What Happened to LeGarrette Blount? (His One Of a Kind NFL Career Will NEVER Be Duplicated)

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    1. lamontshandy

      Zero respect for this guy

    2. HBK’s Lazy Eye

      Yo why the Jeff fisher hate? He’s awesome

    3. 44punisherable

      I just want to play football one more time.

    4. Hans Curran

      Love your content man. Stumbled upon one of your videos yesterday and have watched 20 of them since. Keep on keepin on.

    5. Mark S

      Jay z is an illuminati pawn sellout.

    6. G - money

      Blount should have been arrested

    7. Richard Blicks

      Been in my suggestions these videos have been fire

    8. Malik Tha Goat

      *Dude looks at Blount wit a mean look* Blount: *punches dude in the face* Also Blount: “i took that personal”

    9. Slim 74

      Blount is crazy country Flemo. I was born and raised down there. Haha..Blount actually a pretty humble and quiet guy, but when crazy country comes? It may be time to run the other way.

    10. Amanda McClellan

      Yo! Why do you just direct this show towards men? There are plenty of women out there that watch football religiously as well! 😝

    11. Dale Cochran

      Great video man. I am a New Englander and always thought Blount was the best running back we ever had he was beast mode and we owed him so much if we had him in that Eagles Super Bowl we would have won by 14. Anyway awesome video glad I stumbled across this keep up the good work man I love finding out new stuff about athletes we love (or dislike).

    12. Bussdwn Dee

      I need that Aaliyah shirt no🧢

    13. Matt Smith

      Did you notice how he waited until the guy not wearing a helmet turned away before he hit him!? Ya! He is tough!!

    14. Cooper S

      If you're gonna provoke somebody, don't look away

    15. Zack

      Underrated 3 time SB champ RB

    16. shannon hooper

      Great job Fem keep up the great work !!!!Qdawayyyyy !!!!!

    17. TJ Amos

      Called the man leGarret BLUNT 😂😂

    18. TheKinfolk2011

      I love that shirt fam

    19. Wayo Aguilar

      Favorite RB of all time 🐗❤

    20. The soon to be Carl41

      damn bro thats when chip kelly was coaching

    21. Juan Montalvo

      I love your videos bro...I really was watching Blount since college, he was a monster RB and when i see him in my team...Patriots 💪💪👍👍🙏Love it

    22. dylanes21

      Another good one.

    23. Jose Gringo

      Just think he was in the Malcolm Butler SB, The 28-3 SB and The Eagles Strip Sack SB in which Brady threw for 505yds and still lost! Smh Im starting to think he was the good luck charm on these teams eventhough he fumbled and help put NE in the 28-3 deficit he was one of the major reasons NE held the ball for 40mins to ATLs 20. You had to respect the run when he was in there and I think this is why White had such a great game. Imo the TOP was what won NE that crazy 28-3 comeback win. Imagine him coming out of retirement to replace Lombardi Lenny if they dont resign him and Blount is healthy enough to play. Blount Force Trauma LFG!!!

    24. Jose Gringo

      Not only should you know who youre dealing w/you should also pay attention if youre going to aggitate and disrespect a man. Thurston Howell the 3rd, or whatever his name is, should have been penalized for his ignorance, arrogance and low fight awareness. You mess w/the bull you get the horn! DONT POKE THE BEAR!!! Smh

    25. Brandon Walters

      Probably one of the most underrated stories

    26. yáko rhythm

      i thought his last name was blunt lol....

    27. Brad Geltapfel

      Always thought Blount should've got a Nobel Justice Prize for that punch. Well done, man1!

    28. Jonny FiveO

      Children lash out and hit people when they don't get what they want or hear something they don't like. Stop making excuses for this behavior..dude was a bully. And got more second chances than he deserved

    29. RookInCharge27

      I mean, that guy deserves it. That's just poor sportsmanship after winning.

    30. J K

      Who knows if Fisher Titans coach didn't back him up maybe his career who of been totally different. He ended up win 3 Super Bowl Rings.

    31. Bob Bob

      Mess with the bull sooner or later your gonna get the horn. You are responsible for your own actions. He shouldn't have thrown the punch but if the other guy didn't get into his face like that he wouldn't of got popped.

