He Was The NEXT MEGATRON on Paper, But Things Didn't Work Out. (What Happened to WR Matt Jones?)

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    NFL WR Matt Jones Once Looked like the Next Calvin Johnson.
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      1. bmj2k7

        To be fair, his qb was garbage in Jax.

      2. TheBurningIssue313

        The title of this video makes no sense

      3. Vanilla Theis

        If you haven't already you should do one of these videos for Justin Blackmon

      4. Patrick Rieves

        Man matt jones wasn't even that athletic lol maybe for a qb but he was like a mobile ryan mallet.

      5. Jahn Peezy

        Do wheatley u of m best running back inkster robichaud n Detroit area legend. Plenty hardship in his family brother in law I think federally indicted

    2. Diontre McLoyd

      I swear I come here thinking “ oh this was ol boy from NCAA 10, I was wondering where he went”

    3. robert bankins

      The Jags just have a bad track record when comes to drafting receivers but are getting better at

    4. AttilatheThrilla

      Dude should’ve stuck to Basketball 🤷‍♂️

    5. Wrex1 Kettles

      2:05 You're welcome

    6. The Back Row Fantasy Show

      Great video

    7. dsfddsgh

      Comparing him to Megatron is just idiotic. He wasn't even a college wide receiver he played QB. Megatron was a two time All American as a wide receiver while this dude may have had some skills it takes more then size and speed to be great plus he never played against elite competition as a receiver unless you consider high school as elite.

    8. Courtney Wesley

      Oh and he was a QB - players rarely convert position that late into their career and have success at the highest level where you don't have time to fail while figuring it out

    9. Supra.lover

      Metcalf isn’t another Megatron. He’s the first Metcalf.

    10. Robert Smith

      A white dude ran a 4.3?

    11. TJ Fowler

      No one can be Megatron!!! Starscream tried and died!!!! All Hail Megatron!

    12. Sally Forth

      Would love to get your input on Rich Gannon. Keep putting out amazing content!

    13. J J

      Yo fr if you remember dude was fun af to use on madden. I had him on a few my teams trade wise.

    14. Whitslebink Zaffrey

      The reason I even started watching KGup was the no commercials. Lol. Will there be commercials in books one day?

      1. Whitslebink Zaffrey

        But I can skip it too. So why complain.

    15. Against The Majority

      So you get stopped with your NFL buddy and don't take the charge might as well be riding in a party bus with strangers who just want 2 leach off someone in the league

    16. Mark Pfeifer

      You are a great story teller, FlemLo!

    17. Roland Bishop

      This is my third comment on this video because It really breaks my heart to see the best athletes throw their careers away because of drugs so it’s only right that I say my piece and I’ll try to keep it short as possible Flem and others that may come across this comment section ...I grew up in East and West Baltimore City and 3 of my family members died from overdose & not to mention MANY other family members gone too soon but the most devastating death that I’ve ever had to deal with was the death of my baby brother PHILLIP GADDY AKA“Boobie or Little Phil he was born a football star we came from a sports family and neighborhood, literally a few doors down lived Shaquille Barrett also in my community lived Aquille Carr Josh Selby Cleveland Melvin & Tavon Austin just to name a few (if you don’t know these names KGup or google ,I didn’t really get to know Tavon Personally but the other guys we all played against or with each other very often ....... HOWEVER Lil Phil’s first year ever playing pee wee football between the age of 5-6 he scored 21 touchdowns And he had a very successful career at that level but when he went to high school as a freshman he started using drugs started off smoking weed then taking pills and methadone ..... He died at the age of 21due to overdose ...I was deeply devastated and I will never forget that day ,I was in the middle of coaching a little league championship game when I got the call and I wish he was anywhere but in a grave right now ...before I watched this video I watched the Johnny Manziel video and I don’t wish jail on anyone but I kinda felt Johnny’s father on that comment that he made ... it’s only but so much that you can do or say when your friends or family members have a drug addiction ,and you can’t make a person change they have to be ready and willing to make a change for the good !!! 😢😢🥺🥺😭😭😢😢 Rest In Peace and Rest in paradise Lil bro 12-30-94 - 11-1-2015 🤲🏾 🙌🏾 🙏🏾

    18. Roland Bishop

      I’m glad Darren Waller turned his life around but being a RAVENS fan I’m mad as hell because he’s supposed to be with us CMON MAN DAMN !!!

