What Happened to Dak Prescott 2020? (Career Altering Injury?)

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    Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott suffered a season ending and possibly career altering injury. But If anyone can handle it, its Dak.
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    1. Andy6 Schofield7

      All these kids finna roast drew Bledsoe everytime he was a pro bowler man chill

    2. plop pill

      Stolen? Unfairly taken?.............But Justin Herbert was the better prospect

    3. plop pill

      I think you did want to bring up skip Bayless because you brought up skip Bayless

    4. plop pill

      I love how the Cowboys are still called the biggest football franchise in the world, maybe by how much money they spend but certainly not by their accomplishments

    5. Michael Stanley

      In D4k we trust! Let's Go! How 'bout dem Flemlo videos?!

    6. Josh Wright

      I have not been, and will not be, a Dallas fan. Actually, i’ve had a distain for them the majority of my life as when I was younger, all they did was win championships with Troy Aikman and Company and I hated all the bandwagon jumpers. But having said that, I’m a very big fan of Dak Prescott.

    7. Smells Like Shit

      It just shows how greedy he truly is.

    8. Smells Like Shit

      I’ve noticed only minorities get talked up on this channel.

    9. Cody Averesch

      I want a famous Jameis video please..

    10. juan Farfan

      Make a cris bortland

    11. Philly Gamer24

      Do one on why tom brady won't retire 🤣

    12. Judgemental weeb

      I didn't know he was such a good guy. Shame he's cursed to be on a team like the cowboys

    13. MB

      There’s a reason why mobile QB’s have such short careers. Even Mahomes isn’t immune to injury while getting chased down. Once their legs start giving out, so does their confidence. Look no further than RG3.

    14. Kyle Damron

      One of my closest friends took his own life. I wish the stigma of mental health would go away


      Cowboys fan here, my man you just got a sub. Big respect to my QB

    16. Jag J


    17. Aidan Zhou

      ESPN gave Skip a bag to say that shit

    18. Kellease Taylor

      From a 49er’s fan, I hope you’re healing up well in Texas my guy. 😊

    19. LIFE is A. Small Lesson

      Another easy one Flem.....THE COWBOYS!! the cowboys happened to Dak!!....

    20. Biiigッ

      Skip Bayless is in it for the money and attention online, all around a childish person.

    21. Yank Espinal

      The spotted manager analogically scrub because family unknowingly nail midst a obtainable walrus. chemical, helpful spain

    22. TaHkEEM_ ThaDream

      Do a video on Carson Wentz. Chapter 2 with Indianapolis Colts

    23. Dak Dolla 4

      DAK is my guy

    24. Jeremy Smith

      5 years maybe... 10 years??? Not a chance!

    25. Madride

      Was a vid necessary? He got hurt, playing football by Logan Ryan on the Giants. End.

    26. Dawson Atkins

      I honestly see it going down like a drew brees type deal. He’ll go somewhere after he’s 100% with a chip on his shoulder and explode for the next 10 years. Btw, he wasn’t drafted in 2013. He was drafted in ‘16.

    27. MiD.Life. Crisis

      Snitched on themselves, it's like a weird new phenomena - that's so true. Shame for them there's pictures of a few of them taking on one guy. I would wanna keep that hella quiet. Also, I've mos def said this before but it's so true. 15:10 - we're used to FlemLo dropping well researched football knowledge on us but also real life lessons and bigger picture game. It's cool to see a guy that genuinely wants everyone to succeed, it's inspiring.

    28. Cannady Law Beats

      Great Video! Link The Camp Crystal Lake Shirt Please

    29. Big Boss Honchkrow

      Man I had forgotten about Cawboys on Moo Mesa. Man that show’s opening was dope

    30. David Hughes

      Daks mom died in 2020. You implied that it was in college

      1. David Hughes

        Love tha show tho

    31. Mikel Higal

      I respect dak so much he is a true leader I really hope he recovers well

    32. JoyMike Stanford

      Haughton, Louisiana

    33. Dee Marie Dubois

      Three talking heads that aren’t worth the oxygen they breath...Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, and Max Kellerman. Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” @FlemLo Raps Been rewatching your videos all day. Wanted to add to my comment that your words about Jace and men remaining silent were excellent. Men need to understand it’s ok to open up, it doesn’t make you less a man. Also I agree Skip’s comments were beyond ludicrous. Dak open ups, shares his depressio, and A POOR EXCUSE OF A MAN puts him down for it. Pissed me off fairly well. Thanks FlemLo.

    34. Alex Dowell

      Dak deserves his money. Hes a beast, and a hell of a person. Dudes ankle was destroyed n literally tried to slam it back into place. If the cowboys let him go, they will regret it. As a cowboys fan , im really nervous about this offseason.

