What Ever Happened to NFL RB Ray Rice? (His Unbelievable Fall From Grace)

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    Former NFL Running Back Ray Rice's football story.
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      2. Langston Kaiden

        @Draven Griffin I will try it out right now. Looks great so far :)

      3. Victoria Victoria


      4. Lou Diaz

        Just found your channel. Subbed! Good stuff my dude!

    2. Sheila Smyth

      You are such a wonderful reporter/narrator. You described the situation and issues so welI explaining their complexities. I really learned a lot listening to this video. Glad to hear/see Ray is on the right path now. Thanks very much for putting this together

    3. Stephen Britton

      An interesting and nuanced video. A rare thing on the internet, well done sir

    4. Raymond Brown

      I’m glad they were able to persevere as a couple. I stand with most people on this. No man should ever strike a woman, under any circumstances. With that same passion, I believe TMZ shouldn’t have the power, to ruin so many lives🤷🏽‍♂️

    5. 4Eva Grace78

      Some women stay in abusive relationships until it’s too late🥺

    6. fngmike

      The day he felt like he needed to call her "Dreamkiller" was the day he should've left. Most women aren't there to support you in the struggle. They want to stand at the finish line and try to get with the winners.

    7. Tig Ol' Bitties

      Ray Rice is just a garbage person. As long as she ain't putting hands on him there is no reason for him to do this other than him being garbage. She puts them hands on him then she's bringing that smoke. Running her mouth? Ignore her and get some new new.

    8. Randall Russell

      I just subscribed love to see a educated, insightful black man dedicated to his craft.... great job brah

    9. Mark minister

      We are all flawed

    10. julius C

      And are they still together. In the words of Dave Chapelle, I'm good at my minding my own business. So society hasn't moved passed this but they have because they are still married.

    11. Bret Rohlf

      I honestly never looked at it the way you laid it out, but you really changed my perspective on this topic. Great video. 👍🏻

    12. Zair Morningstar

      Society is so unforgiving for the exposed.

    13. Andre Leverette Jr

      "I got my second chance" "How so?" "Right here" Every man who's been through it and your lady has stayed through your dark moments felt that immediately bruh

    14. Dina V

      Sounds like it’s his own fault and his wife was only afraid of losing the lifestyle. Funny how you paint him as a total victim when he isn’t.

    15. Michael Polt

      Bottom line he hit a woman!!!!! He was an ahole, no second chance in NFL. Make up other ways in life.

    16. Edward Wehrenberg

      Respect to you seeing the number one reason why he didn't get a second chance in the NFL. He was an aging running back off a bad season. Around that same time Greg Hardy got multiple chances after his DV case due to him coming off an all pro season. Teams don't care about DV as long as you have the talent to back it up.

    17. Box Boss

      You cant explain away the WRONG THAT HE DID........Men wake UP!!!

    18. Slim 74

      Rice was starting to go towards the downturn when this happened. Its nice to see hes a solid individual that worked on himself, blamed only himself, and was truly remorseful. I have a feeling well see Rice again doing something with football. His wife stayed. Sbes a solid woman too. And really showed me that the elevator incident was an unfortunate loss of control, and his wife trusted and believed in him to give him a chance to make sure it wont happen again. This incident was tough, but some real positives from the aftermarth are, men with control problems can see what Ray did to address and correct it, And his kids see the true work of a good loving marriage. Im praying for Mr Rice

    19. Phrozen Pham1906

      I'm surprised he didn't think CTE could have played a role in Ray's incident.

    20. Ben Thompson

      Look man, everyone makes mistakes, that's fine. There are some things that are just unforgivable. Murder, child abuse, rape, and beating a woman. Those are the top 4 on my list. This guy didn't slap his girl, he leveled her with a haymaker. If you don't know that it's not okay to try and break your girl's jaw, I really don't have a problem with you never playing pro football again. I don't care how drunk or stoned, or what you are. It's inexcusable. I've been drunk and had ex's slapping the hell out of me, and didn't even think about hitting them back. I'm a big guy, my dad if he ever did anything right, he taught me, that I don't know how strong I am, and I should NEVER hit anyone in anger, because I could seriously hurt them. I was also taught that under no circumstances is it okay to hit a woman. Two things I've live by. I've been absolutely hammered drunk, even black out drunk, and still never broke those rules.

