Unboxing A $4000 NFL Mystery Box (Autographed Gear From Some of My Favorite NFL Stars)

FlemLo Raps

131 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    Opening an NFL Mystery Box worth $4000 dollars. Thanks to Pristine Auction for sponsoring the video.
    Visit Pristine Auction here: www.pristineauction.com/ and use code "Flemlo10" to save $10 off your 1st invoice.
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    1. Eric Richie

      Good sh*t Carl (you said your real name) Black Cinnci helmet is hard But...what type of jerseys are those!?!? And I doubt Chad was/would rock Pony’s...

    2. Crayson Neeley

      The only time a bengals fan will hold the superbowl trophy

    3. Donovan Murphy

      the watson helmet 😔

    4. Joe Szilagyi

      I think you mean "the greatest* show on turf"...

    5. KneelBe


    6. Big Al

      The Bengals should switch to those black helmets. Those are dope

    7. eG Bio

      You could slide me the signed dhop jersey big dawg been a cards fan out the womb but fr woulda been done to see a signed Larry Fitzgerald jersey

    8. Logan R

      Would love to see more of these

    9. Austin Silva

      Those boxes are dope! Lol that cleat looks like something my cousin would rock in 8th grade flag football because his parents wouldn’t let him play contact

    10. EddiXP

      This was dope

    11. Mike Derr

      That mike evans autograph is my entire dream😭😭😭 that's my favorite player. FIRE THEM CANNONS BABY

    12. j c

      Cmom bro throw some gear our way. I'll take the flat black Chad Johnson helmet thx

    13. unknown

      can you pls give me the tae adams Jersey

      1. Naterthot

        Bruh you like 5 months too late 💀

    14. PolakSki18

      I’m so fucking jealous right now with all those bengals helmets especially the burrow helmet

    15. Crikker Jones

      Man you re gifted the Saints helmet to your wife??????? Yeah I would have done the same damn thing too!! 🤣🤣

    16. Shaddy Raw

      Hey bro , love the content . If you feeling generous i really need that mike Vick mini helmet 😅

      1. Shaddy Raw

        Bo Jackson jersey 😅

    17. matt cranford

      Daaaang at the Bo Jackson jersey...

    18. Yong Wilson

      Nice mystery box! Awesome

    19. Michael Basinger

      I'm not gonna lie, I thought ray Lewis sent you his signed murder weapon

    20. Michael Basinger

      Bro it's nice to be subscribed to a cincy fan. That helmet was sick b

    21. Brother Josh

      94 people hit dislike because they're jealous of watching another man be happy

    22. Brandon Labrie

      I NEED that Tua Jersey my man! FIRE!!🔥🔥🔥

    23. Otter

      Good Ole Tyler Boyd local boy. Always proud of the WPIAL kids making it.

    24. AnthonyReed

      Lmao!! While you were shaking the Lombardi box, “ya feeeeeeeeeel me”.

    25. CamDiggy 123

      Ok I wanna know how these ppl get these

    26. John Smith

      The best thing was the authentic team issue Rams signed Warner ball

    27. John Smith

      I just hate how they sign fake jerseys. The COA only covers the signature not the jersey, the “custom” jersey aka fake are so got damn ugly!

    28. John Smith

      Flem juiced up looking like LaRon Landry😂

    29. brock baker

      Thanks for getting me on pristine auctions ordered me a earl Campbell signed jersey I won

    30. joe biden's make a wish

      How much for the tua jersey

    31. Perisean Baltimore

      They hooked you up bro congrats

    32. JJ

      I got excited for you by watching this

    33. AntiKzGaming

      That Joey b helmet tho who Dey baby

    34. Bassing Through

      Tua leegoo!

    35. Joel C

      Love the channel! Not even into the NFL at all really but this channel is solid. Nice work.

    36. joe john2

      For 4G the helmets need to be real!!!

    37. its me

      Unfortunately I remember Kurt Warner n that rams team were monsters they beat my titans in the super bowl n crushed our dreams lol ..gotta give them there props .new subscriber here great channel and videos ..keep em up thanks

    38. Dylan Pierce

      I feel like they gave you a better box because they know you were going to advertise the box.

    39. Jordan Speer

      I'm jelly of the adams. Favorite player on my favorite team

    40. Adam Rasmussen

      I didnt really check the thumb, just saw $4000 NFL opening, and thought it was a cardbreak. But it was FlemLo, even better!

    41. Niko Tugas

      I know this video is older, but damn this was value. Congrats on getting all that cool Bengals gear bro 👍

    42. Philip Tucker

      That gear would be worth a lot more if it wasn’t Bungals gear 😂 Man yo wife gone be throwin it back FR once you give her that AK 41 signed mini helmet 🤔 😂

    43. MrMixItWidaSoda

      Imma need that Vick Helmet my dawg 😂

    44. Mr. Butch

      Your wife an absolute OG for lovin NOLA like that, respect

    45. Fat Dog

      So pristine is legit ? Some stuff almost seems to good to be true

    46. Justin Nguyen

      Love your vids man keep the grind up!

    47. Marvin Morris

      Bra, Bro, Bruh 😂

    48. Notorious B.U.G.

      Yo Flemlo! that hat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    49. Logan Quinn

      How do I get them to send me one of these, done watched so many you tubers get one.

    50. Joshua Pope

      You know you have to do antonio Browns career return lol

    51. Dylan Late For Work

      I would die for that ray ray!

