Its 100% For Real This Time! EA Announces Return of CFB Video Games with EA Sports College Football!

FlemLo Raps

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    1. John Schultz

      Ultimate team with classic college players will get me to spend money on micro transactions.

    2. Andre Patterson

      The game needs a real college atmosphere and I think the game will be great. The college game is different from the NFL. The college game has to be different. It will the best if they get to put the players names in the game. I was a college football game fan and now I just play MLB THE SHOW because Madden suck. I really happy this game is coming back.

    3. Verissimus

      So cool that CFB is coming back. I originally found your channel in like 2011 2012 when you were making CFB videos. I specifically remember when you started writing backstories for your recruits. Was so entertaining. Glad to see you evolved and still grow your channel and so happy for the diehards like you that the game is coming back. Best of luck man.

    4. Alexander Love

      yoooo when’s the last time anyone’s heard from Malik Zaire?

    5. Kyle Blessing

      Just being able to play dynasty will be amazing. I loved being able to recuit and build a dynasty. Franchise mode in madden is to easy. Once you get a good qb in madden your set for years

    6. Top jefe

      Omg they have to do something with past players that we missed out on!!

    7. Tecal Holiday

      Imma need your twitch

    8. Daniel Bush

      They made the games every year. Why can’t they drop it in a year now

    9. Kevin Schoenfelt

      I hope to GOD they do this game right. Time to rebuild the Nebraska triple option dynasty.

    10. Optic Stainless

      Plus if they have custom rosters they’ll be there

    11. Cale of Caledonia

      I agree with you on the micro transactions, they need to be worth it but not break the game. They should limit the looks of the players and make some sweet looks like faces makes and stuff as one. Guaranteed people would buy.

    12. nostalgia cartoons

      import draft classes and my player to madden

    13. Legend 24

      About time, I thought this day would never come.

    14. thecricketeer301

      Can we officially give this man a Cincinnati citizenship like damn

      1. thecricketeer301

        Nvm he plain as Akron get em outta here

    15. Austin Silva

      Just started watching you brother and I’m eating up all your videos. Your point of view is spot on and it’s a plus you’re a Bengals fan! The editing and writing is far and away better than almost all other productions I have watched! Keep up the great work and you know I’ll be hitting you up online for some NCAA matches in the future! ✌️

    16. Gregory Wilkins

      Bring Mach Madness back!!!!

    17. Michael Blount

      For me it's all about the game play and playing out matches between schools before they go head to head on Saturdays.. But the game play, please lord don't let them ruin it like they did in Madden. NCAA was always the choice over Madden because of how smooth it was to control the players.

    18. G. ILLISH

      Notre Dame said they wont be in the game some type of licensing you should see if this is facts? Drafting is big in the collage gam my fave-part i also liked when u could import the collage roster to madden

    19. VillesMostHated

      I’m hyped. It I’d be more hyped if EA wasn’t making it

    20. Wil McClain

      Now I can look forward to getting a PS5

    21. Troy Caldwell

      Notre Dame, N Western, Tulane opting out of game because they say the players should be compensated. Comical, these Colleges make bank on the backs of players. I wish a triple A developer would make a college football game using made up colleges. I just want to play a good college football game. I don't care if it involves fictional colleges.

    22. Alex Rotman

      flemlo lowkey startin to sound like deshawn watson lol👀👀👀

    23. atrain132

      I've been playing both of these games since their existence. NCAA always had different gameplay, and overall a different feel vs Madden. I don't think they would give us Madden with a college look. If so, I'd be out permanently in a heartbeat.

    24. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    25. Christopher

      They better not fuck this up.

    26. Michael White

      Wut.....I guess IMMACULATE WAS a BUST BOI....

    27. Paul Sebastian

      Kee doing what u do flemlo love your videos!

    28. Seth Huntley

      Would be dope if they put D-2 teams on it as well.

    29. Austin Hamby

      Question: What is going to happen with the other game, Gridiron Champions?

    30. Cade M

      Bruh you should play face of the franchise in madden 21. It’s predetermined but depending on how you do it can change the story a lot.

    31. Troy Caldwell

      does anyone remember which college football game allowed you to select a playoff system? if I recall correctly, it was an eight team tourney. It was one of the earlier college football games.