    21. RCB504

      He def spit on her first and she swung outside the elevator and spit on her in the elevator. Ray is trash and the girl prob thinks its her fault. Sad .

    22. Joey Owens

      Ray Rice, Michael Vick. Couple stand up guys.

    23. Caius Keys

      Cue the Wayne!

    24. Charles Andrews

      Stay in shape, possibly get pickup by a team.

    25. Charles Andrews

      His case should have been taken privately. Women want reassurance and first place attention.

    26. Chef Frank

      Out of all your videos this is by far my favorite not only did it show Ray fall it tastefully highlights his growth all around and I respect that that. Dope brother 💪🏿💪🏿

    27. Cole Wade

      I feel this boy ray

    28. Mr. Orisha

      The NFL should have did more to help them. I said that back then. He got his second chance His Wife/wisdom. The NFL turned their backs on them Bro Bro.

    29. Larry Leos


    30. Brandon Withers

      Goes to show you the power of a nuclear family

    31. Darin Di Pietro

      Excellent job. Your videos are class acts top to bottom.

    32. Banel Paulinis

      What beat is that?

    33. -WhyMe-

      I would loved to see what he could be if he didn’t beat his wife and since ima a Ravens fan it hurts even more 😔

    34. stan hankins. How to !

      Guys, listen. No matter what a woman says No matter what a woman does. DONT HIT THEM!! Don’t abuse them. LEAVE THEM!! Divorce them the next day and never speak to them again. MOVE ON!!! But do not get physical. It will destroy your life. They are not worth it. Use your head. Leave. Walk away. Move on.

    35. Jamal Mccoy

      What a beautiful woman she is I could never dream of hurting the woman I love like that what ever she did to tick him off he should have just walked away thats what I do because I was brought up around women. .. I believe the older he gets he will wake up and better himself his career is over but not his life and family. ... every one deserves a second chance. ...

    36. planet6

      Great video! Very well narrative.

    37. James Mccoy

      Big time Ravens fan here. Two times in my life Ray Rice broke my heart 1. The fumble in the 2011 Playoff game against the Steelers. And 2. When this unfortunate event took place. I was so sad to see my favorite player (in and out of the game) experience this. Ray and Janay, you’re both respected and I am thankful to see you two living a life of forgiveness and love.

    38. Charlotte Baker

      The obeisant band lamentably bleach because segment metrically train abaft a alive eggplant. exciting exclusive, private saw

    39. John Manning

      Phenomenal vid with a powerful message. Great and touching news that Ray and Janay’s marriage and family are hanging strong! Thanks for this story, Flem!

    40. Jerry Wilson

      Damn good video. I don’t really follow football too tough but I ride with your commentary and commitment to research, well though out perspective, and excellent storytelling.

    41. Jerry Wilson

      QUE DA WAYNE!!!! You are the goat bro

    42. Julia Fleming

      I’m happy they overcame this event and are still together!!!❤️❤️


      "Fairly" defined

    44. Can’t argue with stupid

      Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. Video was disgusting to watch, I’ll always view him as a coward.

    45. MzKepzItReal

      Sorry to say but football was their demon. Now that it's gone he's a much better man, father, husband, friend . I ❤️ this story because the ending was positive and forgiving

    46. MzKepzItReal

      I believe the physical abuse only happened once being it was overcome (forgiving)and happy ending. 💪🙏

    47. ryansaunders65

      I've never seen the media come at a man so hard... TMZ ended the rest of his career for him. Ozzie left because of the way he was done, he told what happened. They backed him up until the media got hold of the situation

    48. A B

      Use the “weed whacker” on your face bro

    49. Joel W

      This vid is why I HATE the media and the influence it has over everything. Not defending mans actions but hell, it’s wrong for 1 incident to destroy someone.

