What Happened to Dwayne Haskins? (He's Throwing His NFL Career Away)

FlemLo Raps

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    Dewayne Haskins is blowing his NFL career!

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    1. James Baker

      Flemlo is an insanely talented story teller. Increasingly one of my favorite channels on youtube

    2. Ben Spurgeon

      He just another bum from Ohio state. They have never produced an NFL QB that had any success

    3. agarci7

      Bears fan here...we can use him

    4. DURttt Co6ain

      His Maturity Jus Wasn't There Yet. I Was Still Wide Open When I Was 24, I Didnt Really Settle Down Until I Was 26. I Think Being Released Will Humble Him And I Can See Tomlin And Big Ben Can Coach Him Back To Where He Needs To Be. Love Tha Content Tho, I Just Subbed💯

    5. TheNightAl

      Big Ben on my team the Steelers is going to play his very last year. We need a future franchise QB. We are interested in Sam Darnold of the Jets, and have been talking to prospects like Kellen Mond of Texas A&M. and Jaime Newman of Wake Forest for the draft. Mason Rudolf isn't on the radar and we got Haskins for nothing off the waiver wire and he is sitting right now at our 3rd string. And he might be nothing but a camp arm at 4th string if we draft a QB or get Darnold. He's not even in the discussion here in Pittsburgh. The Steelers, a strong organization, will not take a risk on Haskins for our future. Who knows? Maybe Flem will be right and Haskins could turn it around. That would take a miracle here in the Burgh. Having watched how the Steeler organization has worked my entire life, that would have to be one gargantuan miracle. Mike Tomlin has no patience for players with "neck up" issues. And Flem just described some pretty huge neck up issues with Haskins

    6. Edilberto Vazquez

      They should give him a play film to watch at home like they did to Jamarcus Russell😂

    7. Marques Hunter

      Sounds like he and his father orchestrated his way out of Washington to Pittsburgh. lol He'll be the starter after Roethlisberger retires and win a couple of SB's. lol

    8. RVA Patroit

      Look at the delusional steelers fans making excuses for that scrub.

    9. NAV_Ty1x

      His shirt says it all looks like weed is on his mind

    10. NAV_Ty1x

      Looks Like the Jacksonville Jaguars could get him since the head coach knows him /leg up

    11. Devin Qualls

      Haskins needs to watch this before he puts on that Steelers uni. Don't put on that Black and Gold if you not about to give this everything you have.

    12. ye

      I think we all know why...

    13. Ethan B

      Blew his chance, he doesn’t deserve another one 💯

      1. It’sAiden 2Cool

        @I agree, but fax

      2. I agree, but

        Why doesn't he deserve another one???

    14. JR 02554

      Dude your videos are freaking awesome. Please don't ever sell out

    15. Zack

      "The league done messed up"-best quote of disasters to come

    16. manuel guia

      I’d take you over mikerophine any day you actually have good content

    17. Ryan Wow

      He has a controlling dad and wasn’t able to have fun as a kid/get into “trouble” so now that he’s an adult on his own, he’s getting all of that fun out of his system. This is why you don’t helicopter parent your kids. It leads to Tiger Woods or Dwayne Haskins.

      1. Minnie Cooper

        Tua next up...

    18. Timon


    19. Savage Sooner

      “The league done messed up” then the clown gets benched and cut! Josh Rosen talked the same smack, guys that do the talking can almost never back it up...

    20. Gordon Kahl

      Well that draft pick was a waste.

    21. Dylan Goldstein

      these comments are wild..... what ELSE this bro gotta do for you guys to stop blindly supporting him

    22. Gaudy Stream

      Mans can throw a career better than he can throw a football

    23. Scott Kimura

      Did you learn your lesson nobody owes you nothing you are so lucky to be in your position don't mess up your seco d chance Brah

    24. Edward Nebiolo

      I actually want u to make a video on Dan Snyder

    25. James Cyr

      I'll tell you what happened! He decomitted from MD and went to Overrated state! Fuxk your shot dwayne!

    26. Jacob Koplow

      Ahhh flemlo been watching you for years, it’s pronounced pah-toe-mak. The river is a big part of life over here in the DMV(D.C. Maryland Virginia )

    27. j.p. navarro

      Hopefully he can bounce back I met Dwayne once he’s a great guy

    28. Shabberplasm 32

      I honestly hope this guy matured from the situation and can bounce back. Like you said Flemlo, its IN THERE. He can do it if he can gain motivation.

