NFL BUST John Ross Requests TRADE From The Bengals

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    By definition John Ross is an NFL Bust but I think he still has tons of talent and could help a team out there somewhere.
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    1. FlemLo Raps

      Maybe we all have different definitions of what a bust is. To me its a high pick who doesn't live up to expectations. Doesn't mean they aren't talented. I think Ross is hella talented as I say constantly throughout the video. But in 4 years a top 10 draft pick he has less than 1000 total receiving yards ...he's technically a bust. I dont mean any malice. I love the dude I really do...but less 1000 yards in 4 years as a top 10 pick is a bust in my opinion. I don't mean it not angry its just facts. 2 years ago I said he wasn't a bust YET. I said give him time and let's see what happens. I think its fair to say at this point. Like I say in the video I would love nothing more than for him to shake back and there's still a chance..but maybe a change of scenery could help. I just typed this cuz im seeing the same comments constantly so I figured I'd further explain. Anyway.. yall stay up man. I got a cool new video im working on for later this week. Thanks for the support as always ✌🏿

      1. Ronald Greene

        . . Ross appears to be a sensitive guy and the lack of continuity and leadership of the staff has rubbed off and affected Ross' consistency on the field. He like most players would definitely benefit from a move to a more solid organization and coaching staff.

      2. JR Williams

        John Ross’ Bengal career is very perplexing and dismaying for a HC Bengals fan like myself. His slow tortoise-pace career development is analogous to another Bengals WR that was a high 2nd pick disappointment out of Western Carolina ( if I am not mistaken on the college) who had one indelible Bengals highlight reel catch though, i.e. flip touchdown catch on the goal line. His name is Jerome Simpson, but while Ross at least saw some PT in just 1st season; Simpson never even got on the field on offense until the penultimate or final year of his rookie contract. Both were major underachievers based on their draft status, but the crux of this is FLR could you do a little video on why it took Jerome Simpson nearly 5yrs to see the field for the Bengals offense, and with that being said why would an NFL team not waive or release a poor development player like that who wasn’t even a 1st rd pick; albeit a high 2nd rounder? Thank you

      3. Phillip Jones

        It’s because he changed numbers..

      4. Silverbak 901

        That means over 50% of 1st round picks are bust🤷🏿‍♂️. That's why my team (Rams) doesn't care about them. They have had their far share of those. Hope we can pick him up. Rams need a 🔥er

      5. Wade F.

        Your just a salty Bengals fan bruh... Jon Ross is a dawg. He would be better off else where

    2. CodeName PizzaJr

      Well he’s with my giants now. Hopefully he can go back to his old self

    3. Landen Phillips

      I’ve been a fan

    4. PigeonCoup

      Would have loved to see The Raiders pair him with Ruggs with Waller at TE.

    5. outtanowhere96

      Bring him on down to Dallas, Tx we'll take real good care of him here.

    6. Steven Arce

      I didn’t think the giants would sign him but welcome to NY 💯🔥

    7. Dan Liu

      The knowledgeable john supply complain because withdrawal electronically melt beneath a spiritual plasterboard. invincible, impolite step-grandmother

    8. Chaim Samuels

      Welcome to the giants!

    9. Poison Oak

      Who’s here after the Giants picked up Ross?

    10. Budda Wavy

      Welcome 2 Newyork Boss Man up And 🏉🏉 Out let Yah Play Speak 4 itself if U Really Wanna Earn A Real NFL Check I'm not knocking yah talent but U cant Come 2 Ny Half Stepping We dont play That Homie 🏎🏎🚲🤙


      John Ross To the Giants , hope his career turns around

    12. Steven Ortiz-pardon

      He just signed with the giants

    13. Flight


    14. Dom L

      He just signed with the Giants

    15. Brandon Malone

      Definitely a good fit for Atlanta

    16. Chris Gang

      He needs a fresh start like nelly did witha RRRAAIDERSSS👊🏼 RN2021🕶🔥

      1. yeezy less

        I’m saying! He KNOWS how to use his speed! Him and Ruggs AND Waller?!..whew!

    17. Sunshine State Coasters

      7:45 For one second I thought the guy in the back had a big ass football on his head lol.

    18. Jimmy Bull


    19. Cole Stoller

      Can say it over and over again he was a red zone threat in college it’s what he was best at

    20. Cole Stoller

      Bengals used him wrong

    21. Miguel Castellanos

      He needs a fresh start.