    32. Lee85

      I like playing on the line

    33. Allen Darby

      They need to put HBCU schools in this game too like they did in ncca football 2005 With larry Fitzgerald on the cover of the game

    34. Daniel Mackey

      I want a good dynasty mode, I would like a chance to career mode beginning in college that you can take to pros. Keep draft classes. Still have top 25 stadiums that affect game play. Multiple uniforms/classic uniforms home and away. Keep from the ncaa football 14 coaching modes, i.e. assistant coaches where you can get offers and contracts. Make it where you can leave too. Make it where you can edit conferences too. Pretty much NCAA Football 14 was the greatest. The closer you keep it to that game I think the better it would be.

    35. Daniel Mackey

      If you played like most people did by 5 years in game time. All "player likeness players". Were gone. Dynasty mode was the best. And no players had names until you you recruited or plugged in names yourself. You could always download rosters that people put out.

    36. Daniel Mackey

      🎉🎊 About time. Happy Birthday 🎉🥳🎉

    37. Teagan T.V

      2019 lsu should be a classic team change my mind

    38. impact zone

      who tf said gameplay isn't important? whoever said that is a complete idiot for that comment

    39. TheDeathstroke25

      If EA fucks this up they gonna have a riot on theyre hands

    40. Felix Marrero

      They should jus take ncaa 14 and update it

    41. unspoken00

      I've always considered the Infinity and the Ignite engine superior to Frostbite, it's just not for Madden imo.

    42. Estrada Notsof

      My dude in TX now,maaan we need to chill sometimes bro

    43. TyLouVsDaWRLD

      Man It’s Crazy TD Davis On The Come Back Ive Been Rocking W/ You Since You Was At 2k Subs Bruh And Your Journey Been Nothing But Motivation For Me !!

    44. Gregg Lira

      College Football video game was killa back in the days

    45. Andrew Robbins

      The infinity 2 engine is physics based and not canned animations like Madden is now. That’s why it stays fresh AND feels great no matter how many times you go back to it

    46. Falklands under my control


    47. Justintime2grow

      Cmon man, this is EA, you KNOW it's just going to be Madden reskinned for NCAA. Don't even play.

    48. Agent Double Og

      Ncaa Never felt like madden it was its own thing and if its anywhere close too what it use too be would be ok

    49. MIGHTparanormal

      Wish we could get basketball and baseball back too.

    50. Jay

      Look here me out , TD's Son is the first rtg on the new game.

    51. Beatman 100

      Yo Flemlo I’m gonna need that Chris Doyle video asap

    52. Al Young

      Did u get your money back from that other company

    53. Damian Aguirre

      Can you please do some stuff on the FCF

    54. Mr. Lonely 816

      They should bring back Team builder

    55. Travis Littlejohn

      My guy a Bengals fan how you not going to do a what happened to Peter Warrick?

    56. Edward Stringer

      Hey Flemlo what type of cameras and equipment you use to make these videos?? I love to research about football players and I was wondering on what I need to do to start my own KGup channel?? Please comment back whenever you can

    57. Josh Love

      You plan on doing anything on CFB Revamped ?

    58. John Bils

      Hope you're feeling better.

    59. Suge White

      Hope the birthday was still fire bruh feel better

    60. SmexyCustoms

      I Hope I Can Get Featured On This Channel One Day And I'm Not Sure If I Gotta Make It To The League First To Get Featured lol But I Hope I Can Get A Chance To Speak To You And Give A Bit Of My Story 😅

    61. Charles Fryer

      Have you done a “What happened to Plaxico Burress” yet?

    62. Danny Wright

      Nfl 2k5 is the greatest football game

    63. James Sanders

      Do a what happened to madden video 😂😂 nah seriously tho

    64. Jason Gillow

      Flemlo here’s some extra ideas for content, albeit football related: , Rae Carruth Murder, Ray Lewis Murder Trial, Tyrone Prothro (Alabama). Basketball: , Malice at the Palace, Detroit Bad Boys. Boxing: Vernon Forrest, Arturo Gatti, Maxim Dadashev, Pat Day, Luis Resto v Billy Collins jr, Rubin Hurricane Carter v Joey Giardello.

