Joe Burrow is The Future! What's Up With AJ Green? & More! (Reflections Of a Bengals Fan Weeks 1-4)

FlemLo Raps

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    Through 4 weeks of the NFL season my Cincinnati Bengals are 1-2-1. Here are my thoughts on the season up to this point.
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    1. Kevin Davis

      Afc north has qbs mostly and good teams it probably the best division

    2. Tammy Bolden

      Sadly we have the stingiest owner in sports in Cincinnati Brown never pays anyone to get the team help I've seen it for 30 years so I'm afraid till he passes or sells the team were stuck in mediocrity. Joe will be a superstar but if they don't get him an oline he will just keep getting hurt :(

    3. Kristoffer Kvien

      Not a bengals fan but am a huge LSU so I’m a huge joe burrow fan and don’t get most of there games gonna love seeing this guy do this every few games just to see my boy joe

    4. ctcomebacker


    5. Derrill Floyd

      A Bungals fan!? Really man......

    6. Bkp A

      Joe is going to be great..I mean GREAT. Loved his game since hs.

    7. Zachary Snyder

      Try being a jets fan.

    8. Cole

      Flemlo...let me get a link to that starter jacket bro!!!

    9. Rilla Gorilla

      No doubt Joe is a great athlete and QB. Unfortunately for him and you bengals fans... he plays in the AFC North 😂😂

    10. Martin Smith

      He's the future if the Bengals O-Line doesn't get him killed. I'll never understand how teams invest in these blue-chip prospects but make no effort to protect them.

    11. Jayson

      Hey flemlo you should do a vid on james robinson hes a undrafted rookie

    12. Trev M

      “Because we got this one win it really changed my entire outlook” I feel you man, I love the Bengals and I was right there with you... this is like going back to watch the prequel knowing the outcome. Daaaamm I hope Burrow comes back strong.

    13. Victor Perez

      The begals sound coo not the best but could be worse

    14. aiden shuman

      Uhh so every 4 weeks? Still waiting

    15. Chris Blackman

      So much for that...🙄 But I'm a Bears fan, so trust, I'm just commiserating.

    16. Andrew Armstrong

      They killed him son 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    17. Rico

      Oof sorry bro

    18. Fatal Schmelz

      Jugular Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins looks like a very promising connection.

    19. Yianni Douris

      Jesus is king and our savior

    20. Jacob Blanton

      Flemo who do you think is the best bengals offensive lineman ever

    21. Jonathan hamby

      Bengals should have traded AJ, no way Cincy pays him next season. Cincy has misplayed that situation & will probably lose him for nothing now. I guess a tiger can't change his stripes, Bengals doing Bengals things lol!

    22. Cade Tucker

      Who Dey Baby!!! I recently found ur channel and now I know ur a Bengals fan too I'm subscribing

    23. Joe Turner

      Flemlo seems like a humble guy but whats up with all the 👌👌's ? Is he running for president? Only politicians talk with all these 👌👌👌

    24. starlin dixon

      They threw a screen pass on the 3 against the browns

    25. Svom

      Who's here when Joey B won MVP

    26. UptSrvr1

      Your team is really getting better. As a Saints fan from tha N.O., y'all remind me of us.

    27. TheMightyGuard

      I still can’t believe my eagles tied with the bengals

      1. TheMightyGuard

        @FlemLo Raps we should have beaten the bengals. But Doug pederson is an idiotic moron! He is terrible at mangement

      2. FlemLo Raps

        i cant believe it either. we really should have beaten u guys lol

    28. Luke Murphy

      Anyone else annoyed this man doesn't have at LEAST 1 mill subs. I mean he's growing good tho

    29. Rwins

      I’m a bengals fan too! Also you’re the goat.

    30. M. Thyne

      One of the cable networks should hire this kid.

    31. Tim Sullivan

      I hate OSU and the Cincinnati Bengals! I don't know how to explain it but I like Joe Burrow play at qb. I'm actually rooting that he succeeds. That would be a real true shit talking of fans if he could win multiple Super Bowls. The Tom Brady(UM) vs Joe Burrow( from Ohio-goes to OSU & wins a national championship at LSU then goes to hometown state team) I can see the arguments now😂😂😂

    32. a random person

      As an eagles fan i think its funny how he talks about the great browns and chargers pass rush when they got 3 sacks and the eagles got 8 but he didnt say a thing about the eagles

    33. Jammerzplayzgamez

      If joe had an o-line I feel the wild card would be possible. probably nothing beyond that. But at most still a wild card team.

    34. RC Fanatics

      Flem you make some great content keep it up, have been watching your videos for a while!!!!!

    35. Tee Shark

      Hey bro I love you and all but I just dont feel sorry for you cause I live in Atlanta. Nuff said... hahaha

    36. roodboy606

      Do you think they’d trade AJ Green maybe to philly or somewhere and hang onto JRIII ?

    37. James Wright

      Just followed on Twitter. Us bengals fans gotta stick together

    38. Cincinnati Pedal Steel

      In the jags game in the 2 you say we have issues scoring and yeah usually we do, but that day our run game was on point. Gota power it in. But the trouble the bengals have at that is due to the trash line and Turners coaching.

