8 NFL Players Who Shocked Everyone & Proved Their Doubters Wrong During the 2020/2021 NFL Season

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    These 8 NFL players proved their doubters wrong during the 2020/2021 NFL Season.
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      1. Wishing B

        @Brendan Major I have been interacting with someone who was a baseball player who had turf toe and that man thinks the turf toe issues will affect Mahomes for the rest of his career. He called it the ex-wife that keeps coming back into the picture.

      2. Wishing B

        Okay, you got me to subscribe with the 2 I watched today. I am a Brady fan and I was so frustrated the year before and was so happy this past season. I live in NE and I still can't believe they let that man go but I have already bonded with the coaching staff and players on Tampa. I love that so many of their players came there to get a second chance. Tom Brady and Bruce Arians are definitely "players needing a second chance" whisperers. We shall see if Mickens gets a third chance. I like that you are fair about players from various teams. But more, you are an excellent storyteller. Great job.

      3. Thomas Marshall

        If I'm not a second, I'm a third, or whatever order I fall in agreement. Every sub other than him is history, learning, etc...etc.. Man is the only mouth of sports I respect. Guy deserves his own show.

      4. Philly Gamer24

        Can you do one on boogie DeMarcus cousins on your second channel

      5. Drop Kick Murphy00

        So much love and respect man. I'm 45 years old. Grateful I even had a decent CFL career for 13 yrs. And when I watch your content it really always has me traveling back. I suffer with brain trauma today because of my love for the game and I have zero regrets. Ide do it all over again. Just a heads up to those who are active or retired. We got help out there for us now. We got support groups also fully dedicated to inactive players who now also suffer with brain trauma. So you ain't alone anymore. Much love @FlemloRaps your show does more then entertain. It also educates. Respect

    2. Djicc Fkgv

      You don’t think Lenny had a solid career?

    3. St Ozz

      Great list Im so happy I found this wonderful channel!

    4. Jeffrey Ruttibaker

      CuE dA nEeGiSsS. YeAhHhH, iM nO QuItTaH, iMa Go, ImA gO, ImA gO LiCk HeRrRrR

    5. Z Fisher

      Now I might be biased but Travis fulgum should probably be up there to.

    6. Feck

      Justin Herbert was one of the most shocking players I have seen in years. I know it was only his rookie year , but if he goes up from here the sky is the limit for that young man. Guy has pure ice in his veins.

    7. Chuck martin

      So what nfl -he runs a 4 6 40yd. Brains, intensity, quick feet, desire, & heart make up for it.

    8. DukesMusic

      Gronk. He went from a retired baller trying his hand at wrestling, to catching two TDs in the super bowl, within months.

    9. Boogity Hoo

      This year was very exciting to be a Bucs fan. We put together such an awesome team that had few to no holes in our team. Our offense had a HoF , GOAT QB, each RB had their own specialty and knew how to play woth one another instead of trying to push the next guy out and our WRs were the same and had every aspect of what you need downfield covered. We had a couple TEs who coupd not only block and procide an easy out for Brady but could also take the defebse down the field , each wideout could either put the burners on or give a quick lil juke and leave any DB frozen with broken ankles. Our O-Line was overall decent but we had a couple guys who could have played better. Our Defense was one of the top Ds in the league and each guy pushed his teammates to the next level and were willing to work alongside with their backups instead of feeling like they were competing for the starting position, our LBs were fast and strong tacklers and our CB and Safeties could put any WR on an island and hold it down alone but put a double team on a guy and it was 90% going in the DBs favor. I just hope we can keep the majority of our guys and maybe draft or pickup a couple of 5star OL or tackles just solidify the front line even more. I feel another ring coming to Tampa next year as well if all is kept together . last but not least , gotta give credit to the coaching staff to let Brady do what he does best and control the game how he sees best while also knowing how to give him suggestionson something he might not have caught. And the ability to keep the whole teams moral sky rocketing and coaching the guys how to be one of the greatest on every play. Lets go Bucs!!!!

    10. Ben Locatelli

      what about nelson agholor

    11. James Himebaugh

      Lanrdy is > than OBJ

    12. Ceez Velasquez

      Hey can you send me a free Xbox

    13. Anthony Souza

      Missed Jason verett

    14. Ian Campbell

      Cowherd now still hates on Baker Mayfield

    15. Alexander Love

      your channel is incredible...but i don’t see a what happened to Malik Zaire video 🤔

    16. rluellam

      Refreshing to see a "we were wrong" video. So often analysts act as if they were on the bus the whole time.

    17. Kool Kitties

      Josh Allen should have won MVP because nobody expected him to be dp good this year.Everyone expects Rogers to be great.

      1. MagicAgr Nub

        Na ion think so. MVPS don't make certain plays that Alan did, like wtf man had shots where he couldn't throw. ⋅

    18. Anthony Monroy

      Should have just named this the Bucs comeback season.