    65. Khristian Harper

      can you do a vid on Patrick Paschall plz

    66. Daytona Law

      I played a DE and won the Heisman with them it was a blast doing it too but I agree I want to pick what I play if I want to be a DE OR A TE or even FB I love picking the odd places and beings a monster at a small school

    67. 99 Problems

      You should be allowed to be redshirted in road to road to glory. You should also be able to put on a lot of muscle or little muscle to decide whether or not you want a more powerful or faster player without your players face changing. I would also like a future mode where you can have a college dream team. Where I can have all current LSU players in the NFL on a team and have them play against a Alabama team with a roster of its players that are in the NFL. Also! In Dynasty the player ratings and development of players in the off season is op. Please fix that. Just some thoughts on my wishlist. But honestly NCAA 14 was close to perfection for me

    68. 99 Problems

      5:32 The creators should use a 1 year improved NCAA 14 game engine and the game will be better than Madden. The title of the game will be NCAA football 21 but the game engine will will feel like a NCAA football 15. I would be perfectly fine with this.

    69. Nikki Roth

      Great video man!! Big fan, you should do a what happened to Shaun Alexander

    70. Jayden Mayorga

      Hopefully they can make more detail with the long sleeve shirts and add the long sleeved shirts with scrunched up detail

    71. sabian thomas

      I feel like I’m the only one who is interested in what happened to Johnathan Dwyer, former running back with the Steelers


      Flemlo proof if u work hard and don’t give up you’ll get somewhere

    73. Patrick Andrews

      Happy replayed birthday flemlo

    74. Stephen Webb

      I have zero interest in anything EA does at this point.

    75. Nicholas Always Honest

      @flemloraps JF3 just won a superbowl I just realized that...

    76. Mason

      Hey Lo, how about a video on a Bengal player I know you’re familiar with? Chris Henry. Keep putting out great content man.

    77. Marcus Randolph

      Happy belated broski keep up the good work!

    78. King Squab

      Flemlo you need to do a breakdown on Shaq Barrett. The man is a beast on the field and his story isn’t told! I watched this man single handedly win Colorado State the New Mexico Bowl against Washington State. He forced 3 4th quarter fumbles to come back back from a 20 point deficit with only 4 minutes left in the game. Dude had two kids, a wife, and two jobs all while playing in college. Now he’s a 2 time super bowl champ. Man comes from humble beginnings and I can’t imagine a better storyteller to do the research and get the facts out there!

    79. FreakyFace

      Everyone has it been been noticing that EA servers have been down NCAA 14 and I’m one of their updating as it has anybody been having this problem as well

    80. Raymond gaissert

      U have to do ur next playoff penny video

    81. dolo_bih813

      I hope its not like madden

    82. Shikym Jackson

      Can we please get a “what happened to Asante Samuel” 👀👀

    83. Just a Hater

      ncaa an madden wasnt fun when you have player with 99 speed an cant out run the DT

    84. Frankie Prologo

      What happened to Peyton Hillis?

    85. Jason Nevel


    86. The All Time Pogchamp

      I have a question. What did you think the NFL would like in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years?

    87. Pelle Thee Gr8

      Flem you gotta talk about JFIII getting a ring

    88. RoadLessTraveled

      Dynasty mode ❤️. All about recruiting and revamping that which was good for back then but not now lol

    89. been famous


    90. Thicc Boi

      My hope is that it isn't Madden with an NCAA paint job. It seems like every Madden since '12 has been reheated leftovers. I loved how each game felt different- that was one of the things that made it great.

    91. RTillery100

      You really should look into College football revamped

    92. J. T.

      Meanwhile I'm just waiting on college basketball games. This gives me hope.

    93. Forrest Pace

      Just make it feel better than madden

    94. Artie Clay

      Tell me how you all feel about an R1 button or some type of button you can push in the read option where if you push the button you can release the ball to the running back but if you don’t push the button the Quarterback keeps the ball. You can read the defense yourself and make that decision. I think that would be sweet as hell for the new college football game. Tell me what you guys think.

    95. Amos Nickens

      Flemo raps is one of my favorite KGupr keep working hard 💯💯💯

    96. Amos Nickens

      Happy birthday bro

    97. Zion • 8 years ago

      JF3 got a Super Bowl cover it

      1. Zion • 8 years ago

        You’re prob already working on it but fr fr

    98. Brawl Striker

      Lol it’s funny to me how your hood talk comes in and out

    99. Fish4 TheDish

      How can I PM you please please please..... if you need my info please contact me. I got something for you

    100. dzo stopheles

      @FlemLoRaps do one on Darren sharper