    52. Daryle Zeno

      Bengals def need to switch to them matte black helmets and get some new all black jerseys with orange numbers/names. Shit would look dope! I do miss the 2 old Bengal logos tho. 🐯🐅

    53. isthatbre

      I’ma need the link to that Kobe hat. Shit is FIRE! 🔥

    54. Cxshkid_Kg

      i been watching flem for how long and i’m just learning his name is carl😳

    55. Austin Minnick

      Tyler boyd is duh GOAT

    56. Aerology

      Tyler Boyd is a Bills Mafia legend

    57. Pittsburgh Mason

      As a Pittsburgh fan I love Tyler Boyd go pitt

    58. M N

      I hope you get a Adam Gase autograph lol. That’s actually a shit ton of stuff for 4 grand. I’m impressed. That Tua Jersey is garbage though. Adams Jersey is fire. F Tua go Jets! (Yea I know we are the worst team in pro sports). Let me have my f Tua

    59. Tyler Henry


    60. Brice Miggletto

      Do a josh Rosen one

    61. TopClassVideoz412

      Bro those are collectors items I would have left them in the plastic or get on frame or boxed professionally and never touch them with your bare hands

    62. Cool man Dre

      Bro your arms are huge 💪🏿

    63. Cap Baby

      Ima jags fan an dont know how I literally just fell in love with there old logo

    64. Dre Tolbert

      FLEMLO 🗣 you think Stafford should go to Bengals ? Since burrow is down. And that’s a great vet there for him to learn from. Stafford pretty beast mode

    65. Nate

      Bruh the Adams jersey lemme hold that 😂🔥 go pack go

    66. SlicingDicingGamingEntertainment

      The black Bengals helmet is so hard.. They need to use those 🔥🔥🔥

    67. Donald G Allen

      Only reason your not a sports cat ( I'm 65 that's old school jargon) on TV is your too real. Keep it up it'll pay off when your time comes. Stay true.

    68. inmykitchen

      Definitely a dope ass gift box, big upps guy.

    69. AYO B

      “Who dat ihhh!” Flem randomly talking hella southern for a second

    70. Copblock312

      that vick helmet i geeked loved him on the dirty birds

    71. Justin Nance

      IMAGINE if they actually wore that helmet

    72. Justin Nance

      so easy to root for u bruh

    73. Mr Dude

      Been a fan for a minute now, and seeing as jazzed as you are in this vid brings a smile to my face. Just know your channel makes a positive impact. Much respect.

    74. Jason Cox


    75. Ryan Maupin

      Dude please do dante hall. Please please. One of the best return men to ever do it

    76. SFJ BRO

      Yoooo. Huge fan. You're a beast at your craft fr fr. I hope you're enjoying your holiday season. Just writing to humbly request a MUSCLE HAMSTER (Doug Martin) what happened to video. One of my favorite backs of the last decade.

    77. ivan S.

      Man Brees helmet!! Is sick. How are u not going to be as hyped for that one

    78. Mark Olson

      Do a video on UNLV QB Jason Thomas. Dude was the “left handed version” of Dante Culpepper and never materialized

    79. Mitchell Apple

      Damn Flemo, you got some guns

    80. Loopy Wander

      Ayo do a vid on the carson wentz

    81. sam brown

      Please throw some shad and show some love to the Arizona Cardinals, my FAVORITE team; The bad news bears of the NFL. Topics can include- Kurt Warner takes a team like that to bowl for the first time in ages, Larry Fitz, a franchise player and captain. Was all that time wasted spent with AZ, and why are the Cardnals so bad, year after year? Brah, I think you're the only person who can pull off a video like this and make it good.

    82. Tevin Mosby

      flemlo do one on the guy gilbert arenas pulled a gun on i heard he went crazy

    83. Jack Daniels

      Oh man! I can only imagine the excitement but damn i think I leggit jumped out my seat when you got the Honey Badger jersey, dammnnn that was sweet. I've been a die hard KC fan since the 90's despite my origin in north east Ohio.

    84. Jackson

      What happened to boobie miles? Have you done that video before i always wondered

    85. zakaria osman

      Can you do a what happened to mike Wallace video

    86. TheLoneWolf19

      Gotta hear the story of Chad Johnson with your format at some point. Legendary content right there

    87. NonTypicalGamer

      You are as old as my mom

    88. NonTypicalGamer

      Anyone else love this mans voice ❤️ Thanks for posting dude love the vids 🙏

    89. A B

      Do a video about what happens to Darko Milicic.

    90. GTD

      What happened to Cory grant? The speed demon out of auburn that was a duo with tre mason!

    91. Jay & Dre

      “What Ever Happened To Miles Austin”

      1. Chris AnWatchMeWork

        Retired after................. yea, he retired lol

    92. Brilliance Swift Football class of 2021

      Hey flemlo can you do a video on Ben Bartch a D3 football player drafted in the fourth round of this year's draft

      1. P


      2. P

        St johns

    93. M.O.B Doodunk

      Gotta do a what happened to Cortland Finnegan

    94. Bryon Faith

      It feels like I’m watching a kid on Christmas

    95. TGELMER

      Ik this got nothing to to with this but can you explain what happen to Justin mcmillan play for LSU and Tulane I meet his this week and he looks like a good qb can you explain to me what happen to him ?

    96. Matt S

      Is there other websites where I can buy signed jersey’s? Not a fan of the auctions.

    97. Josiah Woods

      The Cincinnati Bengals are the best football team in the NFL

    98. MR. 3jays

      Jordan Jefferies LSU

    99. Savage Truth

      Bye bye Bengals cursed my friend

    100. oscar quinonez

      Your bengals team is trash. Like really trash.