What Happened To Albert Haynesworth? (He Robbed the NFL for Millions of Dollars!)

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    Albert Haynesworth was once a great NFL player. But after becoming the highest paid defense player in the league, he completely stopped trying.

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    1. FlemLo Raps

      Hope yall enjoy the video! If you wanna be a part of the Discord Server we're opening it back up today! We got about 500 members at the moment, looking to add a few more people. Come through and say whatsup discord.gg/sP8b7xuyGp

      1. Jesus Isn'tReal

        I love ya bro. It's always great content. My only gripe is "simular". It's similar, although it's quite pedantic. Keep it up bro!

      2. Ed Rhinehart

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      3. Eddie Peterson

        @Caleb DeCoteau i liked rg3. He played with a freaking broken leg. Remember that giant boot cast thing he had on? Probably ruined his career. Coulda been better than Michael vick. His coach should be brought up on abuse charges

      4. Eddie Peterson

        Holy crap he's still waiting on a kidney? He should claim he stomped that dude's face in retaliation for getting punched in the kidney, then sue the league

      5. Shijo

        Let me start by saying I am not a sports fan, I wasn't given the time for sports as a kid, however, to my surprise I listened to your entire presentation. It is such pleasure to listen to a someone with prepared material and elevated communication skills. just a smooth flow of words the way conversation is supposed to be. Thanks

    2. Jeffrey Ruttibaker

      I never heard of the rapper 'Cue Da Wayne' before Flem gave him a career by using his music as the intro to his videos. Cue should definitely be paying Flem. He would be completely unknown if not for Flem. But I gotta say, I've listened to a few of Cue Da Wayne's songs and dude is pretty good.

    3. Nicholas DosSantos

      I don't quite understand... Why can't people take care of their own money? Make a savings account... Put atleast 50% of your money in it your entire career... Spend the rest... When you retire you have millions to casually spend at will until you die... It's not rocket science.

    4. Wesley Brown

      Two gallons of milk a week? I’d drink that between cereal and chocolate milk daily as a kid.

    5. Kingme

      78 headaches 😂

    6. Ron Pickens

      The Bizzaro Vince Wolfork. Like the Superman comics from the 50s

    7. Tig Ol' Bitties

      In college you had Albert and JOHN HENDERSON playing on the same D-Line. lol

    8. Cole Tussing

      who else here after albert haynesworth responded to the video?

    9. Life Rewinded

      Lol I love your channel I’m surrounded by football fanatics live eat sleep repeat and all sports YES married into the game .. playing sports all my life my father-in-law owns a semi pro leagues garden state fb .. my SON . Played Organized sports From 4 years old all through Hs. And went Rutgers $1 suffered a devesating knee injury a week before his first game .. he played fb bk bb all his life and my daughter like her mom softball volleyball and basketball .. I also work in the sporting industry for TOPPS.. one would think a woman had enough but I live for FB and I love the real stories thank you

    10. Mr. Uptown

      You’re amazing at breaking down this very uninteresting topic & basically forcing me to watch the entire video.... Great job brother

    11. Throbbin So Hard

      this guy legit had no long term plan after redskins 13 months

    12. Ron Mac

      FlemLo should do a video on whatever happened to Skip Wise. If an interview could be obtained that would be extra. The brother is truly forgotten. Except in Baltimore.

    13. Charles Foutch

      I am a Vols and Titans fan. I saw Albert play a lot. When he tried he dominated the game. His senior year he tried for the draft. Then he played hard to get the big bucks as a free agent. Once he got paid he didn't give a damn. In college he should had seen a psychiatrist and been medicated. GO VOLS GO TITANS !!!!! never trust one person with your money pay someone to audit who is careing for your money then hire someone to audit the auditers.

    14. Drake SP

      Awesome videos information packed thanks for your hard work but dude says dude a shitload haha

    15. Xmus Jaxon Flaxon Waxon

      Collab with SB Nation plz

    16. Epic Galleries

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    17. Peaceoo8

      At least he gave them an extra month of productivity.

    18. Arnold Wilson

      Man I just subscribed to you I usually will watch your videos and it was pretty cool. But now you're my number one go to for any sports history. I like what you doing with the show man stay Swaggy G.

    19. e b

      queue the wayne!

    20. George Ulicny

      I don't understand how these NFL guys are almost always broke 5 yrs. after retiring.....all ya gotta do is put the millions of $$ in the bank, and live off the interest. The way the ' old money ' folks do...

    21. marshall clark

      I'm from hartsville, sc 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I enjoy flems stories above any on youtube.