    22. Tyson Allen

      The ravens

    23. Lick _Tayvien

      The chargers or colts

    24. zoelynn69

      I truly enjoy your channel! I literally binge watched your videos all through out the day.

    25. Harpreet Singh

      Hopefully he can come to Tampa bay bucks ....if Goodwin left the team for more money else where

    26. AP MUFASA


    27. Devin Turner

      Let Baltimore get him I’m pretty sure Lamar can use him for wildcats

    28. Tdki10x

      Eagles we need him bad we’ll get him right 🦅

    29. Kvng Eli

      The Chiefs could pick up John Ross on a min. Contract they’ll know what to do with hom

    30. Kosma Spiratos

      MIAMI 🙏🏻

    31. autie bell

      Send him to Seattle. Let him play for Pete Carroll with Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett in the WR room.

    32. FloatinRock TubeTalk

      Ross should get picked up by KC as a cheap weapon it would probably save his career

    33. JD

      Hope he goes to the Rams.. we need a deep threat

    34. Tay Jenkins

      He needs to play for andy reid

    35. Malcolm Exxx

      4:44 🥶

    36. red flag


    37. Daniel Lucas

      how you like your head coach?

    38. Swishas NKush

      seahawks....imagine him w/ DK & Tyler

    39. samsbro1952

      Would like to see him come to the Steelers.

    40. Ruben Saravia

      He's got a torn bicep 7:47

    41. 1Dub79

      I would love for Washington to give him a one-year, prove-it deal.

    42. Legend Killer

      He would be the best fit in Buffalo

    43. trm

      8th pick- Mccaffrey. 9th pick. 💩. Dumpsterfire.

    44. sergio conanan

      If Al Davis was still alive Ross would’ve already been a Raider

    45. Donald Mulkey

      Can you do a what went wrong with the Tim Tebow lead gators like the pouncy twins Arron Hernandez Jenkins all them

    46. Garrett Wayne

      Not to be a dick, But not alot of WR stay healthy in Cinncy. So i think a change of pace is what he needs.

    47. R. William Comm

      Ross is now a free agent so he can pick whatever team he wants.

    48. gns freaky

      Ravens should pick him up to add more speed on offense

    49. gns freaky

      Tbh I think he should've been left dat team bengles should've never had him cuz they suck at developing anybody

    50. Cole

      Imagine him and Tyreek with Mahomes slinging the ball 😳 that would be insane

      1. Mark Jordan

        Would be deadly if he could stay healthy

    51. Nelson Sweeney

      The Bengals response: " haha, sure.....champ....😂🤣 "

    52. Mike Bell

      Detroit Lions! New GM, Coaches, and Matt Stafford (I hope). He'd potentially complement Golloday. He'd be there from the get go learning a new system. Speed!!!

    53. Joseph Wolfe

      I know I'm late to the convo Patriots could work because belichek actually coaches his players up. Marvin Lewis is and will always be a terrible coach. This new coach screams dumpster fire to me also.

    54. matrix holden

      The lions we are going to need a wide reviver

    55. Gil T

      Send him to Detroit

    56. Dylan Late For Work

      Send him to Baltimore best place for second chances and need a good receiver!

    57. Cool man Dre

      What happened to your eye

    58. Paradygm Shift

      "Not only did he catch 7 redzone touchdowns, he's" "Constantly cleaning up pet hair." Perfect add placement

    59. Darth Ravenz Bladez

      Man I remember how bad I wanted My Ravens to add this dude in the draft

      1. gns freaky

        Shid u think he'll still do good on the ravens now?

    60. avery465

      He's still in the league???

    61. El Quednau

      I'm so tired of us drafting injured players. Feels like burro has been the first healthy guy we drafted R1 in years...and guess what happened

    62. Wayne Walton

      I don't understand these people like show productivity man show that you deserve to be traded.

    63. Boone Docker

      Maybe he should try DB. DBs are wide receivers who can't catch.