      1. Obese Taco

        As a browns fan, thank fucking GOD

    19. Roland Bishop

      I remember him he was pretty decent but playing in the NFL is a privilege and you have to take your job seriously or else you’re 🔥 just like any other job !!! I hate to see the best athletes throw their careers away just because they simply wanted to get high ... just throw away your childhood dreams for drugs !!! I know deep down inside they have to regret it !!!

    20. Marcus Rhineheart

      I actually grew up about 45 minutes from him, although he was 3 years behind me as far as graduating class. In high school I think he was actually better in basketball than football. I did get a chance to meet him during his freshman year at UA, and the guy is either really dumb, or there are some ADD issues there. I'm not surprised he was drafted high due to athleticism, and at the same time not surprised he didn't stay in the league very long. His overall attitude/mental state was I believe a huge reason he didn't stick around as well

    21. nater2408

      How was the supposed to be the next Megatron when he started his career before Megatron?

    22. Chris Hejduk

      His numbers were actually much better than I remember. Also didn't know he played QB in college. That being said, I wouldn't consider him a bust like I thought year ago. Love your videos!

    23. Cory Novacek

      Metcalf is the next calvin Johnson

    24. Drizzydrei

      From the thumbnail I thought it was garden minshew

    25. Nick Scheidt

      Jesus loves you

    26. Peter Gore

      Dude should have sticked with basketball

    27. Jeremy A

      I guess the title “He could have been Megatron before Megatron was Megatron” is a bit clunky.

    28. Greis Prifti

      The pink need biologically strip because vault bailly scratch underneath a wrathful property. important, small bedroom

    29. Mikey Killer

      Flemo the goat

    30. Marcus Guillen

      Ur vids are racist!

    31. Marcus Guillen

      Ur vids are racist!

    32. Focus716

      lmaoooooooo you was right i woulda never guessed that shit

    33. Focus716

      Holy shit i FORGOT about this dude till right now

    34. Philip Smith

      Your info is great but the rest ?


      Yet another RUNNING QB ruined by the NFL!

    36. Raven

      How can he be the next if he was before?

    37. Raider Fan

      This was the dude in madden to get in a fantasy dynasty draft

    38. Mobile Gamer Dude

      Maybe it's cause I'm too young or something but how was this dude the Next Megatron if Calvin Johnson was drafted afterwards? And yes I am also aware of Megatron the transformer who was around since the 80s.

    39. E BANKS

      I remember him

    40. Greg Matusky

      Why isn't this guy on ESPN? He's a great story teller.

    41. Michael Lucas

      What a waste of talent

    42. Roland Kennedy

      You cant be the next Megatron before Megatron.

    43. Anthony Phung

      The well-off feeling spectacularly repeat because cement recently slip amid a roasted jasmine. rhetorical, bustling pasta

    44. YourMajestyGaming

      I still have his jersey damn shame he didn't work out for us. :/

    45. Clay Robert

      What were these “illegal substances”? Probably cannabis.. Fucking ridiculous bullshit to ruin this man’s career over that.

    46. Joshua Thomas

      Was never gonna be the 1st or the next Megatron lol

    47. Alex Booth

      Fred and Tim Barnett Both from Rosedale Mississippi Went to West Bolivar/Rosedale high school

    48. Mister Myself

      He was a QB. Beat top schools like Texas with a mid level Arkansas team. They tried TE and a bunch of other stuff before WR. Hes just a White-Black QB. Thats what theyve done to other players for years. Wish he could of made it.

    49. Victor Hardin

      Cocaine is a helluva drug

    50. Mike Abel

      This guy was supposed to be the next Megatron just like Larry Bird was supposed to be the next Adam Morrison.

    51. //// AMG

      His college QB stats basically prove he isn’t a QB at next level. Damn he was pretty good at basketball. Probably would of been great SF

    52. Caleb Chan

      what happened to jordy nelson

    53. Michael J

      Damn. That's gotta be a Top 2 white boy 40 speed

    54. Ethan McGriff

      Matt messed up his shoulder in college. was never the same throwing the football and got into some drug problems. he just wants to live quietly now which is why he is no longer on the radio. If he woulda came out in 2010 he woulda been a quarterback. dude was one of the most gifted athletes I have ever seen.

    55. Joe Montez

      I once played against this dude in a flag football tournament the league we played in clearly said no ex NFL players but we played them in the ship and they told us do we want to play against him we said yes fuck it lets ball. (Big mistake) bro they won by a td but I remember one play i caught a open catch and I was a 4.5 guy at the time I caught a pass with 40 yards with space I had to run 20 yards with plenty of distance between me and a defender and Matt Jones halked me down and he wasn't the defender close,straight dawg!

