then anyone in these videos.

    55. Zack Carter

      video starts at 2:20

      1. Wolfe Skill

        Let's get it!

    56. Gary VanGorder

      4 mins of intro? Makes me not watch another video of yours ,sorry man im here for content not adds 'next'

    57. Gggbolt

      What a great guy :). Been very happy to have him on the Bears.

    58. Sirjt Khan

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    59. JalenIsToxic

      fun fact jimmy is from my hometown of goldsboro north carolina and we even had the same teachers

    60. daniel ray

      Have always been a fan of his but never knew his back story gotta say I like him even more now

    61. SAMMI’S World

      And he’s a pilot

    62. nico B

      You didnt mention the Patriots trying to keep him under the radar because they knew hernandez was slipping and Graham was steal of the draft. I really want to turn my life up and just encourage everyone.

    63. ChrisCardenDrums

      Jimmy Graham is a human touchdown machine. super inspirational story.

    64. Devo Redd-Williams

      Bro your videos be fire I always look forward to the life lesson at the end of the videos 💪🏾

    65. Long Fellow

      Great video, that was brutal to hear about his pain but he didn’t use it as a excuse he challenged the world to pay him back for the hardships . Incredible god bless bro

    66. Yianni Douris

      Jesus is king and our savior repent of sins so you can be saved Ways how: Pray and trust god ask for help trust him Your souls at steak Amen

    67. Toby Ihli

      Really nice story. Very inspirational. His story should be a mandatory read for school children.

    68. 1 Man Dynasty

      Omg this dude i had no idea but i didn’t want the saints to lose him

    69. Derek Johnston

      The nurse that took him in is the hero of this story and she deserves some thanks from everyone that gets to watch this dude score TD after TD for over a decade!

    70. EclipZe Muzik

      Hello friend :)

    71. krwilliams3876

      Thank you for the video; I started following Jimmy Graham because of his enthusiasm with aviation, and didn’t know a lot about his background.

    72. walter zawadzki

      Bro, I stumbled on your videos and I’m hooked! Great content and insight into these tough human stories and the success that can come out of them with hard work.

    73. Keaton Law

      So no one gonna talk about how at 11:01 the joker was gripping my guys cheeks

    74. Evan Huggins

      Alot of the people I know act like they had it rough and that's the reason they aren't successful. they all need to watch this video

    75. alfonse coppola

      great story.i guess im a jimmy graham fan.human spirit is amazing

    76. Will Andrews

      This story is so sad man. He’s amazing man. The real heroes are the people that helped him and inspired him and got him out of terrible situations

    77. RB K

      my life like dat but i am not an orphan

    78. m

      What happened to his sister?

    79. monti miller

      The good thing about Jimmy's story growing up however bad as it may seem, it might help some kid down the road who might be going through the same thing. It could also serve as an example of no matter how bad things get we don't have to make it worse by joining some gang, or hanging around a bunch of guys worse than our situation only waiting for the law/probation/judge to step in and hopefully point you in the right direction, which doesn't happen as often as you'd like to think, and is the reason more blacks proportionally are locked up than any other race hands down!!!

    80. pd nd

      I watched the original interview on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO and what you're saying did not happen. You are a liar

    81. Kauê Seoane

      What a history! Very encouraging, thanks for the awesome content, FlemLo, keep hammering!

    82. Charley Betts

      I have become absolutely HOOKED on this channel since I found it about a week ago! Cant get enough! Keep the content coming!

    83. Zachary Brewster

      I love Jimmy Graham. It’s a shame we lost him. I’ve been a HARDCORE Saints fan since I was 3 years old. I used to either listen to the game in my Paw-Paws lab or watch it on our little black and white tv. Jimmy brought a Hoby feel to the team. The first time I met him I said “Where yat Jimmy!!!” And ever since then he would beat me to the punch. Nicest dude.

    84. Roustabout4fun

      Well done....bad childhoods do suck. I am happy for him...took a noble route! Keep at it! Nice Flemo.

    85. algermom1

      Keep the great stories coming. Please.

    86. Amanda Parfait

      Wow I never knew this. God bless him 🙏🏾

    87. IBogus

      He’s sorta a modern day spartan if you think about it 🤔

    88. Michael Robb

      That's a sad life

    89. Aaron Costello

      Loved watching Jimmy when he was with my Seahawks. Had his jersey, and was bummed when he left. I knew he'd had a rough childhood...but I had no idea it was that bad. Jimmy's mom: "What will you give me for this 11-year-old kid? Group home: "Nothing." Jimmy's mom: "Deal! Where do I sign?" Daaaaamn....I can't even imagine.

    90. Db3xtv _

      Who here after he one handed on the bucs

    91. Andrew Aguilar

      Never knew his story. But he was always a solid player I liked to watch. Except when he joined the packers lol. But now he’s on the Bears he has really been a great addition to the offense.

    92. vengefulfork

      Now he balling out 🐻⬇️

    93. ReBelle Fleur

      My step mom did this with both of her kids... she is trash, my dad and her have been married for almost 20 years and I refuse to have any contact with her🥴

    94. Shankey200

      He getting TD with the Bears that's where he at... 🤣

    95. Brandon Muse

      Inspiring in many ways.

    96. RDG760 jr

      You and Foolish Baseball Are My Favorite Channels To Get Past Information on Former or Current Players, Respect To You Both

    97. DaddY SiegE

      I remember sitting in the stands with my brother watching jimmy score a TD for the hurricanes and saying, "who the hell is that?". Few weeks later we said, you won't have to remember him because he isn't going away

    98. Julian Santana

      had to sub. always appreciate the work and dedication regardless of the topic. keep up the good work.

    99. Nathan Hotard

      Bro you need to do a video about zion the wrestler he has a 10 min video on Netflix that moved me not to be funny but he is a highschool wrestler that has no legs

    100. Lew F

      That was a good one! Thanks