What Happened To Plaxico Burress? (Accidentally Tainted His Own Legacy)

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    Plaxico Burress gets forgotten about in NFL history. But he was truly one of the best WRs I've ever watched. He mad an unfortunate mistake that took his career in a different direction. Today we take a look back.
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      1. GCS Raptor

        Maybe 1 year and a half. Community service. Big fine

      2. KILO-DA-GREAT

        I thank you for putting him on the spot light he was one of the best

      3. Richard Jones

        Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

      4. jesse krussell

        No biggie, but it says he had 13 targets and 11 receptions in NFC championship.

      5. John Charlie

        Simon ese

    2. Q Pope

      Bro a lot of things was going on at that time besides that NFL players was getting robbed looking back now it was a terrible injustice

    3. Neverland System

      Glocks have an in-the-trigger safety, so he had to have pulled the trigger when he caught it. Ouch. Bad luck. But for real, that punishment minimum for self-harming with NO other victim, is too much.

    4. Civor63

      The mayor’s stance was one of those uninformed and ergo racial decision. He couldn’t have made this error had he took time to get his facts straight or put himself on the offender’s shoes momentarily ( this is good to test the rationality and the wisdom of the punishment being meted to an act. Think of the situation where you’re caught in a helpless situation watching your friends die, not to mention that your life was almost taken too. The unfortunate event did not happen out of him getting in any form of aggressive behaviour!!!!!!!! He wasn’t reaching for it, it fell!!!!!!!! You could have just given him the maximum fine!!!!!!!

    5. Josh Noel

      ITS FREEKIN LAUGHABLE MAN!!!!!!!!!!! Anything that happens with led and gunpowder they jump at the chance to take it from ya...if you cant defend yourself then the government local or federal can push what ever jive they want...real talk.....NFL??? Its a shame the organization and commish wont support the guys and their fams ...Shoot remember RAy Rice..

    6. Benny Broom

      The gun was registered in plaxicos name. He carried it for protection not gang banging. He should’ve gotten fckn probation at worst

    7. whatwherethere

      Plaxico should have not received any penalty for carrying a gun. 2 Years is BS.

    8. Transportation Development Group LLC

      Plaxico should have not received any penalty for carrying a gun. The second amendment of the constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. As long as you don't hurt anyone, there is not crime under common law. The fact that he went to prison for this is reprehensible, and it is one of the signs of the onset of the police state that is out of control today.

    9. Brian Allison

      Leave it to a shady politician like Bloomberg to have the audacity to suggest someone be punished to the full extent of the law.

    10. David Lee

      Humiliation of the situation and time off your career was more then enough to me

    11. Caius Keys

      Cue the Wayne!

    12. SickeningMisfit 98

      Awesome video. Very informative and multidimensional. God Bless , bro.

    13. Yaj Vance

      They could have sentenced him like 3 months max 6 months tbh

    14. Cameron Cox

      I'd say that based on what happened that he should probably just have to face a fine

    15. blank3y bob

      I think a fine a gun safety course and community service would be appropriate. If the gun isn’t registered that would change

    16. Dave Kendall

      Video starts at 2:16

    17. 효주이

      The tangible seed family post because dahlia quickly inform notwithstanding a numerous textbook. lacking, garrulous specialist

    18. Red Herring

      That's some bullstuff. 2 damn years of his life. Wow, the system is so trash.

    19. Joseph Flein

      The strong larch covalently arrive because dinghy hopefully join barring a unkempt employee. protective, unaccountable action

    20. iTza TrAVisT

      Shit happens man..fuck this overreaching government at best this should have been an unlawful discharge of a fireman within city limits..but i guess thats why i choose to not live in one of our communist states of america...

    21. James Brown

      Community service, a class on firearm use and pass the actual stuff you need for NY and then also suspend him for 4-6 games for making the league look bad. That’s what the punishment should have been.