    32. Steve Diego dela Vega

      It’s not how you start it’s how you finish that reigns true to Blount

    33. Ishaan Videos and Gaming

      20:14 "The Patriots had made it to the NFC Championship" Lol

    34. Ian Kingston

      Dude was a fan favorite on any team he was on.

    35. Mason Rued

      Going hard for defending a cold cock cheap shot bro

    36. Leon Tan

      Amazing pacing for all FlemLo videos. And getting better.

    37. Quy Tu

      The wise ostrich serologically concern because burst cytochemically cover given a roomy grill. moldy, dull addition

    38. HeHe-BigT On ps4

      Lowkey impressed with the angle switches

    39. amateuracademy1

      Totally forgot he was the dude who dropped that guy

    40. Cade L

      he went to my old high school wtfffff

    41. Kenneth Holden

      He's a reefer smoking bum . Him bell and brown messed up the Steelers with their antics. A punk sucker punches and runs away like a little b$$$$$

    42. Robert Mosher

      I hope he is able to get voted in the HOF for his big time contributions in post season play. Because he isnt close to all time records, he should still be a HOF inductee Gotta love his ability to overcome his own mistakes and I am just glad he went ahead and shaved his hair off...as a fellow bald man. It's hard to watch other follicle challenged men grow long hair in the back. It looks like they are holding on to something they no longer have. Hopefully, with that awesome hair you got on top of your thinker you'll never know.

    43. Robert Mosher

      I love a story of redemption. Fisher was a good coach. Just not someone who can coach at the pro level.

    44. Cleo Brogan Chandley

      The easy patio hepatosplenomegaly obey because napkin pertinently stir without a vague bee. bawdy, physical road

    45. Lydon Lafitte

      This dudes amazing. I hope he finds a way to make TPS (Total Piece of Shit) channel to disappear with facts and knowledge like he presents it. Hats off to you my man! Keep up the good work!

    46. Lee Randle

      You mean AFC championship...

    47. Stevie T.

      Excellent job!

    48. Daniel Kim

      In the future, will you do a “whatever happened to KEEP?”. Eagerly waiting for it!

    49. Victor Hardin

      What a message Blount sends. I love it. Dont control your emotions and do whatever you want and get high as much as you want and you'll become a superbowl champ. Let's go!

      1. Ferra Torr

        I’m not sure that’s why the message is at all. But aight.

    50. Jack E

      best undrafted running back of all time?

    51. [Pro5]Double_O

      “And down goes howl THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY KEEPS

    52. Blase

      that d-lineman deserved that tbh

    53. Boss44 Ohio

      You do a great job brother👍🏾

    54. Homer Matthew Johnson


    55. Iggy 9919

      just punch people when you get mad....ok

    56. Ashton Oak

      Man litterally was running 4.4s in his sleep and houseshoes

    57. Ashton Oak

      Well now i want a what happened to Jyir the QB who takled Blount. That was the person. The one who said imma put myself on the line to save my teammate. Thats some Tom Brady type leadership. We need you bro. I hope they are still friends and talk

    58. Jamal Kpoto

      That Aaliyah shirt is dope bro 🤞🏾

    59. Falklands under my control

      To think my Auburn team missed him 😔

    60. Phil Williams

      That was a great piece man 👍👍👍

    61. Nene Izzy

      Great video thanks for sharing.

    62. Joel Ewing

      Bet that guy will never talk shit then stupidly look away. That was a street lesson well deserved. And....that's how most of us learned about that kind of thing. Never take your eye off your opponent, and know your distances. God Bless us all....and may we all strive to get better in life.

    63. Rich L.

      I caught someone with a right like that before I didn't get drafted I got 6 months in county

    64. matt johnson

      Wtf is on flems head

    65. Mike Fantasia

      My boy was dating a stripper who got pregnant, and after she found out it wasnt Blount's kid(this was during his time in N.E) she tried to convince my boy it was his. She only kept it for the thought of a check and ended up selling the kid later anyhow.