    19. Caius Keys

      From the intro, Story is the fundamental instrument of -- what?

    20. Denis Grady

      still not convinced about Baker. Give him 1 or 2 more years.

    21. Dr Evil

      I still don't think Baker has proved himself.

    22. Shamar Doster

      I told y’all about Herbert my boy show up and show out

    23. Jabril Patterson

      After watching Justin herbert..I already knew he would a problem in the AFC west

    24. Luis Bahena

      You're shy 1mil. Been here since 60k. Good job bro🙏

    25. Bmay35avon

      The Friday Night Lights line is, "AND HE CAN PASS.!" Not and he can catch lol

    26. Mikey Ledoux

      Hbo give this dude a job

    27. Mikey Ledoux

      I really thought herbert would be dainel jones 2.0 because I thought herbert was drafted wayyyy to high

    28. ItsTimeToBolt

      Brah... I wish you cut in that play against the Chiefs week 2 when Herbert took on the linebacker head on & left #54 laying on the turf asleep! The Chargers looked at Herbie & total r-e-s-p-e-c-t in the huddle from then on!

    29. Top jefe

      Flem bro I been watching your vidz for 3 years now and I still get excited for your content! I really see you becoming a monster in the media game my brother. Take it too that next level bro, GOD BLESS

    30. Marty Wormuth

      Did we miss Nelson agholor?

    31. Mekah Wilson

      Kareem hunt

    32. Roland Bishop

      Paused ad and came straight to the comments Lamar better be on this list

    33. Fritz Charles

      Yu need one on T.O

    34. snakeutm

      Manning up by owning up. You go.

    35. Crayon Man

      Brady has mike evans, Chris Godwin and AB u can’t forget that

    36. nick white

      I knew that Allen and Herbert were the best QB'S of there drafts. This dude called it in Oregon's coaches by having their shitty offense may have cost them the College 🏈 playoffs

    37. BLADE

      8:11 yeeeeaaaahhh!!

    38. Mike Thompson

      Luck doesn't pull a bitch move and retire after the draft Josh Allen falls to the colts qb search over for 15 years

    39. Ian Lo

      should def do a pt 2 to this

    40. R3load Cj

      Calvin ridley

    41. 416xside

      Whats the background song called? I love that beat! It’s so relaxing

    42. Jim Cetnar

      Definitely happy and proud of AB. Mental health isn't easy to bounce back from and the guy did it. Mad props to him 👏

    43. Jesse Hunter

      josh allen balled out for sure

    44. Shakyra Chrysostome

      We deeded were w ex Za. Za did Ed

    45. Bobby Bill

      If you’re ever feeling stupid because an nfl player proved you wrong, just know that I once said the Chiefs were stupid for trading up in the draft and taking Patrick Mahomes at 10

    46. Adust Gaming

      Henry and Tannehill were both supposed one season wonders

    47. bioLarzen

      Hey my man, I think poor Tyrod Taylor would definiteely deserve an episode here. Guy can't seem to catch a break in the NFL...

    48. kevin keilson

      Darnell Mooney! 5th rounder for the Chicago Bears!

    49. M.E. Bentoo

      Good vid. to learn about players who are doing it, moving it and on their way there.

    50. james carlson

      Just found this channel today. Couldn't stop watching the videos. Great work!! keep em coming and get them bags!

    51. Greis Prifti

      The hypnotic liquid spontaneously calculate because element regionally tip next a pumped locket. weak, fat faulty lasagna

    52. steve schmidt

      goddamn man you should become a professional motivational speaker....youd be mad good at it bro im telling u.

    53. Tanner Jones

      Mannnnnnn this channel changed my life flipped 180 and when I saw this I knew I had to watch it. Plus Sam Cooke is one of my favorite musicians , I’m 22 not 92 and I stole that saying for my team with morning announcements for work ☝🏾❤️✊🏾

    54. Quincy Rich

      Rockford IL's own James Robinson! 💪🏾💪🏾

    55. A man called hawk

      Tyrod has horrible luck

    56. Michael Coleman

      Flemlo...70 yo white dude says "keep bringing the truth". Lovin it!

    57. Bobby Mahaffey

      I hit this year Herbert was my sleeper pick of the Draft He had the size .A big arm.Was known for being smart .Athletic enuff to pick up yards on the run. Was a winner led his team to a rose bowl victory. Won senior bowl MVP I couldn't figure why he wasn't rated higher I could see justin getting the chargers to the superbowl in the next four years with pieces around him with a top 5 defense

    58. N3ILA

      I had baker as 1 and j. Allen at two. I felt Sam Darnold was going to be a bust (really put me off on QB gurus) and Josh Rosen I was unsure. I still doubt sHerbert. He did well as a rookie but it's still too early. Who knows maybe sHerberts inconsistency at oregon had to do with actual fans in the stands. Im sure there's less pressure with no crowd more like a scrimmage at practice. For Burrow and Tua I love how Tua and Burrows stats are extremely comparable yet TUA has been thrown under the bus. The next two seasons will be exciting!

