This Former 2 Star Recruit is a Rising Star in the NFL! (The Inspiring Story Of Jonnu Smith)

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    Meet NFL TE Jonnu Smith.

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      1. Maximilian Kevin

        @Johnathan Aarav wow! Took roughly 20 mins but it worked!!

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        i dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal account hacker :)

      3. Ryan Naturale

        James robinson

      4. tpalo34

        You're gonna be making a njoku soon. Man is built like a titan but nimble like a cat. Sad he broke his neck! Hoping he comes back like Jonnu

      5. Official Agrella

        What happened to devonta freeman

    2. Kevin Hughes


    3. Myke Jae

      Flemlo how tall are you ? I ask because you look a bit short on the 5”7 5”8 size & I can relate to that actually looking around that size until I’m measured or someone actually standing side by side or walking up on me and I’m 5”10 & 3/4s without shoes on with shoes I’m 6”0 and when I played High school ball 🏀 & 🏈 I was listed at 6”2 and I wasn’t that 🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. Bryce Peters

      His neck though.

    5. Brody Walker

      4yr $50m - to the Pats

    6. Jesus Isn'tReal

      Prayer has been demonstrated not to work. It doesn't work because there is no god. Wake up folks.

    7. Curtis Jackson

      I'm fuckin with this channel💯

    8. Fidel J. Maldonado

      He should be the number 1 target for Cam this year

    9. Eagle Houston

      Belichick will help him become an even better player.

    10. Bob Stevens

      cristobal learned that practice from greg schiano. he did the same thing in nj even the schools that never produced any plaeyers. Even more impressive to practice that in fla with the distance and number of schools.

    11. Greis Prifti

      The dull temple early smash because semicolon microbiologically bury an a gamy tornado. agonizing, cheerful coast

    12. Robert Mosher

      You should do a video on Jake Browning. He is the high school football all time career passing touchdown leader with 229 and single season td passes with 91 and is second in career passing yards. He went to University of Washington where he had a junior season where he set new Pac 12 and UW records and was projected to go early second or possibly late first round. Instead he stayed at UW and like most other players who come back for their senior season he had a mediocre season and ended up not being drafted but was given a free agent contract to Minnesota where he has been the third string/scout team QB who doesn't get to dress for the games. Time will tell if he ever makes it to the field or not. He has two teammates that he graduated with on active rosters on the NFL and another former teammate who graduated when they were younger also on and NFL roster. Folsom High School has four current players in the NFL and most likely at least one more who is at Clemson right now.

    13. Uncle Reamus

      Dude just got PAAAAAIIIIIDDDD

    14. rxtro productions

      Here because im a pats fan

    15. Carlos V

      Belichick didn’t give him a slice of bread, he gave him the entire bakery 😂😂

    16. ARIEL GOLD

      Jonnu gonna be used like how Arron Hernandez was on the pats

    17. Gregory LaGrange

      I remember that story when it came out. More Florida craziness. I remember thinking that story needs to be tracked as a case study for black men so they can see why they should avoid getting involved with crazy acting females. Good to see that he's doing well and that it still may provide a lesson for black men because, it's a double edged sword, he is doing well. So at best the story about it can be heard. But at worst, she may try to sabotage everything because he is doing well.

    18. DONALD Jean-Jacques

      I'm a fan right now bro MCM LOL..

    19. Devlin Hall

      Who else watched this after the Patriots signing jonnu smith but I still love yuh flemLo

    20. yourDaddy

      2 star? Many TE wish they can be this good...

    21. Jimmy Brown

      Excellent job

    22. JP


    23. I wanna talk to Sampson

      Patriots about to turn him into a top 3 tight end in the league 🙏 him & irv smith Jr are my 2 favorite young tight ends in the league

    24. I wanna talk to Sampson

      You the real MVP bro !!

    25. Brent Schwartz


    26. Chess Warrior

      New England now, baby! GO PATS!!!

    27. Trey Portis

      Who hear after he became a patriot

    28. Owen Graves

      He’s gonna be goated in New England

    29. Jeffery Willis

      Just got signed to the Patriots as the third highest paid

    30. Kyle Bantom

      Northwest raiders Goat

    31. Baylee Nichols

      I fucking love Jonnu

    32. Andrew Salazar

      Wish coulda stayed in Tennessee but nothing but love he a great player. Coming from a Titans fan he do numbers with Cam 😁

    33. Josh Crook

      His college girl one of those white chicks that saw the bag and hoped on asap

    34. justin cathcart

      Welcome to New England baby!!!!

    35. C T

      Gonna miss you Jonnu! Titan up!!!

    36. Daniel Ford

      Will miss Jonnu in Tennessee. He is a beast!

    37. Francisco Oseguera

      Watching this a few hours after that huge 50million dollar contract he signed with the Pats. Well deserved!

    38. Josh the greatest one

      Let’s welcome him to the patriots family

    39. Fat Boy Memes

      Here after he signed for 50 mil! Definitely not going anywhere now.

      1. Fat Boy Memes

        @Francisco Oseguera I'm saying he's not leaving the league, obviously knew he switched teams. Big pats fan here bud.

      2. Francisco Oseguera

        He signed with the Pats so he did leave Tennessee after all

    40. Jacob Steeves

      Who’s here after he signed with the pats

    41. NEP4L 6X


    42. Matt Pressman Pressman


    43. dave gass

      And now he's a Patriot and going to get the rock 🏈🏈🏈 .

    44. Phillip Horton

      Yoooooo he just got the bag 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

    45. Classified Chappy

      So happy Patriots got him!

