What Happened to Leonard Fournette? (Chapter 1) When He STOPPED Living Up to the Hype!

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    How Leonard Fournette landed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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    1. Jermaine Marshall

      Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!!!! Que the Wayne!!!!👍✌️

    2. Jesus Isn'tReal

      Yeah.... but most people seem to dismiss all legitimate criticism because "they're just a hater". I feel like that meme that has spread everywhere has been completely toxic.

    3. Robert Antoinetta

      Real nice

    4. Rome60 Rome60

      TD Lenny must have watched the video😂😂😂

    5. Zack

      Who's here after he won the SB with TB

    6. U2 Renegade

      miss him as a jag

    7. Muttinn

      PART 2 WYA?!?!?!?

    8. Muttinn

      wait you edit this video? 😂

    9. Brad Vaughn

      Great video, love the music!

    10. Ludmila Maleeva

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    11. F*** A Username

      Update video gonna be soon right Flemlo bro?

    12. Shawn Doron

      He just won a Super Bowl so do a video about that

    13. Ask BAMAGRL26

      Another Awesome Video

    14. Body of Truth


    15. Andrew Sallee

      He doing big things

    16. EM Gee

      Now hes a SB champ soooo...

    17. Geal Glover

      Maybe it is just me but let's see.....balding while balling in High School. I could understand the formal complaint against the Greg Oden of football. I mean Roman Harper still looks younger even though he was greying in his 20s.

    18. Andrew Dunn

      What yall got to say now

    19. quest 77051

      awesome video. SUPER BOWL CHAMP LEONARD FOURNETTE now.

    20. Ashton Oak

      This is why you cant do what happened videos to ppl still in the league bro. Now this entire video is IRRELEVANT. Gotta keep it retirees with stories. Ppl still in the league still are writing their stories. Nkw you gotta wait until he retires a few years then go do this man justice.

      1. quest 77051

        @Ashton Oak he described where he came from, what he went through, and what happened after Jacksonville got rid of him. he also mentions that he is with the Tampa bay buccs with the greatest quarterback of all time and is a super bowl contender now. THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL so he did do him some justice in this video.

      2. Ashton Oak

        @quest 77051 naw. Wrote the mans story before it was complete. 20 years from now when you wanna reminisce. This is what you will get. Nkt what he became in part 2 of his career which isnt over. So naw.

      3. quest 77051

        respectfully disagree. he did justice to leonard fournette in this video.

    21. dabet warner

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      1. quest 77051

        @Peaceoo8 thanks. I had no idea. I was really confused for a minute lol.

      2. Peaceoo8

        @quest 77051 Bot account.

      3. quest 77051


    22. Slatternly Skaghalter

      Where's part 2? I want the 2020 story for Playoff Lenny to Lombardi Lenny

    23. Dee phenomenal Scott

      Well we can call him SuperBowl champ now..Lol

      1. quest 77051

        AGREED lol

    24. Uncle Daddy

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    25. davidson mittag

      This aged quickly 🤣

    26. PARK_ THE_GOAT

      Didn’t he just win a super bowl lmaoooo

    27. Vesica

      This aged like SHIT

    28. Dorian McGowen

      Yeah he won that Super Bowl with Tampa.

    29. Chris 22

      He won a SB, that's what's up with him!!

    30. Miguel Cabrera

      Leonard Fournette < Playoff Lenny < Lombardi Lenny

    31. fernando rodriguez

      A follow up.. video...redemption and overall showing from a guy that stayed clean and got no negative press... he did work in the SuperBowl!!

    32. RUDY MINOR

      Nothing happened to him. He just showed out in the Super Bowl. Lol

    33. Lenwe

      We need part 2!

      1. Mr. White

        @Lenwe I mean all that matters is that he won a ring that’s how it ends so far

      2. Lenwe

        @Mr. White He goes into so much depth with his videos that we're bound to learn something new.

      3. Mr. White

        You know what happened he wouldn’t need it

    34. psn thtguyaustin

      Welp after 5 months got a super bowl ring nd balled

    35. MiD.Life. Crisis

      6:00 - then they meet in the Superbowl and now both have rings! Honey Badger is one of the best nicknames I've ever heard.

    36. Kevin Burke

      Just won a SB rushing for 89 yards and a TD in SB u spoke too soon.

    37. will be real

      Nobody could've excelled in Jacksonville, look at fornette now, superbowl champion when playing with a REAL TEAM, you will see this fact when Trevor Lawrence fails in Jacksonville too

    38. yung dubz

      It's time for part 2 my guy lool super bowl champ!

    39. sidgar1

      This video aged poorly...

    40. Daryl Peterson Jr

      Time for Chaper 2.!! Playoff Lenny.!

    41. Malik Young

      And he wins a SB 😂😂 better make a recap video

    42. Moolah2K TV

      Super bowl ring was next lol

    43. D13 510w

      He won the Super Bowl that’s what happened

    44. Quin Stokes

      Super bowl Lenny

    45. Barak Busby

      Update: He hit the lottery and won a Super Bowl with TB. And the Jags were the worst team in the NFL this year

    46. Jesse Nibley

      # Tom Brady is the goat of all time

    47. Jeff Mejias

      Yo Flem, please do a follow up to this and on Antonio Brown as well now that they are both Superbowl champs.

    48. Hashim Handfield

      Flemlo, you gotta make a part 2 bruh...