    29. Chris Hejduk

      I thinking going to Pittsburgh will help. He gets to sit behind Ben Roethlisber for at least a year and that team is always focused on football, has a family atmosphere and has good structure from the owners unlike Washington. He'll need to study hard for a year on the bench and we'll see how he does in 2022.

    30. ghettoasiandude

      Dope content!!! And that Beat 🔥 af!!! It goes real well!

    31. M Loftus

      Haskins had it all man. Drafted to the NFL in top 13 picks, to the team he grew up rooting for, and his family lives right down the street. Has a stud WR that he played with in college so they got a head start on their chemistry, and an awesome defense on the other side of the ball. That is literally the PERFECT dream scenario for anyone trying to make the NFL...it almost never happens all like that. And he got to the “show”, and just stopped taking it seriously. I do believe he should’ve stayed another year at OSU, he was too raw, but that does not excuse his mindset/work ethic/off field decisions once he got here. I hope he gets one more chance, but that’s it. He messes up in PIT, he’s done.

    32. Elder Cole

      He got a hard sick with them strippers forget the mask!

    33. Adam Juarez

      Damn what a player strippers at his girlfriend's birthday😎

    34. Doug Gotley

      When he got his first touchdown and instead of being on the field for the next play he was in the stands taking selfie’s with fans. That showed exactly what he is about. Himself.

    35. Robert Adams

      Nothing has happened to Dwayne Haskins besides getting cut from the Washington Football Team and getting picked up by the Steelers. Dwayne Haskins is still living the life of a NFL QB.

    36. king zulu 13

      Oh you can look how he roll his eyes and tell dad ain't shit.

    37. Sam Imberman

      I love your videos, but not mentioning Daniel Jones and the Giants seems like a completely missing part of the story. Guy seemed crushed by NYG selecting Jones over him and his overall social media presence was detrimental to him. If he came in and sat behind Eli Manning, things may have been different

    38. s sc

      The last pound scilly hunt because star semiannually beam during a naive bull. learned, maniacal panther

    39. Chris Mills

      What do you think of him getting on the Steelers? I'm hoping he does good!

      1. lmaster

        i think hell be ok this first season becasue i think he wont get the starting role especially with bens new contract but be brought in sometimes and could preform we'll so i think the 2nd season is were we see what he can do as ben will likely retire

    40. Blah Beeblah

      I wouldn't count Dwayne Haskins out just yet. Sure he is a dumb 23 year old with an ego that needs a trim. He was taken by the worst team in the league with a coach that didn't want him and a swiss cheese O-line. Not exactly ideal for any rookie QB. He's got time. If he shuts his mouth and grinds good things will come. Or he'll be out of the league in two years.

    41. Xeakpress

      It's weird like ngl even from the jump it seemed like how he was building his brand. Especially the moving and speaking with coaches on the phone idk. Just me

    42. MoniKor

      Jesus loves us ALL NO MATTER WHAT!❤️

    43. Jason Milner

      Patriots would be perfect for him.

    44. Andrew Rodriguez

      Difference between wanting to getting to the NFL and making it in the NFL

    45. Eric Laramie

      Patriots are scheming to pick him up for cheap.

      1. lmaster

        u do realise that the steelers already signed him

    46. cisco glenn

      The bro did not handle his business The chocolate city had its arms wide open for my man but he again did not handle his business. NOT every man has maturity at the same time his time will come then he will have his business together. hopefully he gets his chance at Pittsburgh

    47. RustCole01

      This dude's dad basically just snubbed the reporter and then when he learned that the article was going to be written without his input, he just yelled "Fake News" and hung up. I dunno, maybe he was trying to copy Lavar Ball or something but blasting the credibility of potentially positive sources sounds pretty dumb....

    48. s sc

      The roomy flare sicily chase because vinyl peripherally trust aside a clear cherry. acid, nutty cold

    49. Irish Mule69

      His own father tanked his career !! WTF man ... ego will destroy a person faster than anything else on the planet !! Got a brand name for a fkn rookie quarterback?? Tom Brady doesn’t even have his brand !! His father is way in over his head... I’m sure the man is great dad...but his greediness just wrecked his sons career !!

    50. Mike Bailey

      He would have benefited by carrying the clipboard for a year or two. He needed to learn the offensive system better. No one plays well when you have to constantly think about what you're doing. It has to be instinctual for it to work. I hope wherever he lands next they take their time with him.