    46. Crumbite

      Man just got paid

    47. Mahith Chitrapu

      Who's here after the patriots signed him

    48. Lillidde

      and now hes signed a huge deal with the pats LFG

    49. DeMarcus Edwards

      Hope cam and this guy can tear it up in New England!

    50. Steve Twombly

      Welcome to Foxboro.

    51. Kyler Gale

      Im excited to see what he can do with the Pats

    52. ladawg81

      Brb buying his Patriots jersey

    53. Inlinegarage

      Now hes on the Pat's

    54. A D

      Now on the patriots

    55. Riley Haley

      And now he's a Patriot baby let's gooooo

    56. Caleb Larsen

      Do you have an editor? Your stuff just gets better every time you post.

    57. MB

      And now he's a New England Patriot!

    58. Art Hernandez

      And now he signed with the Pats cam got a weapon now

    59. mike thomas

      Well jonnu welcome to the pats and along with davon godchauex

    60. Dekay

      The pats just signed him to a 4 year contract ❤️

      1. JB Holland-Hagan

        LES GOOOOO

      2. BLADE

        As a jags fan I'm not really happy with this for myself but Im happy for him. I have no more expectations.

      3. TheVids525

        Is @FlemLo Raps still gonna be a fan of his now that he’s on the Patriots?

      4. your real daddy

        And now Henry!

      5. COBassin'

        I’m hyped

    61. Andrew Sullivan

      Welcome to New England!!!

    62. Hot Pastrami

      6 months after this video was posted, Smith signs with the Patriots to a 4 yr/50 mil deal...

    63. KoomaAppa

      Welcome to New England, Jonnu!

    64. Grady Hickey

      Who’s here after he got paidddd

    65. Connor Easton

      Want to see story of jonnu not you talking and showing yourself talking every 12 seconds.. be better

    66. OpTicFanBoy24

      Jonnu about to get a bag from the Patriots tomorrow

      1. Yohan Song

        This man a time traveler

    67. DREADLOC

      jus a thought but you should start doin videos on people who go thru things an shake back all around the board not jus in the NFL yo videos a good cope for me help me always remember no matter what u go thru u can shake back preciate u for what u do bruh 💯

    68. Che Johnson

      Already a Derrick Henry fan. Teams like the Titans are very fan-frustrating NFL franchise

    69. BestOfDaBest151

      I can’t fraud we had some lit parties at jonnu crib back in them pastorius days 😂

    70. J Farmer

      You should do the Richie Incognito/Marvin White Dolphins bullying scandal

    71. Sean Conley

      My bills are going to go all in for him. He's a free agent and likely leaving Tennessee. I would love to have him on our offense and a qb in Josh allen

    72. NihilTimendumEst


    73. D C

      Video suggestion; what happened to Deion sanders? If you have already did one I can’t find it

    74. Joseph Glines

      I'm waiting for this man to smash this year. I agree as a fantasy football podcast guy I took alot of shots on him this past year he will be great in 2021.

    75. Yank Espinal

      The guiltless heat taxonomically overflow because warm preliminarily joke till a curious taxi. cooing, six iraq

    76. Rowen Oakser

      I have him on my Madden Franchise w the bengals hes tuff

    77. Ian Ellie

      You a g, these videos so good

    78. SupremeAbdulJabbar

      FlemLo be feelin himself on that queue the wayne... lol!

    79. Albert Santiago

      Can you do DERRICK HENRY

    80. Jeff Mejias

      Flemlo, I think you need to do a follow up on the "what happened to Antonio Brown" video now that he is a Superbowl champ.

    81. Donnybrook

      Johnu is going to be a Bill next season. Bank on it

    82. Harrison

      Imagine a girl completely and potentially destroying your chances of making cause she feels bad...

    83. YEA Sports Media

      Those close up shot of him standing in the walkway of a stadium came from an interview on our channel. Be sure to check out as well as Jonnu came back to Philly to host a 7on7 tournament for the youth 💯

    84. Real_soleful_dude

      The high school is actually called Westport High school . In Ocala FL . And when Jonnu was there the football Program was trash. And he was not the first D1 recruit . But you were close .

    85. EZ PZ

      too bad the Titans OL (tackles) after Lewans injury and Conklins departure in FA sucked so much.... he was asked to chip/block a lot

    86. deeroyst

      Word play decent. "Even the most nimble of cats get tripped up chasing fast money"

    87. J K 82

      Really liked this video. Rooting for him in the playoffs. Good bless 🙏

    88. KW Entertainment

      It's always such a pleasant surprise when any player from my Titans gets some shine. I'd love to see someone who's educated when it comes to football, such as yourself, give another one of my Titans some love in a video about AJ Brown.

    89. Keepyourjob Keepyourjob

      Great episode

    90. Daryl Watson

      Yes he is now

    91. Rico

      Ay bruh u called this one

    92. Gh0st

      Having suddenly got into NFL your videos are amazing... just subscribed...keep it coming my guy top videos!!!!

    93. Logan Remhof

      Jonnu is a beast

    94. Dallas Pruitt

      Definitely should check out Eric Wilson #50 for Minnesota, keep up the good work bro!!

    95. Skyler Canizales

      Bruh Delanie was always slept on

    96. DeezR Bonards

      Oh hell yeah. Jonnu is one of my favorite guys

    97. Ryan Naturale

      James robinson @FlemLo Raps

    98. Toby James

      Most underrated channel on KGup . You could have a show on mainstream tv . Every video is top notch quality .

    99. Terrell Adams

      Flemlo man you inspired me to chase my dreams.

    100. Jeffery Greene

      Great story about the struggle I’ll routing for Jonnu