      1. I am Arbiter

        Uh what

    66. Bryan Green

      Bruh no way you're almost 33

    67. johnny jones

      I love the way you narrate and the story’s! Your one of my favorites my g!! Keep it up 💯💯

    68. jim bob

      You can say he can think just this year but at the same time he can think Bill Belichick he's diverse cultural really believed in him at least at the pro level as a patriot fan I got nothing but respect for the man his members couldn't even been better heading that played with Tom Brady in New England being a passing offense if you want to let the Patriots you may have had a even better numbers overall he still had a good prayer when you think about it

    69. Andrew Hallam

      Seeing LGB in the nfl was not surprising, not a flashy rb but he was in the right place at the right time.

    70. Doctor Doodles

      Wonderfully in depth analysis my dude put espn to shame

    71. icemule

      I saw that game where he knocked that dude out, I'm not condoning his actions, but I understand and knew he was screwed because if I remember right that was a nationally televised game, I thought the punishment was a little much. Glad it worked out for him, dude seemed to always come through in big games in the pro's. I did learn one thing, he went undrafted, did not know that.


      God had him the whole time🙏🏿💯

    73. LEGO Mocs

      The pats made it to the NFC championship game you dumb

    74. Eric Klink

      I always rooted for LeGarrette. Glad he found success!

    75. Rodney Sanders

      Lol wait! It shows how much of a angry Lions fan I am... I didn’t even realize he was on the squad 😂😂😂

    76. Trucker P

      We breed beast running backs in florida

    77. 1lastkast

      Good for him!!!! Great story!!!

    78. Marc Rover

      Those combine numbers pretty good for a RB who is 240LB's. Yes, there are guys 260-270LB's who can run 4.4's, so they aren't "freak of nature" numbers, but, if I were NFL scout, as long as he had good lateral speed, and smooth hip transition, I'd be high on him tbh.

    79. Lawrence Robinson Jr.

      Great question to ask. I remember watching this live on television.

    80. geauxdlo

      U said nfc champion ship patriots in the afc

    81. VINCENT Coleman

      #1 quote," u seek trouble, u get trouble"....deal with it!!!! But Blount needed this for him to have a great career, plus he started the leaping in the NFL as well!!!

    82. chilonje phiri

      You should audioBooks bro. Great content

    83. Gerald Guidry

      I've only seen four videos but this is now my favorite sports channel. Amazing work!

    84. boss boomer

      I love how in depth he goes. Great KGupr Great research

    85. Reclaiming Manhood Wade

      Only running back to ever to lead the NE Patriots to the ‘NFC’ championship‼️ He is truly a special player.

    86. alyssa haupt

      Philly likes him but I think most of Philadelphia still thinks about what he did

    87. Lovetron Lawrence

      He shouldn't have touched Blount.... That was an assault. Blount defended himself.

    88. Kavika

      Rules are rules. Whether it was a love tap or crush his head with your helmet. Sometimes people who control the money don't want to risk the investment on anger management. Pay to win games not counseling sessions. Sorry bud. In the end Blount goes NFL .... Hout goes where? More painful than a punch in the face. Control your mouth. Control your anger. Prove it on the field then compare numbers. $$

    89. antonia brantley

      This man be telling some good ass football stories, dam ges good at what he do...real talk..

    90. Hot Sauce

      That hit was crazy to the face

    91. Matthew Lane

      U be killing these sponsorships dawg

    92. Jody Vincent

      LaGarrett Blount with all of his flaws is one of my favorite players!!!

    93. Johnny Lorin Palmer

      I bet he's borderline personality disorder.i know I have same issues. Instantly feeling bad

    94. Lance Leavitt

      FlemLo for president, the only guy making any sense in 2021. Great vid, thanks.

    95. zach sutton

      The dude called him a n%$$* and Blount basically confirmed this on Pat McAfee show. He also apologized immediately and the dude from Boise never did. None of that was ever published in the media. I met the dude in Tampa and couldn't have been nicer man.

      1. SpiderMonkeyNuts

        I doubt he said that. Don’t believe for 1 second. Tons of people around and no one else heard it?

    96. Cee Mor

      Hoyt got dropped like the Wi-Fi at a tiki bar 😂

    97. Richard Roy

      Talk s*** get split.

    98. Ryan Schuler

      NFL and College Coachs love a mean streak.

    99. Ryan Schuler

      I felt like that punch out Blount on the map.

    100. TheDixieNutjob

      6:44 just gonna lay this in on this image... Go Mocs!