What Really Happened To Johnny Manziel? (Rockstar Lifestyle Ruined His Career)

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    Johnny Manziel had short yet memorable career. Today we talk about high school days, college football, NFL, and all the other American football leagues he has played in.

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    1. Caren Shawnee

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    2. Jeffrey Ruttibaker

      I never heard of the rapper 'Q Da Wayne' before Flem gave him a career by using his music as the intro to his videos. Q should definitely be paying Flem. He would be completely unknown if not for Flem. But I gotta say, I've listened to a few of Q Da Wayne's songs and dude is pretty good.

    3. Allen D

      Respect to u fam

    4. Living-well on-less

      He has no discipline and with the family fortune he doesn't need it, that is until he ends up in prison!

    5. fast sloth

      The fans call the plays lolz

    6. george tavera

      Why you do my boy F magic like that 😂 lol

    7. Kevin Kaatz

      Can’t stand this freaking dude, glad he flamed out

    8. Joseph Baker

      Man bet those who paid him 7500 for autographs are mad as hell now knowing it's worth trash 🗑️🗑️ now 😁

    9. Joseph Baker

      This is the difference from a poor kid coming up from nothing to working hard to make it but this dude had silver spoon since birth in his hand , doesn't mean everybody from money doesn't work hard and try to be there best but I think that's why Johnny didn't take it serious my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    10. Joseph Baker

      Respect bra on the hard grind coming up congrats on new house and success ,always great professional and an entertaining videos ✌️

    11. Greg

      Baker is kind of a Rockstar

    12. Chris Ervin

      JM is a tool. Always has been.... Let me restate that..."Has been"

    13. Jeff Wayne

      His short stint in the CFL actually served the league well, in the sense that most Americans thought it was some joke league with no talent. A former NFL 1st round pick that looked like a joke in 95% of his plays up there. The CFL is half American (approx 48% of the players), so Americans shouldn't think so little of it.

    14. M Jackson

      He doesn't need the money... he can actually play for fun

    15. Adrian Howell

      He was a real drunk

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      Talking and talking...

    18. J P

      Damn that last bit choked me up

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    20. Bea Dangerous

      I already knew he was gonna be an issue off the field before he started playing with the Browns.

    21. chrischimera

      Johnny manziel probably could have been something but unfortunately his addiction controlled him. Good to see him comeback clean though.

    22. HerbalGods

      This was sad!

    23. Ratus

      He could have made it if he was drafted to a well off team like green bay.

    24. Chiger Claw

      Easy...he was an alcoholic in college and turned to an even bigger one as a pro. He believed his athletic talent would prevail in the NFL, it didn't. Those players have to actually study and practice to be good...instead of drinking all day and wearing blonde wigs in Vegas.

    25. James Holbrook

      Love the game. Amen

    26. Bizzle A

      You definitely do your due diligence in finding all the info...I'm glad your channel was recommended to me today. Excellent job sir!

    27. CT

      Dude reminds me of a tabbed SPC in Ranger Batt

    28. Chuck martin


    29. Jordan H

      Kathy griffin got the neighbor she deserved. Too bad he didn’t get to stay.

    30. Gator Nation

      This clown had daddy's money to fall back on. Rich kid that was never held accountable for anything

    31. tstryker03

      Who was a bigger draft bust Jamarcus Russel or Johnny Football?

    32. Latchman Mangra

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    33. Brian Lohse

      I would question whether he's clean or not but you know what that's his business

    34. Sean Jenkins

      Great video bro but u was kind of sugarcoating the truth. Johnny was a f*** up from the very beginning and he was protected and given chance after chance because of his father's money and his white privilege. He knew he had no interest in taking his preparation and training seriously at the next level so he used up the remainder if his college football rock star status til he hit rock bottom. Point blank

    35. George Orwell

      Johnny was gifted at Texas A&M with IMHO one of the best all-time receivers, Mike Evans. Not all of his success, he was all that. But boy it helps.

    36. Karter

      Not a what happened to but what about a story on Sean Taylor? Your story telling abilities will teach the young people how inspiring he was.