    49. el Arte

      And now he has a super bowl ring

    50. Lazy Wall Street News

      And now, he's a Super Bowl champion. I'm pretty sure he'll take it

    51. Stephen Geralds

      Super Bowl champ now lmao

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    53. Beakz GD

      Who’s here after his super bowl TD and win

    54. mofunkie danyou

      Super Bowl Lenny gets the last laugh!

    55. Will Mitchell

      Who’s here after Fournette won the Super Bowl with 135 total yards and a TD?

    56. SupremeAbdulJabbar

      Fournette is an NFL Champion now. Put some respect on his name.

    57. Jaylen McClanahan

      Whats good flem? Waiting on the part 2 for a couple of videos. This being one of em 👀🐐

    58. Munkles Productions

      FOLLOW UP!!!

    59. Nicholas Miot

      Who is here after he had a beastly performance to help secure that Superbowl ring?

    60. BlackThunderHWD 22

      POV: he’s a super bowl champion and RB1

    61. Purple Tele Tuby

      Congrats to Fournette who is now a super bowl champ

    62. Reggie Ford

      Super Bowl 😁😁

    63. A Rip

      Duuuuude 3 minutes in still on the ad shit....stop.

    64. Mike Day Tv

      He never stopped living up to his hype he was in the wrong system now he’s a SuperBowl champ

    65. D Oooo

      Pt 2 Fournette wins super with Tom brady

    66. douglepong

      Living in a world of hype is fake. Fake friends, fake media, fake fans. Your world in hype is just there to bring a person down. His talent is what saved him. I hope people recognize his talent now that he won a Superbowl.

    67. Prescott Finn

      Oh yeah??

    68. vengefulfork

      Playoff Lenny

    69. Joey Rogers

      Welp.. nevermind.

    70. lowkeyIbes

      He gotta chip now

    71. the hotwheel league

      This video is funny since he just won a super bowl and played a pretty good game and scored

      1. FtGF

        @Mr. Nice Guy Dumbest shit ever. Guy crushed it in the playoffs.

      2. the hotwheel league

        @Mr. Nice Guy still had a decent game though 🤷‍♂️

      3. Mr. Nice Guy

        He got carried to the bowl bruh

    72. 904DuvalRick

      i had to come back to this video because it doesnt matter anymore he got a chip

    73. Vincent Diaz

      Fournette ended up exploding into the postseason and a big reason Bucs are up huge in the SB

    74. Dom Kennedy

      Yeah just scored in the Super Bowl

    75. Scott Gordon

      Looks like he's doing just fine... Crushing it in SB 55 EDIT: He's a SB Champ now...

    76. chris sainz

      Playoff Lenny in the Super Bowl!!!

    77. Chris Vog

      Well, now we're here, Super Bowl 55, and who helped TB get there?

    78. micah

      4th overall for a rb coming off

    79. Ryno o

      Leonard is going to a Super Bowl now talk about a glow up

      1. MrAgapéLove

        He wont. That would be asking Flem to man up and have accountability

    80. Maria Christina Johnson

      He has been a work horse with the bucs and probably gonna get a ring!

    81. Richard Domzalski

      Sometimes in life the worst thing that happens to you. Turns out to be the best thing possible. Leonard Fournette is one week away from playing in the Super Bowl. Whatever happens he should send the Jacksonville Jaguars a thank you basket. Also just discovered your channel FlemLo. Your channel is awesome. Keep up the good work.

    82. Bloodshot Sports

      Well we seeing the best of him now Big contributor on the Super Bowl run

    83. Jon G

      Now he's about to play in the superbowl

    84. Travis Washington

      He going to the Super Bowl

    85. Mentorship Program

      I know what happened as of January 31, 2021, getting ready to play in the NFL super bowl game in Tampa Bay, Florida USA 🇺🇸🤨

    86. Ant Nun

      Leonard is now playing for Super Bowl!!!

    87. Cobra8529

      Jacksonville is where careers go to die

    88. Abel Ramirez

      Now he's going to the SB


      His prediction about the bucs making it to the super bowl was spot on

    90. Rt TRY

      Anyone else here after watching fournette dominate at the bucs

    91. Reginald Boyd

      This video ain’t age well cause my boy going crazy right now 💪🏾

    92. Raul Diaz

      What happened to Fournette? Nigga is with the buccs going to the bowl right now

    93. nn4mz

      If y’all had watched the entire video, you wouldn’t be saying FlemLo was wrong. From 17:12 until the end, he expressed his belief that LF would do well in TB (particularly on the receiving end) and would add to them being a super bowl contender (which was correct). He also said “months or years from now” (depending on how this ends) he would be making a Chapter II video.

    94. Big Al

      Now he’s in the super bowl

    95. Boxing Machamp

      I think this video needs an update. Keep up the good work

    96. Training, Feeding and building drive #GMACAUTO

      Going to the Superbowl now and looking great.

    97. A King

      Leonard played for the Jags and it was the season he was their when the Jags were a decent even had Ramsey. The Jags just isnt the best market

    98. A King

      Fans give up on players after 1 year lmao shit lame

    99. Truett Johnson

      Jacksonville is only 70vyards from my frontdoor,but it's hard to be a fan of a team that trades everyone that is any good!!! They really need some serious infrastructure changes!!!

    100. Truett Johnson

      He made the superbowl with Brady and the Bucs,they got beat Mahomes,to get that ring, though!!!!