    50. Joel W

      If I remember right, LaShaun McCoy was in that same class of running backs. Remember bc I wanted my browns to pick McCoy or Rice that yr, was hella salty when they didn’t.

    51. Side Winder

      🗣the last 10 seconds of the video was everything I needed to see🥂

    52. Douglas Green

      Just found this channel a few days ago & love it. Nice to hear the background stories and the videos are very well done and interesting. 👍

    53. Kyle Burlette

      Bro she backed him into the corner not the other way around. I do not in now way support women beaters. But everyone has a fucked up moment. I ain’t mad at him ya dig. Just like I ain’t mad at her...

    54. Moolah2K TV

      Do good story’s about the black players that’s doing good

    55. Krillin

      Being a ravens fan and huge Ray Rice fan this shit hurt to see this i had trash all my ray Rice stuff. I didn't feel right having it anymore.

    56. Jeri Williams

      He only hated himself because he got caught. Then end was creepy. She still looks like an abused woman, stuck in a marriage.

    57. ANN KOVACS

      You think he’s no longer going up side her head?, Please

    58. Josh Crook

      Did he forget that Ray Rice played for the raiders after that ??? He played again

    59. Quran Mujahid-Jones

      Alcohol shouldn't have been in the equation...

    60. Jake Nash

      My gf has hit me like 4 or 5 times and I never hit her back. Domestic violence isn't a automatic "Break up and split up a family forever" moment. It's all relative.

    61. David Flores

      ok, but I have never come close to hitting a woman over an argument. I have never put hands on a woman. No matter how pissed I got. Then again though, I'm not an emotional guy. So I hardly ever even get mad. Even less lose my temper.

    62. Eris

      wow the fact that “least likely to be arrested” was even a title the public was voting for is offensive. What kind of title is that?!

    63. Emma H

      If you’re a MAN , you must MUST ! Know how to control yourself vs a woman regardless if she’s in the wrong everybody looks at the MAN “There’s no any real reason to hit a woman” “There’s plenty of reasons ! You just aren’t supposed to do it! “- BILL BURR

    64. GovAsset M.D.

      Her dad looked at Ray like he wanted to kill him in that interview. Lol

    65. Jimmy Brown

      You are very very fair

    66. Jimmy Brown

      Excellent evaluations

    67. Cool_kid_andreees

      It’s crazy seeing this now because i live in new Rochelle and I didn’t really know about this

    68. Tony McNamara

      Man you nailed that. That was a great story. All us men that watch this should have learned something from this. FlemLo keep doing your thing bro. I'm going to keep watching.

    69. Chris

      She hit him first and also very hard.

    70. Squidward Tennisballs

      IT DOES NOT MATTER if he is "clearly bigger and stronger" that does not mean he has to take being beat on. Also yes he was pretty defenseless. She had no deadly weapons sure. You think a manic woman can't do damage? He did the right thing.

    71. MDizzy

      Damn that's one hell of a running back draft class!

    72. Lonzo Jennings

      Good show bro. But video is only good for white folk. Video of Rodney king, 4 officers not convicted video Tamir rice shot and killed for a play gun. i can literally do this all day. Ray rice and kneeling guy got blackballed because they were black. See how I used that everything bad is black. Blackmailed, blacklisted and what the hell is a white lie come on people!

    73. Anthony Peters

      Rays head got to big any guy that hits a woman is a pos

    74. Body of Truth

      That wasn't the first time he hit her. Dude is trash.

    75. Body of Truth

      If you hit a woman, your life SHOULD rightfully be defined by that moment.

    76. Zina Williams

      He didn't loose everything, he got his bag which was the most important thing of all.