    35. Walter Moise

      He'll be back soon💯

    36. Marcus Harbert

      2nd most painful injury i watched on tv and it hurt as a cowboys fan

    37. CoolGuy 10

      Dont blame skip

    38. Shaquille 23


    39. kevin Edwards

      Dak Prescott shouldn't be in a whatever happened to video. Your implying that he has left the league for good or will never have the status again. Hurns had almost the same injury . And played the next sesson not even a year after the injury. This was a bone break unlike ligaments bones heal stronger and better. And yes I think he is around a top 5 quarterback . If your going by fact and stats I think hes up there . If its opinions like skip BAYLESS and others I guess not.

    40. RM M

      Dude was throwing 450+ yards in consecutive games before he got injured. I loathe the moniker "America's team" but much love and respect to Dak. Get well soon.

    41. Ant Simmons

      Love your vids famalam but hating on my man Bledsoe! Cmon now brah always put up yards and touchdowns and he was injured most of the time FYI,still love your vids brotha

    42. cw posty

      love the t-shirt man!

    43. Tyler N.

      And droppin jewels about narrative, which runs rampant in our world right now.

    44. Frye

      Coming out of high school Dak actually didn't get offered by LSU till way late in the recruiting process.With him being from Louisiana It pissed him off they didn't offer him because he wanted to go to LSU & play but Miss St was interested in him from the very beginning.They offered him a scholarship so he told LSU they were to late now to show interest in him & he was going to Miss St.

    45. kyle lawson

      Bro, your teeth are crazy white. Wtf you using?

    46. Nathan Merrill

      If anybody is looking at new comments, I saw Dak a few weeks ago without crutches. I would assume he is putting as much effort into his rehabilitation as he did when he was the active QB.

    47. Blingdream

      Justin Herbert. Baker mayfield. Patrick Mahomes. Joe Burrow. Lamar Jackson. Josh Allen. Deshaun Watson. All younger and far better than Dak. That's why he was playing under the franchise tag.

    48. leetlargo

      Not much of a fan of football anymore but I had been following Dak since his college days and when I saw him get drafted to the Cowboys, I knew they got a massive steal. Hope he gets better soon. About his brother Jace, that is awful to hear. It's so important to actually talk to someone you trust about what you got going on. There's a group I follow on social media called "Get Men Talking" and it's all about getting men to open up and be honest about how we feel when we need to. Stay strong, fellas. Also, fuck Skip Bayless.

    49. Derek Deac

      Let's not gloss over Flemlo's boss ass shirt

    50. Cool Runnings Xoe

      I used to love that show.

    51. A Channel

      he wanted a short term deal but yes.

    52. Jeremy Caulk

      Skip bayless doesn’t know shit. Watch him talk ab the ufc, bruh. Sad when u realize these guys are truly talking heads and have no real insight

    53. American Cow

      my dad was the o coordinator and qb coach at dak’s high school. great video!!!

    54. William Roberson

      You from MS as well. Hell yeah. Been vibing to your video lately. I really enjoy your style. I've met Dak when he was at State. The man is incredibly humble and great.

    55. Marco Miranda

      Great video flo

    56. primeDecomposition

      The pervasive theme I see in these videos is the most freakishly athletic beastly bodied-up Herculean dudes constantly battling brutal injuries. I guess they don’t call it the Not For Long league for nothing. Got to make that bread as soon as you can, you only have a tiny window of opportunity if you’re lucky.

    57. buttnuggett59

      "Just because I can throw a ball far doesn't mean I don't have the same human emotions you do" PREACH! And the more you give the fans, the less satisfied the Skip Bayless types are ..

    58. Lil Yt

      Mississippi pride.

    59. Big Money

      My daughter's birthday is the same as his mom ill never forget that. 🙏

    60. Dusty Rhodes

      Great video do more cowboys in a big cowboys fan

    61. J

      I would love to see him come to New England... I never was a cowboys fan, but I respect players like Dak. He was on pace for 7,000 yards before that injury. But whatever happens, wherever he goes, I hope he gets a ring.

    62. Lone Maus

      Gonna get hate butttt, at least Dallas can now drafts good qb 🤭

    63. Yong Wilson

      Dak has earned my respect as a man, player, and team captain for our Cowboys! That extra yard he was going for was exactly the type of guy/player he is! He will be back next year with the Cowboys, Jerry n Stephen will sign him long term. The team isn’t the same without him. Praying he gets well n be better than ever....thanks for all you do! Aloha

    64. Michael Hay

      Another great video, man. I don't need a defense like "I'm a fan of X, but it still sucks to see him go down." Dude, he's a great guy, leader, and overall top notch human being. You should never wish injury on another player, period. Competitors want to play teams at full strength; you'll always wonder "what if" if you were to beat a team without their best player.

    65. Ryan Williams

      Lifetime Dallas hater, but much respect for Dak. Man is pure class and talent.