    22. Bash Flossy

      NFL Been Robbing PlAyers

    23. Thabo Mboneni

      He seemed like the Suge Knight of the NFL

    24. Justin Watkins

      Well and he liked to beat on his old lady and drive like a maniac through Bellevue TN

    25. Seth Coldiron

      FlemLo makes great videos

    26. SillyAu

      Summary: Albert Haynesworth and his kidney quit working.


      Damn dude needs a kidney. I'd help dude out. I'll reach out to him.

    28. Butters Stotch

      Flemos hair is tight af

    29. Brandon Johnson

      You make a lot of bold statements that’s not the facts .. more opinions in between than anything but I get it at the same time I be like damn why we need to know that part

    30. Joe S

      The guy was wrong for acting so badly towards people but I still feel sad for him.

    31. dabet warner

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    32. Tim Snell

      Thats what nfl gets ( should be like nba all money is guaranteed... as long as ur playing or injured thats the risk u take on a player)...... its stupied 100 million contract 20 is guaranteed then can drop u once u get to old and not have to pay ya... what the difference they could say 1 billion doller contract 10 million guaranteed...stupied

    33. plop pill

      Good for him

    34. ChrisGthatsme !

      Just looking at his face you can see there is some sort of chemical imbalance.

    35. Jackson Sparrow

      The balls on the guy who made the choice to steal money from Big Al... What’s next taking money from Whitey Bulger or Pablo Escobar?

    36. Tyler Robblee

      Honestly I’m so happy I found this channel. Getting back into football after 5 years and you’ve answered so many questions haha Definitely a born story teller, keep it up bro!!

    37. 1369buddy

      Dude, you got skills with your pod casts

    38. White Diamond

      KARMA!!!!! 🙄 You don't know who you may need and right here is a prime example. Putting his RACES of women down in front of his BECKY'S, KAREN'S, and his EX wife and now look at him not one trying to come to his RESCUED. REALLY???? 🙄

    39. Ms B

      Pitiful albert

    40. Robby G

      Is it fair to call him a thief if teams willingly paid him for subpar play ? I understand why you used the word.....it got me to click on your vid. I live in DC and Im a skins fan. I lived through his time here. The team was a mess.......he was promised a style of defense he would thrive in. However the dumb defensive coordinator decided to change the scheme. He should have been a pro and adapted I get it. Like I said the team was a mess......they were handing out large contracts to players past their prime like candy on Halloween Also there is even more to the story regarding infighting between the coaches and front office during his time here. Im glad he got paid......again the team was messy......run like a criminal organization.....and as we have recently learned they created a hostile and misogynistic environment for women.

    41. Muddobber McCrablice


    42. Hank T

      So is basically just a scumbag, my suspicions all these years are confirmed lol.

    43. Ken D

      2 gallons of whole milk per week? When I was 16 I was drinking a gallon a DAY lol

    44. Beyond Your IQ

      Sounds like a bum who didn't deserve a spot in the pros. He should have had to work with a shovel in his hands his whe life and earn his keep.

    45. John Rivera

      Fuck the nfl. Get paid pimping. Amount of money they steal from tax payers, I ain’t mad at jerk Robin Hood lol

    46. AMAC CAMA

      Just stumbled across this channel. As an Australian it's cool to learn about different sports. Mate you rock. 🤘

    47. Ben Torrey

      Cautionary tale on guaranteed money

    48. Joseph Miller

      He did not steal money, his coach ruined his career by putting him in the wrong position and defensive system!

    49. Eric Streeting

      I don't comment on things usually, but you do a great job bro

      1. Eric Streeting

        If espn were smart, they would give you a series... maybe I'd watch that channel again

    50. Agent007

      Cue tha wayne

    51. Irish Mule69

      The irony of the friend robbing him after he robbed Washington is fkn hilarious!!! Not funny about his health though ...

    52. barbara gobert

      man this guy is talented...

    53. WhosAhmad

      78 headaches

    54. Matthew Stephens

      Where's the Wayne

      1. Matthew Stephens

        Scratch that... I just was being impatient hahaha 😆

    55. Jim Ream

      Albert Haynesworthless

    56. Rogelio Gonzalez

      Does Flemlo actually rap?

    57. grumpy_old_man

      During the video, I was hating him.... by the end, I fealt sorry for him....

    58. dylanes21

      Too bad. Should have worked hard for 10 years then he could have relaxed for the rest of the time. Put the money in the bank or safe investments and just lived off the interest income.

    59. Extremeredfox

      Shanahan should have retired after leaving Denver.

    60. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    61. Drop Kick Murphy00

      You ain't getting paid when you paying out heavy fines and getting suspended. Your taking food off your entire teams plate if you start.