    37. Karter

      Where do you watch the CFL? It looks like a decent league

    38. Jasoj Horton

      I love him I like the way he explained things really really well ok God bless each in everyone of you guys

    39. asdfaf vbdsvfs

      ok cmonnn 25:28 was a sick play the receiver just fucked up LOL

    40. Peyton

      Did you see the play where Manziel had the shot at picking up a fumble and literally just walked away? In the FCFL. Hilarious

    41. Alexander Love

      what happened to Malik Zaire 🗣

    42. WHYPHY22

      Dude thought that he might be the next Joe Namath

    43. Rico BS

      2:14 wtf 😂 even after that lmaoo

    44. Joey Owens

      He should have a roll in the NFL speaking to rookies on how not to piss it all away.

    45. Jose Hayes

      I know what happened to him, he had a progressive case of aholness

    46. DJ PURK

      I feel bad for Johnny football. Genuinely thought he could pull it out but nope. At least he loves the game and is still tryna play somehow

    47. Chris Mason

      Keep him out my XFL

    48. Chris Mason


    49. Chris Mason

      17:17 I wanna go to Cleveland. How about I want to go to my Am E

    50. Caius Keys

      You wanna be a football superstar, big house, 5 cars, you're in charge -- coming up in the world, gotta look over your shoulder constantly.

    51. SurfingKook

      Johnny Boyziel... The boy who never grew up.

    52. Keidric Lamar

      Bro how do u not have a mill??

    53. Harry Cooper

      The CFL has a lot of talented players, and all-round athletes tend to fit the bigger field. Manziel was always going to be out-athleted in the CFL.

    54. JR 02554

      First time watching one of your videos. This is really well done. Thanks for putting it together and keep up the great work

    55. Matty Lee

      I remember when he came into the NFL with so much hype behind him ,it's sad how his pro career fell short .

    56. Supreme Baller

      Still a legend

    57. DeShawn Shinette

      Bro I'd like to meet you and shake your hand someday. I appreciate what you do on here. Congrats on the new home. God bless you and your family. Keep grinding!

    58. Foolish Waize

      "The last ever Rockstar Quarterback". Sir, you clearly haven't seen Joe Burrow. G.O.A.T who can be "bout that life" and not crumble

    59. TXguy82

      What a bust!

    60. T K


    61. Weagle Weagle

      2014... "That cleveland" 😂

    62. Zachary Haynes

      Seem like every video gets better and better keep the grind going bro 💪💪💪

    63. SpecwolF 82

      Bro, Ive been watching you for a while and its been really cool to see your progression, from new equipment to the new camera angles and techniques you use in your vids.. well done and congratulations

    64. Kenny Perez

      He bought me a bottle of grey goose in Vegas and all I was doing was standing near him n his friends...sad he waisted his career like this

    65. Armon J

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    66. TipURlip

      Y'all gotta watch the podcast he did a couple months ago it was sad...he's slamming beers all coked out smoking a horribly rolled blunt hitting a vape and chain smoking cigarettes just looki disheveled i general he even says at one point "i come from nothing" excuse me mr oil tycoon.

    67. Sempre Omertà

      FLEMLO to 1MIL

    68. Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

      You really make football videos and don't know how to spell quaRterback?

    69. Noh Buddy

      The ESPN and media hype didn't help either

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    71. Liam Murtagh

      ayo you were spittin bars this whole video with your references 😂 mad entendres and shit

    72. D Smith

      😂😂 Johnny was high when he was texting the Cleveland QB coach!

    73. Zack

      Dude is the definition of you have a great talent but you waste your time partying, drinking and spending, so your talent is all for nought

    74. VenomousStare

      Great vid as usual. He was electric.

    75. Blackmantravel

      Honestly he just wasn’t that good at the NFL level. Yeah he partied but in reality his skill set wasn’t on the pro level.

    76. BOB jeff

      When he signed to Hamilton, he said “It will be easier” don’t quote that because I don’t remember the full quote. I think the CFL might be hard than the NFL only because we have to play 3 downs on a longer and wider field. Yes the NFL players are the best in the world but I think the CFL is harder

    77. mr b

      Your boy was found many nights in clubs on 6th and Rainey St in Austin. In hindsight, UT was smart in not recruiting him. Living within walking distance of all that night life, dude probably would have died of alcohol poisoning or cirrhosis by the time he was 19.