    66. jamari williams

      I absolutely love my quarterback get well soon QB1

    67. Lawrence Yap

      Thank you for this video I'm not a Cowboy fan and because of this I'm at least a Dak fan.

    68. Justy On YT

      I am from Mississippi

    69. Jeff Hamilton

      Do we make a video so great is that you're a storyteller when you listen you can actually feel the story but in this video yo makes you seem like more of a reporter than a storyteller u just don't have that passion your normal videos fo makes you seem like more of a reporter

    70. Da 6ixReactss

      Wow ah 25/27 TD/INT Ratio makes a prowbowl & yet all theses great players getting snubbed for guys who has the popularity. Pro bowl should strictly be stats 🗣💯


      Get well soon Dak

    72. Brickstun Ram

      Despise the cowboys, but I don’t wish this shit on anybody. Get well soon Dak bro

    73. Jason Travis

      I am a cowboys fan and i absolutely love dak my favorite cowboy of all time

    74. Willard Beggiani

      What part of the Sipp you from brotha

    75. Brod Pitts

      Thank you for being about more than football you are inspiring others and saving lives... I watch 3 of your vids a day man. I lost my My mother a month ago and I know most of the feelings you talked about dak living through. Thank you.

    76. Cale of Caledonia

      Always loved dak and I’m a packers fan. My mom passed 6 days after I turned 18 from the same cancer.

    77. Jose Paul Loor

      Dak I can take a look at your ankle and prevent that traumatic arthritis associated with your injury and initial repair

    78. Shota Toriumi

      Thank you for talking about men’s mental health. You hits the facts of the problem head on. It’s 2020 and time for us to admit we’re human and sometimes we need help. I retired from a career with a high suicide rate and I’m tired of losing friends. Big shout out for bringing it up to your platform.

    79. B M

      I just keep watching these videos cuz I love Flem. Good head on his shoulders. I want more rapid videos man!

    80. Boomer Sooner

      Where did you get that shirt?!!!

    81. Yianni Douris

      Jesus is king and our savior repent of sins so you can be saved How: Pray, and trust god Your souls at steak

    82. Juan Rodriguez

      But Dallas doesn’t have another Qb and Dak is proven

    83. ch0sen0neaus

      I fw dak more cuz of this I swear not talking bout dak but just in general it could be the most fucked up person and Flemlo could make him sound like able with his story telling skills good video tho bro 😂🔒

    84. Humble Dallas Fan

      The cowboys could be like the 2019 49ers next year. suffer a 3-13 2018 season after losing many players to injury, then beefing up their defense and WR while making a great Superbowl run. The good thing is they have the WRs and the talent, the bad thing is their defense is terrible and their coaching schemes are outdated while their GM is selfish. Mike McCarthy is no Kyle Shanahan. Jerry Jones is just an aged Dave Gettleman.

    85. Dynamic Solution

      Hopefully its just a cramp. -Tony Romo

    86. Kadyn’s Snake Adventure’s

      My Poor Cousin...😔

      1. Brickstun Ram

        Stop the 🧢

    87. Aj Luquette

      He was doing so well this season, only a couple games in and already making history. It's sad to see man

    88. Neil Crawford

      I am a huge cowboys fan this is so unfortunate for the cowboys and more importantly dak I really hope he gets well soon

    89. Timmy Thompson

      Bledsoe played in a time when defenders could play defense and Bledsoe had nowhere near the team Tampa did

    90. Ryan Evans

      He was drafted in 2016 not 2013 lol😂, but i love ur vids so much as an upcoming high school wide receiver

    91. Samsquanch 123

      Anyone remember the video Dak getting his ass kicked at spring break ? That's why he's not elite .

    92. David LoBon

      I enjoy your videos brother, keep them coming. P.S. I do not know what your team is, I am a packers fan all the way. Cheers

    93. Soolymacc

      I love em but hate them cowboys. Wishing him much success I’m definitely getting a Mississippi state jersey

    94. BloodyShot HVAC 22

      Dak is a below ave QB he’s not elite like pat, brees and Wentz Dak career is over and if he comes back he’s just gonna be a choke artist

    95. Johnny Tsunami

      If only my college professor would give us a what happened to NFL player prompt

    96. Mann Made

      Dak was tearing it up averaging 300 to 400 yrds A GAME and had to throw that much just to make games respectable b/c of the Cowboys historic SHITTY DEFENSE. He was the only player on the Cowboys that was KICKING ASS and without a contact extension. In the off season, the Cowboys need to trim some fat off this team.

    97. Eric Roth

      Skip Brainless is a better name

    98. Joziyah Nin

      Man it’s sad 😢 no one wants to see someone go down even if it’s your ravli or if you hate someone still no one should go down if a bad injury but that’s what the world is like

    99. Legendary1ne-


    100. maddogkilla1

      Is it just me or is my boy Flem lo lagging? Talkin bout a half second delay with the audio (when he talking on camera)