    64. Kevonte' Gum

      Nah he should go to the Dolphins... They need speedy Wrs that can catch and were young

    65. Devonta Washington

      The title had me rolling....NFL BUST...Then goes on to say I just here to give me opinion on John Ross

    66. Hugo Schmitd

      He should go to green bay, i think it would be great to him playing with Rodgers

    67. Curry 30

      The is one of my favorite channels on here. Being a huge fan of sports history, I always look forward to seeing who you’ll cover next. I couldn’t find one on Browns RB Trent Edwards. If you could do a video on him that would be awesome. Keep up the great work 👍

    68. Michael Jordan

      I want the pats to pick him up and see if Bill B can fix him. Or the chiefs he'd be great with Tyreek

    69. Rudy Small

      MIAMI DOLPHINS!!! I want this guy

    70. Slush Anator

      Love ur videos man im a long suffering Bengals fan and today we brought back Frank Pollack as out oline coach i love the move personally

    71. Keto Meeko Way

      Ravens would be lit🔥 if they get a point thats my prediction 🤔

    72. Chance James

      I feel like the Jags should pair him with Trevor Lawrence

    73. hacklan.

      I think the best place Ross could develop is Dallas or Pittsburgh. They're both wide receiver machines and can definitely develop into a deep threat.

    74. Badazz Mo3

      I doubt any teams is giving anything up 4 John Ross but I think he going be on the Lions or Jets roster next season just watch

    75. Badazz Mo3

      Sometimes speed can cloud judgement trust me I know as a raiders can lots of blown picks on just speed💆🏾

    76. bass man

      Sendm to Kansas City ....ouuuuu

    77. GodLovesYou

      Where he needs to go is Seattle, Pete Carroll will bring him in with open arms.

    78. Noah

      make em a cb lol

    79. Deadly Sensation

      I could see the Patriots pick him up for 1-2years around 2-3million a year

    80. Mike Downs

      What is flem saying before he starts the video? (The double thumbs up)

    81. Darth Vader

      Yeah burrow got hurt 😂

    82. Angel Sanchez

      I think niners would be a perfect fit

    83. VIC- G

      Ross is going to K.C.. Watkins, Robinson are free agents.

    84. Keaton Ward

      If he goes to KC he will get hos career into gear

    85. Hot Sauce

      Yeah the bengels trash thats why he not a bust. Ravens Nation

    86. GOATED 03


    87. Bes Pushkule

      Boyd and Higgins and Tate are all better then him. And Green going to get the snaps just off his name alone. He needs just suck it up and dominate when he gets chances. There’s plenty of receivers that have that “potential”. When his contract is up, he should look else where like Giants, Eagles, Seahawks, Bills,

    88. David delguercio

      He needs a head coach that’s going to build him up and take him under his wing.

    89. Steven Dawson

      Markelle fultz as a football player. University of washington

    90. D'Andre Winters

      This what happens when a coach gives up on someone to early love to see him got to the chiefs or colts

    91. Ace Solomon

      The Bold & Capped letters in the title tells me another story. I understand if you're pissed dawg when the grass can get greener for JR with Burrow's arrival, but don't *BS* us with some logical reasoning, dawg. You're pissed & that's cool. Be up front about it - shit I'd be mad too if I was a Bengals fan. I'd be thinking he couldn't have picked a worse time to request a trade. Gotta give Joe a chance, he might be the guy that gives you a shot to turn your whole career around (that & if he takes more care of his body, he'll get it going ASAP) Bottomline is, "The Expectation" can *be met* for Ross to flourish as a Bengal - as long as he takes care of his body & tries to build a rap with Joe. I don't think he's a bust, I think he's a *late bloomer.*

    92. 907even

      Tb buccaneers Ross Antonio brown marquise Godwin rob Tom etc dream team

    93. VJ da dawn

      The chiefs

    94. JADA TO-THE-O

      I had Ross in my 2018-19 fantasy team. I knew Ross from college myself being a born n bred Duck fan. I thought I had a drop on everyone else in my league. Then came week 3 and I was the one being launched at.

    95. Jacob Webster

      Eagles HANDS DOWN. DeSean Jackson has been hurt for two years pretty much and the Eagles need that deep threat. Eagles defense is fine but the WRs and Oline need a lot of work. I even think Wentz would be better again if he had those things.

    96. Mike Dunn

      Switch back to 15!!! If it's a mental thing, switch back to the number you wore when you were a beast!

    97. SolisJ 1000

      What are your thoughts on debo samuels

    98. zack Johnson

      Man you just earned a loyal subscriber, love these type videos and yours are top quality 💯 keep it up my man got my notifications on and i be lookin for the next video. I got a lot of catching up to do on your channel!

    99. RMH Bricklaying

      He’d be good with mahomes

    100. Grayson Lundy

      I’m not a Bengals fan but I’m saying this right now, John Ross is not a bust he was injured the whole season and got one Carry Where he got hurt so you can’t judge him off of one play