    22. Melly G

      Have you ever done a JaMarcus Russell vid, bro?

    23. Nick James

      My guy should have been fined and some community service

    24. Power BaCKinBLaCK

      I can't believe how many receivers Roethlisberger has helped develop into super bowl winners.

    25. pitts6900

      Lol I forgot about that rookie mistake

    26. Patrick Prun

      If he has no priors. Probation for 2 years and some fines

    27. Ryan McCarthy

      3:40 Why exactly Plaxico's coach waited until after he had already left the program to tell him he was getting these offers, I have no idea.

    28. SoC MARINE2000 #30

      At least 3 years of probation with firearms

    29. Body of Truth

      And yet, black Americans continue to vote democrat. It's like they want to paint themselves into a corner.

    30. Body of Truth

      Okay. The "adults" around you struggle, so you don't try at school? The cycle of stupidity repeats. Million dollar body, 2 cent brain.

      1. mitchell mcfarland

        I was pondering this exact thing during this video. I don't understand that mindset.

    31. Josh Wyble

      The fact that he was not committing a crime against anyone and he shot himself should be enough to let him get by with a fine and worst case probation.

    32. Slade Gillentine

      10 months cause nobody was hurt other than him, it was an accident, and like that isn’t to bad cause like I said it was an accident. But I’m only 12 so like

    33. Karen Wilson

      I think he should have been given a citation for unregistered weapon and discharge of a weapon, and probation. He had no priors.

    34. Keith Craig

      I’m so glad he made himself knowledgeable on firearms before making this video ✊🏿

    35. Joseph Brandon

      2 years probation, fines, that’s it.

    36. Joseph Brandon

      I grew up poor, in one of the worst neighborhoods in the country, and no one I know took school even a little bit seriously. When the thought of going to college is as unrealistic as winning the lottery, it’s hard to stay motivated.

    37. Aiden Hayes

      Nothing all crimes are circumstantial

    38. Austin leonard

      Plaxico's injury reminds me of AJ Brown this past season - dude was always not practicing, but would ball out on sunday.

    39. dimondrares aj

      Yo Flemlo, can u please do a What happened to Darrell Jackson (WR For Seahawks 2001-2006)

    40. J Campezzi

      He's was an Adult and responsible for his action. He was carrying a gun illegally. He was carrying a concealed weapon. He was negligible the way he was carrying a firearm. His gun went off in public place. His sentence could have been a lot worse. If it was any ordinary person we would had it worse.

    41. Aaron Stallworth

      Considering the situation, and the fact that he shot himself, he should’ve gotten probation and a fine. The wound is enough of a punishment

    42. Guerrin Rogers

      Do what happened Vince Young

    43. Guerrin Rogers

      S/o to the first day of school fit

    44. 091744

      so good ... love this channel

    45. Y C

      It seems that you work pretty hard to sound black. Don’t worry, people can tell you’re black just by looking at you.

    46. Josh Bless

      GREEN RUN!!

    47. James Stack

      I won't be the first to say this but Bloomberg is racist as fuck.

    48. John Gibson

      Ridiculous punishment

    49. christopher nealy with d

      Flemlo is back

    50. Zachary althouse

      Does that manscape make the ol Johnson look bigger

    51. Zachary althouse

      This is my new favorite KGup channel

    52. Raphael Joseph

      That was bullshit!!! Not a crime, negligence definitely. All that fuckery was racially motivated IMO

    53. Xmetal

      even back then my intial thought was that the charge (not that he was held accountable alone) was BULLSHIT ... I mean give him a slap on the wrist or something ... no jail time and say "take a gun safety/training class" .... 2 years for shooting yourself by accident? ... that is still bullshit to me

    54. the psyc_one

      Hold on if I hit my finger while hammering a nail, do I go to jail,? Not that I've ever done that.

    55. Cameron

      Probation and or max 30-90 days max.. maybe take away his ability to own a handgun for a while..