    51. Aaron Botvinik

      Fun fact: I was born in the same place Dwayne Haskins was and my brother who is the same age as Dwayne Haskins played Basketball with him as a kid which to me is kinda cool.

    52. Brendan Butler

      Queue Dawayne🤣

    53. Joseph Lewis

      Entitlement and it’s his father’s fault to a large degree, in the end it’s immaturity and entitlement. He ain’t special at nothin.

    54. Charles Davis

      Damn shame to see someone with that much talent and physical ability not shine because his inability to have self motivation, hunger and drive. Hope this humbles him and he bounces back hard and shows the league what he can do.

    55. Christopher Bingham

      Thank you for the video. I remember last offseason reading that Dwayne Haskins had been working hard and then when the season began, womdering why Haskins was so bad. Great video

    56. Talen Walton

      aye what’s the intro song anyone know?

    57. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    58. Ian Wellhousen

      I never knew how hyped he was as a college prospect. He definitely has the physical talent to succeed in the NFL, just needs to get his mental talent in order.

    59. Bee Gee

      I like your video, but the only thing is Haskins didn't have a coaching staff that was working with his skill set. I'm from Baltimore Lamar Jackson coaching staff let Lamar play his game and structured their coaching around him. He's still a kid at the end of the day playing a big man's business it's a shame because we overlooked these children and they are still children overshadowing by their bank accounts.

    60. Carl Hicks Jr

      Dwayne Haskins turned into the Black Johnny Manziel, that's what happened. The list of NFL players who 86'd themselves from the game is long and lurid. But I'll give you two names that us old timers remember that did **exactly** the same things: Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell. And this isn't Colin Kaepernick /Tim Tebow stuff here. THOSE two dudes got blackballed because they let their personal circus [causes, religion, etc.] get bigger than their team. Haskins, Manziel, Leaf and Russell were all defeated by their personal demons. As of right now, Haskins has until Preseason Game 1 2021 to land with a team, or his ass is going to Canada. Hope he likes snow....

    61. marcos laureano

      Bruh just the fact that his girl wanted strippers for her birthday party should have been a GIANT red flag for dude....these dudes out here throwing away careers and huge sums of money just to impress females they don't even end up marrying or having kids with.

    62. Jack Manger

      lmao i’m from maryland flem wasn’t close to the potomac pronunciation. still love the vids tho

    63. Bigbaby Pannell

      Washington football team my team and I really was excited about him his problem is he walking around wit big head and very immature he needs to grow up and went he got in NFL he really got the big head all he had to do is his job periodt💯💯💯

    64. quactoos

      him being released woke him up and he will thrive in pittsburgh 💯😤

    65. Tariq Mitchell

      Whats the song you be using for the videos its pretty dope

    66. Nick Bode

      Haskins was one of the best college QB’s I’ve ever seen, dude just carved teams up from the pocket and always found the open man. I had high hopes for him, it’s a shame.

    67. Dorian McGowen

      Is it just me or do Washington have a funny way of breaking black quarterbacks ?🧐🧐🧐🧐

    68. Griff on Sports

      nfl: tik tok bust is in free agency steelers: is for me?

    69. Madsupervilian

      Never been a fan of Haskins. I'm from the DMV, we like to support our own. But Haskins a Jersey guy, he needed to kick rocks glad he was gone from WFT

    70. MRD 143

      He had Alex Smith to learn from, the same guy that Patrick Mahomes credits with helping him learn how to be an NFL QB. Ron Rivera who gave him multiple chances and he threw it all away.

    71. Cue Truth

      My thought is he should've sat for a yr. during Rivera's time. Another thing you didn't point out was that he didn't have good mentorship under the unqualified offensive coordinator who only got the job cause he's Norv Turner's son. Oh we forgot to bring that out. Also it's been said Rivera had no commitment to Haskins since he didn't draft him. Idk man...when u do stories on bros they always tend to seem negative. Anyway...maybe Haskins can get the proper leadership and mentoring from Mike Tomlin and staff. One thing is for sure...at least we know the Steelers want Haskins. And that's my positve spin.

    72. Cue Truth

      Now l'm@15:13 where you're questioning him picking up the playbook. And earlier you mentioned him not being wanted by the coaching staff.

    73. Mark Stephan

      One of the worst NFL quarterbacks ever, he discovered that he had to actually work at being a good qb and that natural ability doesn't count in the NFL.

    74. Josh B

      "If only Dan Snyder was listening." That should be on his epitaph. Love your work, Mr. Raps!