    56. Part Time Dog

      He was hella good at Arkansas

    57. Mike Resse

      I think it started with the relationship with his father

    58. TheSBleeder

      It was the mustache that got him.

    59. BackyardBirder HD

      I just pulled up a bunch of pics of him on google images, and it's obvious he didn't take the requisite steroids/PEDs required to perform in the NFL.

    60. Kyle Benbow


    61. russellmorris52

      How was he e next megatron if he was in the league before megatron lol

    62. Nicholas Bruno

      VERY interesting story,...

    63. rickydlp


    64. Grande Oso

      He's one of franchise mode's hidden gems in Madden 06. Sad.

    65. Rumond Cooper

      Can you do a video on former Auburn running back Kenny Irons?🤷🏾‍♂️

    66. joe blow

      A lot more to being a WR than just being big and fast. Matt Jones was a project and a risk. the comparison to Megatron is inappropriate.

    67. Joshua Traffanstedt

      Theres a mental aspect to the game like with anything. The NBA is another fine example of two people with similar skillsets having two completely different careers.

    68. Matt Neswick

      That backdrop beat is fire! What’s the name of the song?

    69. Boogieman Urioste

      Roy jones boxes bro 🤣

    70. MAXdaWISE

      I used to kill people in the Madden with this guy.

    71. SlicK DollaS'864

      Didnt He Play With Darren McFadden and Felix Jones?

    72. Levi Pat Brink

      Metcalf ?

    73. Duke Madison Show

      Former QB as well

    74. windycity 8258

      What do you say before every video?

    75. n0229800

      Dude your videos are fantastic. Keep it up!

    76. Manj Sher

      Kudo can you give us your take on Aaron Hernandez? Cheers.

    77. Jhause 9

      Cam made the right decision going QB but can you imagine him as WR??

    78. Andrew McClintock

      The changing moustache color has me asking some questions

    79. dc7236

      Quick Fun Fact. Hes such a jock..in highschool he actually slept thru a tornado!... While everyone else went and took cover he was in the back of the class sleep. Damage was done to the school... And everyone was freaking out., when it was all over they had to wake him up and tell him what happened.,, looking back on it..HE WAS PROBALY JUST HIGH

    80. GrapplingIgnorance

      This video is exceptionally well researched and presented. Bravo.

    81. Joe Miles

      Im from Little Rock, I know ppl thay worked with him and played golf with him. He liked to smoke weed. If he played today it would be an issue. True he wasn't super motivated to stay in the NFL. He had money and was happy smoking and playing golf.

    82. Joe Smith

      You may hate some athletes you see. But to be a professional athlete it takes so much self control spiritual, mental and physical.

    83. TyTy

      Dude loved that booger sugar.

    84. Derek Hageman

      Never heard of this guy, cool vid Flemlo✊🏽

    85. Darth Dingus

      Bro, I have always played madden and used the Jaguars because of my namesake. Matt Jones was too good to do nothing. If only jacksonville got a half decent quarterback

    86. Win some Lose some

      Looked like Joe burrow lol

    87. Conan The Barbarian

      Woo pig Sooie

    88. Derek Stevens

      Seems like a good anti drug PSA if you ask me the nfl doesn't have a shortage of those

    89. Colby Hill

      Thinking about it, this would be such a raiders pick if they fell to them

    90. Basem Ali

      The awesome multi-hop regretfully park because porcupine explicitly mug qua a dizzy open. unarmed, madly friend

    91. Shorty Shorty

      Megatron and Matt Jones has the same problem drugs which lead to lack of motivation.

    92. D.O.A_ Unpossibles

      Always looked like he was running slow but each stride was so long.

    93. Ryan Stylez

      Next Megatron? He was drafted a year before Calvin Johnson. Get your facts straight dummy

    94. lord manshaft

      6:14 Damn, Jared Lorenzen, that's a blast from the past.

    95. Adam Knowles

      matt jones was unstoppable in madden

    96. Neverland System

      Matt Jones had massive heart at Arkansas, but sometimes was more self-destructive than productive. If he only had a better coach... Houston Nutt sucked.

    97. Assmosis

      Mans got some weird hands

    98. Ryan Morton

      at 7:30 running past a texas db with the horns down perfect picture

    99. Carl Mccord

      Dude slick putting in work compiling all the info that goes into this, nevermind doing all the video work, just wana say I'm a fan of yo work & thank you for what you do..! Its high class & well presented, & the best source for info on players & their personal paths... keep it up

    100. Swolehiphophead

      I had no idea that was Matt Jones in the thumbnail. With that mustache I thought he was some player from the seventies