    59. tom Michaels

      Flemlo could you do a video on Taylor Heinecke

    60. BooMz N BladeZ

      this was a daaam good list... nice work, as always FlemLo

    61. rangerstationlegion

      Hey Flem, would you ever consider covering any boxing stories? Lots of characters and good backstories in the sport of boxing.

    62. Hilario Landa

      Bad list

    63. albln3

      Idk, Antonio Brown hasn't really proved his doubters wrong though. He's still a POS who has never apologized for his actions. Nobody ever questioned his play on the field.

    64. Vuulcan

      I like this different style of vid a lot

    65. Dr Phot

      James Robinson reminds me of MJD and the Jags org was smart to feel the same way!

    66. hue bolser

      I am a Bengals fan through-and-through. I believe in Joe burrow and think he is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. I really really really really really wanted the Bengals to take Justin Herbert though. If you watched him playing college that kid was under pressure every snap and was throwing some tight tight windows. Justin Herbert should have been with the Bengals

    67. trin s

      Bengals qb Finley or burrow

    68. Brandon Walters

      There was a season in 2020? Brady solidifying himself as the GOAT in 2021 is the entire season summed up.

    69. Dan Liu

      The precious cattle uniformly peck because emery expectably bathe amongst a near freeze. quick, quizzical shampoo

    70. Dairsvilleboi

      I hope you’re getting paid bro. I’ve been watching you and you’re so fuckin good at this. Better than most people on TV including previous players.

    71. Joe Montez

      Bro your videos are amazing I put them on at the barber shop as soon as a new video comes on bro!! You ever in San Antonio hit me up

    72. Brap Genius

      Not gonna lie I though Justin Herbert was gonna be a huge bust. My bad bro🤣

    73. Dickson Barrera

      Nelson Agholor? He went from Meme to a solid wide receiver last year

    74. Jeffrey Bird

      I’m really digging the storytelling in every video in every video.

    75. Nathaniel Perry II

      Baker is a high level game manager.

    76. Rob Hicks

      Justin Herbert doesn't even look like he trying when he throws the football 70 yards down field. His arm strength is incredible.

    77. Rob Hicks

      Baker Mayfield had 3 different coaches in his first 3 years in the NFL but most sports analysts didn't say much about this. They just trashed Baker. The 3rd coach, AP's 2020 NFL Coach of the year Kevin Stewart, was the charm and helped make a big difference in Baker's game.

    78. Ben Black

      How are you going to say Fournette can't catch the ball, but Robinson can? Robinson had a 5.8 drop percent this year. The closest Fournette has been to that was 5.3 percent

    79. John Gordon

      Do a a cpl doubter videos on Adam Thielen udfa or dalvin cooks injurys and turning into a beast while running the league lst yr cpl yea

    80. iiTsTeeRaiiLy

      Derek Carr👏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿

    81. Mr Moore

      Always on point! Love ya channel bruh! 💯💯💯

    82. Milk Mann

      I now James from fantasy he Carried my running back core

    83. Jayden Longest

      No cap dude is an inspiration to alot of people out there

    84. Mr.BigHappy

      Snub A-Rod the MVP

    85. brian bersch

      Bro you forgot about Davante Adams went full beast mode

    86. blue davinci

      keep up the good work! Video is FIRE !

    87. bigg cincy

      I called it for Herbert I thought he was best qb in the draft I’m happy we have burrow but my idea last season was trade back get a few 1st rd picks from Miami and take Herbert

    88. HoboSolo

      It’s cool how you admit your own mistakes in judgement and explain your reasoning without making excuses

    89. Collin Coke

      ABs 30 for 30 is gonna be absolutely legendary

    90. David Brown

      That background music fire as usual 🔥

    91. Philly Gamer24

      Hey if you do basketball on your second channel can you do one with boogie DeMarcus cousins what happened to boogie

    92. Sam Cook

      Exactly right Burro and Herbert I've been keeping my eyes on those two especially Herbert, I see him in the super bowl and hall of fame.

    93. Ravensnation92

      How’s lamar not on here? People literally still bash him now lol

    94. Ben Torrey

      Josh allen is nick wrights daddy

    95. Towelie Towel

      I was a Rivers fan but I love Herbert. Wasn’t even supposed to start and look at him now

    96. En4cer 408

      oregon had NO WR they dropped everything

    97. Daniel Osborne

      Allen and Diggs are going to go on a historic 3yr run IMO and with John Brown likely cut Gabe Davis may well be on this list a year from now

    98. Will Griff

      Flemlo lookin rough

    99. Zach Schendt

      ABs songs are so shit

    100. Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker

      What is Discord?