    62. James Chavis

      He’s the definition of a bully

    63. Marcus McFall

      There are very few people in this world that deserve what happened to Albert, and he was definitely one of them. You reap what you sow and Albert got what was coming to him. Edit: before the kidney thing. Nobody deserves health problems like that

    64. Bossmoney Kapcity

      The title killed me 😄 🤣 😂

    65. Vein Banger93

      Reminds me of a black version of Nappa from Dragon Ball Z lmao

    66. Jasmine flower

      Just found this channel and I'm in love. Not everyone can narrate a story. You're a good narrator ✊🏽✊🏽💯

    67. renegade swagg

      I went to high school with Albert and he was alwaus known as lazy...wasted talent

    68. Greg Holder

      I absolutely enjoyed this article! Flemlo is a poet of Sports History! Five⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    69. The Zach Parade

      "78 headaches" Dude a fool lmao

    70. kesayo

      You're good at telling stories. I can listen to you talk about shit all day.

    71. ShroomGod

      Short story. Guy is a douche bag

    72. Spaceball one

      What a garbage human being

    73. Sean Conley

      Maaaaaan when he was in Tennessee, he was a monster

    74. Sgt Joe Smith

      I'm glad the storyteller was able to overcome decades of slavery and racism and the gravitational force of his sofa and pick up a camera and show of how smart and talented he is. This dude should do 30 for 30 movies for ESPN or be an NFL game commentator. Now why can't others put the dope down and stop begging for putty and do something cool like this guy.

    75. Jynx Cotton

      Serial Killer if it wasn't for football

    76. Alexander James Nichols

      His health issues is karma, let him wither away 👋 no one likes you not your ex wife, not your own kid 👋

    77. Alexander James Nichols

      He was no where near the most dominant DT ever. Mean Joe Greene was


      He never stole nothing the game is the game

    79. Manny Rivera

      Haynesworth is one of those people who had a once in a lifetime opportunity that 99% of football players would take any day and strive. He knew he had it. He made it work for him for the money. He got it and mentally, sailed the boat.

    80. OutOfTheirSkulls

      Albert Haynsworth is a blood clot.

    81. D Nice

      it's funny hes considered to have ripped off millions but every long term 2nd 3rd string qb with a 10+ yr career is ok ie Dan orlivski, jon kitna , tim tebow, and the list goes on longer then my arm and leg

    82. Thomas Pick

      Get to the point. You could have told the whole story in 2 minutes. You are a bullshitter.

    83. Gary Darland

      This is why you do complete phsyc evals...

    84. Joseph Miller

      Love the stats at the end 😂 20:23

    85. Gary Wilkerson

      Always allow your current motivating factor to lead you to a higher one, not be your final destination.

    86. Zdawg1029

      As a Washington fan, all I can say is fuck that guy. I remember right before he got that huge check, there was speculation as to whether or not he would cash it. Well of course he did, he's a POS.

    87. BIGFREEZE92 InglewoodAdventures

      Last I check they gave him that money . Just like Jared goffs over rated self & Drew Brees over rated self .

      1. Hassan Bradley

        Ok brees is a hall of famer and legend so thats a reach jared goff? #1 pick made it to the superbowl traded for multiple 1st round picks still a starter for the lions nah albert? Straight bust did nothing for them his deal hampered what they could do in free agency more than that it was his work ethic and lack of drive

    88. xxxfloridaboy

      great story i don’t even like football 😂 but now i do u make it so funny and interesting

    89. Monsieur Tarzan

      Blame the teams who decided to give him money. Haynes had no interest in playing football whatsoever.

    90. Washington DC

      NO STORY HERE....at all

    91. kBD meek$

      he didnt steal nothin the nfl paid him the money wtf lol

    92. Mr Unreliable

      Bro robbed the NFL just to get robbed back 😂😂

    93. Chaz 84

      Taxes take half, he sounds like a bum I wonder if he’s broke?

    94. Polly Richardson

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    95. Elizah Williams

      Jonny Manziel all time biggest bust straight dumpster juice .🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    96. Larry Howard

      I say again your professional love it

    97. Carlton Cole

      Stole millions....nah he earned that contract. And fuck the nfl. They treat players like shit and when they done they cut them. Most brutal sport without guaranteed contracts.

    98. Daniel Mackey

      Your videos are just as good if not better than any 30 for 30 episode or any sports film. You are awesome!

    99. America 1st

      Great video.

    100. Nikki Lampkin

      They killing him so really they win hes worth more dead,, nfl has insurance policies on their players and former players