    77. Blaq One

      Wrong stop acting like a Woman can't do Damage to you don't touch me and I won't flex on you. This Man lost his career because his Do Nothing Girlfriend got upset on Valentines Day. Wtf

    78. Blaq One

      Black Man even your Woman would love to See you fail stay away from the Unhappy and Unlucky. Words Men should live by Every Day.

    79. Sequoia Beggins

      Lets give the poor black guy the benefit of a doubt,imagine if RR was white....he knocked the woman,that should be most important in his life cold out and tried to move her like sack of potatoes,so don’t bother making cases......

    80. stan money

      Rice should be on the tail end of his NFL career right Now! Just like the big 3 we need our own league!

    81. dcbabe21

      All I know is that he could’ve killed her. I’ve never seen my dad become mad enough where he put his hands on my momma. I haven’t been with a man who ever got mad enough to hit me. So, I don’t subscribe to the idea that a woman can make you mad enough to hit her. If you get that angry, you probably need anger management. Should that be the end of his career, nope, especially if he didn’t do it again.

    82. Martin DeBrois

      Dude we didn't need any "context". ... Other than that - good video.

    83. REAL X-3

      Ray would have been hof if he didnt mess up man. Hate seeing talent wasted

    84. NDD tv

      Bro you're really good at this. I hope someone gives you a chance. Keep up the good work

    85. kevin rb

      FlemLo isn't haughty or judgmental and believes in people being able to find redemption. Most Christians could learn from him.

    86. Michael Brooks

      I always enjoy your videos

    87. Mike Marek

      I love how everyone puts his size against him. When..she cornered him in the elevator....struck him....preventing him from leaving..but not a soul ever puts any blame on her.

    88. see truth allergic to bulshit

      Stop putting her in a good light she cost him and herself there life style because she a selfish entitled

    89. Jack Meyers

      The NFL and the Ravens totally abandoned him and his wife when they both really needed them.

    90. Aquiles Martinez

      Moral of the story, When law enforcement don’t want to do their job, TMZ will

    91. lucabrasisleepswiththefishes

      Never give up, even when the odds are against you. 4th and 27.

      1. lucabrasisleepswiththefishes

        Edit 4th and 29.

    92. A Lindsey

      You are needed in mainstream media.

    93. plop pill

      Of course you can put your hands on a woman. Maybe men could stop treating them like they are something special and start treating them like equals, you know like they keep asking for

    94. plop pill

      That was some grade A excuse-making and equivocating

    95. Josh Wright

      12:25 and HOT DIGGITY DANG Tony Gonzalez’s wife is fine AF. {Kc> 4 LyFe

    96. Josh Wright

      Ya, Ray Rice was screwed. There’s plenty of players that did way worse than what he did, including kill people, and they got back in the league. He was just made an example. Wifey had zero right to lay her hands on Ray first. That’s what irritates me about all this equality talk. Yes women are equal in the job field and as a person to any man on the planet as in humanity. But you Gotta stop all this “oh I’m gonna slap you, what are you gonna do about it!? *SMACK*” and then when she wakes up after a man smacked her back, she’s wondering what the hell happened. Don’t put your hands on another person regardless of your sex or theirs.

    97. pewe042

      Some men get killed believing you shouldn't hit women.. like a friend of mine

    98. Genius by Design PRESS

      PU$$y never supports a man's struggle.

    99. Genius by Design PRESS

      He was DONE wrong !!! Should have done 3 game suspension NOT end his career.

    100. OneHairyGuy

      C'mon man, this is NOT the first time that Ray Rice has hit his wife or one of his side chicks !! This is just the first time that he was caught. Then Ray Rice is trying to control his own narrative ?? BS !! He had loads of money. Probably more than most of us and somehow "lost it ?" He would have been broke anyway. He was hitting women before the time caught on camera. SO I don't shed a tear for Ray Rice. He's supposed to have a college degree right ?? Get a job, stop whining !!