    75. Starr Walker

      Hopefully Tomlin will be a great mentor.

      1. Cue Truth

        @Chad Justice why the hate for tomlin?

      2. Starr Walker

        @Chad Justice sure

      3. Chad Justice

        A douchebag like tomlin will never be a great mentor

    76. nodonny8

      Just another trash Ohio state qb flame out .

    77. Ryan Marino

      Joe Burrow is a better athlete than Haskins, but Haskins has a better arm. All those tools are fantastic to have, but cognitive ability & attitude are the main factors in QB success & the main factors in Haskins' early failures.

    78. Kalu

      You've officially fallen from grace if you're in year 2 and there's a FlemLo documentary already made about you. Clean it Up Dwayne...

    79. John Tate

      As a lifelong Buckeyes fan I’m sick n tired of our Quarterbacks embarrassing the living shit out of the University. Going way back there was Art Schleister a gambling gangster. Then who could forget Tyrell Pryor who is still doing his best to disgrace the Buckeye Nation. Now we have an entitled baby that seemed to be happy just to make it to the NFL. Don’t get me wrong Ohio State has quite a few very good QBs but that didn’t translate in the NFL. JT Barrett was / is one of the greatest leaders we have ever seen. Troy Smith overcame off the field immaturity to become a Heisman winning leader as well. It’s not the least bit easy to become a QB in the NFL and have a decent career that lasts. But Cmon Dwayne please just pretend you want to be in the NFL.

    80. autie bell

      Starting quarterback in the NFL is a 24hr a day 7 day a week job. If you are not commited you will not succeed.

    81. Trumps Bud Guy

      Here a bit late but as an avid Steeler fan, I cant wait for him to come play for us. I really feel like Ben can mentor him to become our new franchise star and the leader hes suppose to be. Maybe Ben could be that "baby-sitter" he needed, and maybe still needs. He has a 1 in a billion arm and you just cant teach anyone how to be athletic. You can teach someone an offense and sit them down to learn the NFL, If they want to. And thats the biggest if. Does he want it cause I'm 100 percent sure Tomlin and Ben are down to guide him.

    82. icemule

      After we drafted him and he said "the league done messed up" I immediately hated him. It just shows me arrogance and thankfulness, he wasn't the first nor will be the last one to bitch about were they where drafted. Never understood that and never will. Haskins will never be a starting Qb due to his lack of a measurable I.Q, in simple language, he's dumb as a rock.

    83. Klean V

      Another banger from our boy

    84. Jonny Chung

      Gotta say this video helped me understand Dwayne Haskins more.

    85. Golden Honey

      I don't make comments like this. I love how you say roll Wayne...I'm A Wayne Head...A Big Wayne Head...Big Football..College And NFL fan...I would love to do a Male/Female Weekly Podcast separately

    86. Derek Leppla

      i’m happy we signed him he’s extremely low risk and high reward our team hopefully he can succeed big ben , i doubt it but who knows

    87. Walter Moise

      Love your content! Keep it going! 🔥

    88. frank smith

      Best sports channel on KGup

    89. abdu o

      I hope he learns from this 🙏

    90. JamTheJam

      Do you have a podcast? If you don’t you should start one.

    91. Stephen Shearin

      Your 'stories' are the best journalism on youtube. In all categories. So many things done right (well researched, personal knowledge, both sides of the stories, generally positive, fun and funny, very informative.) If you take a payday from a network it would be justified but a sad day for us. Much love, keep doing what you're doing! Peace

      1. Stephen Shearin

        Did I mention GREAT production value for a small shop. Truly impressive...

    92. Sam Bozeman

      All show and no go.

    93. Fettie Team

      I keep saying, when you go from zero to hundreds of millions over night, who showing up for work next week ? or in some cases the next day? 🤷🏽‍♂️ just saying

    94. Daniel Blake

      Where’s the link for display?

    95. Julian Jackson

      He's extremely immature im not surprised they cut em

    96. Sean H

      NFL = Not for long

    97. Albert Perez

      I love yo videos tho man keep em up bc I like knowing more bout da ppl I be watching or had watched on da field 🏈

    98. Albert Perez

      He signing wit da steelers now tho 💪🏽

    99. James Jones

      He messed up. He's no good. Get lost

    100. Jay Marcum

      Do the Snyder vid for real. Far as this dude.. its what we see so much. Starting at Ohio was it for him. If he made that he was at the top. The rest was easy. Nope...