    56. impyboi

      2 years seems beyond what the maximum sentence should be for the crime. If you actually give a fuck, give him punishment in jail NOT prison, and issue a mandatory requirement to undergo training for safe concealed carry

    57. impyboi

      15 years? Lol foh

    58. Kyle Landgren

      I respect you that much more because you either know about firearms or did you're research and didn't make it political.

    59. Song Dog Sniper

      Really enjoy your shows, they really carry to the fans and there are some real life lessons in them. Thanks.

    60. Cale of Caledonia

      I didn’t realize that he had a glock, at the time I was a freshman in college so I didn’t pay all that much attention to it just heard he shot him self. Fast forward many years been working in law enforcement for 5 and it makes sense now what happened. Glock is my choice for duty because of the fact it has no safety. You’re finger and technique are the safety. Not the type of gun for a waist band.

    61. douglepong

      Courts are racist. 2 years for shooting yourself with a firearm that's licensed?.. No he should not have gone to jail. Celebrity or not. Maybe getting fined for an expired firearm. Sure. Maybe even community service. Jail time?.. Are people going to get charged for assault when they cut themselves??..

    62. DukesMusic

      Giants fans remember the Plax era (pre-club) fondly. Still rebuilding, although we getting closer to being back in the next few years.

    63. Irish Mule69

      Where the fk was Moses and the NRA on this ??? Oh that’s right it’s a black guy with a gun.. they only give a fk about white guys constitutional 2nd amendment rights !! Republicans only care about white constitutional rulings !!!

    64. gersonislas

      Met Plaxico in Vegas after his playing days where over. Really nice and humble guy. We shared a few laughs and was super cool when I asked to take a picture with him

    65. micky mccoy

      Waist Band? Why? So foolish to even go out drinking with a hand gun, just asking for trouble.

    66. Pablo Martinez Jr

      Honestly think he should of just gotten a few months. There’s people that actually intentionally kill some one and get less then 15 years because they take a plea deal

    67. charlie olds

      The concerned athlete specifically clean because hardware conceivably match midst a agreeable teacher. petite, wise flame

    68. Callie Duval

      He didn't get to be a sports broadcaster like everyone else?

    69. Thomas Neale

      Probation, not allowed to own a fire arm for a while? a few years? maybe 3-5 years?

    70. The Tillman Sneaker Review

      In his case, he should have been placed on probation AND required gun handling class AND teach a gun handlers' class while monitored by an expert.

    71. Nate Soto

      That was the best Manscaped ad I've ever heard! Valentine's Day..... This'll come in clutch!🤣🤣🤣 ain't lyin!

    72. NO SAINTS

      Don’t need a permit to buy or own a gun in FL, nor is there a registration. You do need a permit to carry a gun concealed, though a FL permit is not recognized in NY. So it wouldn’t matter if it was expired. Love your shows. Gun registration will lead to confiscation.

    73. Richard on Dauntless

      Ridiculous. Two years for shooting himself. Not really fair.

    74. TheFigureCollector101

      His punishment was way to harsh. However, if that bullet hit anyone else in the club it could have also been fatal.

    75. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    76. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    77. Eric Laramie

      I'm naming my cat Plaxico Purress.

    78. Jack Daniels

      Leggit probation 1 maybe 2 years. He didnt deserve that man. Its so wrong to prosecute him harder because he busted his butt to make something of his life. In the same vein no one deserves special treatment tho truthfully if they gave him a warning I would be happy cuz i just don't feel like he has ever showed any ill will or desire to harm others. Thats me tho.