    39. Cincinnati Pedal Steel

      The issue in cincinnati right now is the coaching staff. Taylor won't stop with his culture BS. At some point you have to produce. We have a once in a generation type QB and they have a trash line THAT THEY GO TO BAT FOR!!! Turner is garbage, Anaroumo is an idiot... they are sitting guys like Dunlap and Adkins in favor of guys they just pulled off the street, taylor can't call plays to safe his life...... I'm so sick of this coaching staff. They can say what they want on camera, the players are losing faith in Taylor, if they haven't already. As far as AJ, he isnt playing like his old self for a couple reasons. One he hasn't played in over a year and its a mental hurdle and two. I velieve he has lost faith in Taylor and his system already. If they aren'tcareful, Burrow will end up being another Palmer or worse he will get hurt. God forbid.

    40. Buff Stuffington

      Glad I found a good bengals fan channel nice content.

    41. jason smith

      Browns are still frauds.Neither them or Cincy is a playoff team this year. But Id much rather be a Bengal fan long term. I think your future is much brighter, than Clevelands. Burrow will be a much better qb-than Baker. If he stays healthy, I still think Tua will be better-but Burrow should end up very good. You have a bright future,& sometimes thats all you can look at. My Broncos are in a similar boat,& have some promissing young kids-like Jerry Jeudy. But Cincy seems to have a brighter future than Denver. But we have the Nuggets,& Avalanche-who both have arguably the brightest futures on paper-in their respective sports. At least you a true fan,& not a bandwagon jumper. You guys are in a ridiculously tough division though-similar to Denver. No matter how much we improve-we probably have to deal with Mahomes for a long time. Raiders look improved,& Herbert looks good for Chargers. Although people r jumping the gun on him. You cant really judge a rookie qb based on 1 year-let alone 4 or 5 games. Anybody remember ROY Rick Mier-who basically did nothing after winning ROY? NFL history is littered with examples-both ways of rookie qbs who started great or terrible-& ended up the opposite. But Herbert does look promising so far. And Pittsburgh/Baltimore have been good the whole 21st century, it seems in your division.

    42. Marcellus Howell

      Tee Higgins has the potential to SURPASS Chad Jonson; before Ocho Cinco

    43. Cap Baby

      Supposed to win vs jags your joking right? Lmao we own the series for one last 2 times we played which wasn’t long ago (‘17 and ‘19) we whooped y’all just do your history before bad mouthing someone else’s team and worry about winning a playoff game or better yet making it

    44. Tyrone Craft

      No shade intended but can you explain why you are a Bengals fan?

    45. Cap Baby

      Flemlo: being a die hard bengals fans can be a tough proposition Me being a jags: hold my beer

    46. Chuck DeMarco

      Bengals suck!!! I hope we get the first pick and trade it like the cowboys did Herschel Walker!!!

    47. Dennis Smathers

      I’m watching this late. But two or three things that gonna piss you off. Hoping being up 21-0 counts there. HORRIBLE PLAYCALLING ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ROCK

    48. The Flying Buttfloss

      Zach Taylor will turn out to be one of the best coaches the Bengals have ever had. I have respected him since he played for my beloved Huskers. The man took some brutal hits, he always got up, when others didn't. Never count him out.

    49. Matt Schlichting

      Flemlo production progression over the last few years is nuts. Love this dude.

    50. james java

      Joe, the WR core, and RB are great. You need a Some O-Line players. Hope for a bad record, so you can get a higher draft pick. I am hoping for that on my Jets, but our QB is a bust. The Bengals have very bright future. 🏈😀✌️

    51. The Papa Keegan Show

      As a ravens fan...I’m scared. Well I’m scared what it’ll be like in 3 years. We could have the toughest division in the afc (hell even in the nfl period) Steelers, ravens, Bengals (if they draft good), and browns.

    52. Lucas Tran

      Man I wish burrow and Herbert would’ve been able to go head to head. I’m a chargers fan and I wish we would’ve been able to have herbet play in that game

    53. Joseph Neely

      as a Cincinnati native, how did you become a fan of the bengals and the misery they have broughten us haha

    54. Trash Talk

      Ima huge bengals fan

    55. Tonkus Lee Gaming

      Just found your channel, you've got some of the best videos I've seen on youtube.

    56. I۞_۞I

      They had that Colts game won. Fix O-line then Defense then weapons.

    57. Killer Dragon25

      This could be another Andrew luck situation again.

    58. evol Jay

      U live in Cincinnati bro ?

    59. Supa Cool Gaming

      Bengals fans just have to be patient, hopefully they’re smart and build from the joe burrow and they have a real chance of making an impact over the next few years

    60. Justin

      I would love if you did a similar video about the Cards possible lower seed playoff sleeper out in the desert (only because the NFC west is tough)

    61. Chris Tesch

      I think Herbert and Burrow both gonna have nice careers in the NFL. Excited for the future

    62. Dario Jr.

      Aside from all we have the best uniform in NFL history, on a more serious note if we get back to our teams of the early Dalton years with burrow and just a few more weapons we would be a force to be reckon with in one of the best divisions in football

    63. Jackson Chandler

      I like Aj and all until he started to be a whiner. Especially after he got tagged. He said that he wouldn't participate in any offseason activites if the bengals decide to move with a tag. Probably why him and joe don't have chemistry and also why he's not trying on the field.