    78. Evelyn Brownhm

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    79. Caliking88

      Johnny football still a legend for what he did in college

    80. fishncapt26

      Dude was trust fund brat degenerate douchebag raised rich with no work ethic and was doomed from day one

    81. Benny Broom

      I honestly think Jonny used partying and drugs as his excuse to not be successful. In college he was better then everyone without even working hard. He could party all week then show up and clobber his opponents. But he couldn't do that in the nfl. O truly believe once he got in the nfl and reality slapped him in the face that he was just average in the NFL when he was used to being number 1 in college. So instead of working hard and trying to compete to get to the top, I feel he couldn't take. the risk of being a loser after trying his all so he used the partying and drugs as his out. As his excuse. That way instead of ppl saying "Manziel sucked when he went to nfl. He couldn't hang with real nfl players on the field". They can say " Jonny failed because he was partying and doing drugs and not taking his career seriously " he was afraid to give it his all and still not be good enough to succeed in the nfl. He was afraid to fail when actually trying to succeed. He felt its easier to party and do drugs then use that as his excuse for failing.

    82. Benny Broom

      There was no consequences to jonnys failure. If he lost his nfl job. He didn't miss a check because his family was rich. The nfl check was too small to even compare to his family money. He knows he'll inherit 100s of millions probably. So getting a 10 million dollar nfl contract wasn't gonna keep his attention

    83. Benny Broom

      Basically Manziel could afford to fck off. He didn't have to work hard and keep a spot in order to keep a paycheck coming. If he lost his job who cares. That's how he looked at it. He never cared. Cuz he was still be ok since he comes from money. Any. Other person would not be able to afford to lose that opportunity.

    84. •Embrace The Vision•

      Anyone else think their car alarm was low key going off? Lol

    85. James Caricola

      His daddy is super disappointed

    86. iTza TrAVisT

      I dunno maybe it sounds shitty but im glad johnny football failed but always hoped for a jonathan manziel success story...

    87. Amador Puente

      Damn flemlo, props for not dogging on Johnny towards the end bro.

    88. Pete da Sneak

      That ending was great

    89. oneee clickk

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    90. Trusno Trusno

      I always liked Johnny Football, this story is basically waisted talent....Happy that man left the drugs, & partying alone..Took me damn near 3 days to finish watching this story, but it's great to see that this guy didn't die from all the wreckless behavior. ...-Trusno

    91. Victor Mitchell

      This is a person who is a poster child for white privilege. Ijs

    92. Victor Mitchell

      FlemLo no disrespect but that Hair style is looking suspect.

    93. Victor Mitchell


    94. zwag gamon

      If he can get himself together, Manziel is tailor made for the XFL, if they can survive the pandemic

    95. zwag gamon

      I’ll never forget seeing Manziel on Gruden’s QB Camp. Gruden asked him, point blank, “if I’m your head coach, am I gonna have to worry about all this publicity and off the field antics?” And Manziel said something along the lines of “nope, it’s all about football for me” Such a wasted talent, he could’ve turned into what Mahomes or Lamar is now

    96. Foolsih Boi

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    97. Carl Hicks Jr

      Dumb question. What happened to Manziel is what happens to most 'rock star QBs': Too much money, too much booze, too much ego. To use an old timer's reference, Johnny 'the Jerkoff' Manziel is the Ryan Leaf of the 21st Century. Little SOB thought he was *entitled* to a starting job and he *deserved* all the attention he got but he found out quick that only one thing counts in the No Fun League: winning. You no win da game, you no keep the fame. THEN the stupid turd goes to Canada to rehab his career [no hack there, a lot of players have done that to the great benefit of all three parties (the player, the CFL and the NFL) ] but jumped ship to play in the US again **without ever playing a CFL game**... he just abandoned his contract. So the CFL Commish permanent banned him. No CFL team may have dealings with Manziel in any way, shape or form. And the XFL's deal with the CFL doesn't bode well for any kind of career resurgence. So Manziel better get used to selling insurance or being a travel agent somewhere cuz his football dreams are over, murdered by his own hand.

    98. Erik Alexander

      Somewhere, Manziel is still snorting Coke of some hookers ass

    99. Erik Alexander

      All I heard from this doc is that the ncaa is whoring out these players for hugh profit, we all bet on these players at the books, and get the players to play for FREE!!! It’s just wrong. Especially when you consider a player must play college to get to the pros by agreement between nfl and ncaa! Ruthless!

    100. media hub RN

      Flemo ur way more than a KGupr. The only African American guy I see being a decent role model. Much respect