    79. Drew Mow

      Two years for not shooting no one. Bruh. C'mon. Dude needed to pay a fine and be fine. If you don't harm someone no real crime was committed. How'd talib get away with the same thing. I can't stand that thug and he don't even get suspended by the league. Damn. Upside down world

    80. asonunique419

      I feel bad Flem I haven't watched one of your videos in a min , still the same fire content as usual, one of the most underrated KGuprs out there

    81. Grumpy Pistachio

      That’s a damn shame. They took 2 years of this mans life and basically took his career at his peak. That’s Bloomberg for you. Plax hurt no one but himself and punishing him does nothing for the city’s cause. People who want to illegally carry a gun, are going to do just that. Punishing Plax isn’t going to make them change their mind. Sad situation.

    82. Mike Minutillo

      I'm in Jersey. I remember this, and it was BS. Bloomberg was just grandstanding, it was just ridiculous and wrong. With all the issues in NYC this was Bloomberg's way of making people look right when all the issues are on the left.

    83. Ian Wellhousen

      I think the punishment should have been paying a couple millions in fines and losing his right to get a gun license in any state. At the most 3 months of jail should have been it. The precedent for the charge is terrible with a 3 to 15 year sentence. There was no need to ruin Plaxico over this mishap. Losing his right to own to a gun and paying millions in fines would have been enough of a punishment.

    84. Capps Eddie

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    85. Kevin Vest

      His punishment was extreme but be smarter folks. Especially in a state like NY.

    86. Kevin Vest

      I’m hard on Plaxico for ruining the opportunity people dream of but Bloomberg is a total piece of sh!t! There’s no reason to be so hard on somebody for an accident. Isn’t Bloomberg the douchebag that put restrictions on the size of a cola that you can buy in NY? I’m sure he is..what a Nazi!

    87. Kevin Vest

      “Self inflicted” would imply intent. As I remember, this dumb-ass accidentally discharged his firearm. What an idiot😉

    88. Skynyrd Jesus

      Gotta love the irony that if it had been a white dude that shot someone else dude would be scrambling to protect gun rights. Black dude shoots himself, throw him in prison. Alright Bloomberg

    89. jmpayne333

      If he wasn’t in New York he wouldn’t have got in any trouble, if you shoot yourself that should be penalty enough. Stupid New York gun laws.

    90. Dachoosen1 Mywaymyworld

      Hell everybody knowing he shot hisself is enough punishment he didn’t hurt nobody but him smfh

    91. RAY RAY

      He should have gotten only probation.

    92. Dustin Zhu

      Fuck Mike Bloomberg

    93. Ken Tonn

      Love these videos man and I’m not even a die hard sports guy! You do a great job! Keep it up and hope you reach a million subs soon! 👊🏻🙌🏻👍🏻


      probation if said person has no violent crime history & hurt no one but himself & there no intention to harm others but just protech himself probation all day.

    95. TTg Giggles

      I thought he wore number 1 at Michigan state

    96. bobbycone2

      I'd say 6 months and 2 years probation for a gun charge like that. People need to be responsible with their weapons and he wasn't. 2 years too much. Definitely not 15 years. That's rediculous!

    97. American Kulak

      What a scumbag. Here's a guy who shoots himself after flaunting the law. Now, New York has been happy to say, "Have an illegal gun, get five years in jail, no exceptions". But what happens? Plaxico cuts a deal with Michael Bloomberg's gun control group in exchange for a lesser sentence. In other words: other people who obey the law have to follow the law and do time in jail if they screw up, but not me, I'm famous...and that's why I'm telling you that you shouldn't have guns.

    98. Tom Hardy

      BRUUUUUUH!!!! You to good at this. You need a T.V deal 😆

    99. Mitchell Daniel Smith

      17:50 I think shooting himself was punishment enough. Lesson learned am I right?

    100. Chris Pap

      I can look at it both ways, yes he only shot himself, but also what if when it discharged a single mom with 3 kids gets a rare night out cause it’s her sisters birthday and it hits and kills her. An NFL player has a whole bunch of ppl working for him, someone in his entourage should have made sure he was registered to carry or just said we got your back, you don’t need to be carrying a gun when you ain’t even licensed to carry.