    64. Wanda Fisher

      Who dey

    65. Zachary Sturgeon

      That starter coat is nice

    66. shaybob1711

      Watching this after week 5... :( :( Burrow continues to get murdered and Green seems like he has stopped trying. At this point I'm just hoping Burrow survives this season. As for Green... Its a pipe dream but I would like to see us trade Green, Ross, and Dunlap for some offensive linemen. I'm afraid your comment about next week being a different conversation was spot on.

    67. Henry Coyle

      Great idea! I'm rooting for the Bengals for the first time hard not to like burrow!

    68. Anthony Menegoni

      oh the starter jacket brought back memories of the 90's

    69. PANCAKE B0I

      Flem Fam

    70. Static Adamah

      Joe is lookin like clown with that mask on

    71. busyrand

      That Starter Pullover Jacket brings back childhood memories! Those things were red hot back in the day when they first came on the scene.

    72. busyrand

      Happy for Bengals fans! The first time I saw Joe Burrow play about 5-10 minutes at LSU, I woke my friend up and told him that I'd discovered a QB prospect I'd draft 1st overall... I'm trained to evaluate these things and love QBs... I knew Kyler Murray had it also...

    73. Willie Beaman

      Mike Daniels and I were on the track team together at Highland Regional High School in South Jersey. Mike is a great man and football player. Best of luck with him! 🏈

    74. Dan Chernick

      what do you think about john ross? i still believe he is a good receiver who doesn't get as many opportunities as he should.

    75. Julian Price

      Joe is good I don’t think he will dominate in playoffs like he did against Georgia But he is good

    76. William Broach

      I bust out laughing when it cut to Flem's face "I don't care" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    77. Militant_Wolf 23

      Aj green wants out!!!!

    78. Mister Merry

      Flemlo that jacket is too freshhh I'm gonna need to cop a browns version

    79. Sammy Arellano

      Damn. He should have waited a few days to make this one. Joe just took 7 sacks in Baltimore.

    80. johnnies_sports_cards IG

      U from cincy?

    81. Merkaba

      Ravens fan. Give us Tyler Boyd, and we’ll give you DJ Fluker or Ben Powers and a 5th. 😂 I WISH!!

    82. Svin Hestin

      Bring back jeff Blake..the Bengals are their own worst enemy

    83. Madoda Ludidi

      Can't wait for the 4 part series.

    84. matt bell

      Hey my dude we rebuilding patients will pay off we got a legacy established by the marvin lewis era of coaching. We are pretty much like the eagles before they got their super bowl win. We are due that one season where all the peaces will come together for us.

    85. BK NY

      I love the way you stand by your team, despite this rebuilding process, the Giants and Jets are shameful right now and the radio stations steadily remind us of that constantly lol 🤦🏾‍♂️😔

      1. BK NY

        @New Perspective Buffalo is still NY so it's technically not being a trader 🤔 lol, that 4-0 is looking good right

      2. New Perspective

        Come to the bills lol. Shout-out brooklyn tho from the cuse.

    86. Credzbpt 1

      When you going to do any kind of video on my Bills I think Josh Allen needs a deep dive kids having a MVP Season soo far.

    87. Impact Talon


    88. JinJin Wins

      He looks like an infant. Everytime he gets sacked I want to cry.

    89. Epic 1244

      Ay bro can you make a vid on Dak please

    90. Eric H

      Do a dak prescott video

    91. C Wag Sr

      Love the starter jacket!

    92. Pharaoh Da DON_PR1MT1M3 LUCCIO

      Yeah Flem not gone 🧢 !! I’m Pats fan But I feel like JOE gone be some special !! He been Balling 🏈 even wit the Loses y’all playing wit lot more heart♠️ & Urgency

    93. Charlie Zachar

      I’m convinced ur guys o line wants to kill burrow

    94. Jay Ohh

      I always like to see teams come from the ground up, and succeed.. Good luck, great vid! Go pack go!!

    95. Jeffery Lilly

      We got a stud a true competitor in JOE he lives football hes a fighter throws are on point what sucks is no time if we had a veteran offensive linemen or 2 wed be unstoppable trust me this young man is the best I've seen in a long fuckn time watch this team next year my lord wel be unbeatable

    96. Monye M

      Hey Flemlo big fan, you should do what happened to laquon treadwell

    97. Roman Coleman-Isaac

      Flemlo's intro is mad underrated tho

    98. Jason Sexton

      I know everyone wants to draft QBs and running backs. But you HAVE TO START WITH THE OFFENSIVE LINE!!!! They can make a so so quarter back look good and make a running back look GREAT

    99. Jinn Jaxn

      How you feeling now?

    100. Robert Makley

      Great video.. hard to subscribe with you at 666k subs lol