What Happened to Brian Cushing? The NFL's Worst Kept Secret!!!

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    Brian Cushing was a solid NFL player with a not so well kept secret.
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    1. Dallas Soukup

      i wish you could call games instead of the boring talking heads and call people "in the crazy." @nfl fun commentary would be one way to get me to watch games again (another would be make the jets competent)

    2. Soup Campbell

      Let em use ffs I wanna see wtf humans can do

    3. Adventure Passport

      If anyone ever thinks that steroids are not being used in football are as bad as the Russian Olympic committee.

    4. Galen Merrick

      Hard work and superior genetics my ass. Dude was obviously juicing.

    5. Jordan H

      The real problem people have with steroids, isn’t the performance of the person taking them. It’s the jealousy they feel that they won’t take them or are just straight up jealous. Not your body, not your concern

    6. john childress

      I like your videos guy. Brings back memories. Good job.

    7. john childress

      I like your videos guy. Brings back memories. Good job.

    8. Jeff Willis

      Yeah but dude don’t you think ‘don’t ever embarrass the family’ meant don’t cheat???

    9. ihol kih

      Are we really pretending that the entire nfl and nba dont use steroids? The steroid era is over in baseball but its still alive and well in Americas other two favorite sports.

    10. Bill Merryman

      Another great video from FlemLo Raps. I developed tennis elbow when I was 40 and my doctor put me on a three week steroid routine to heal the injury. For those three weeks I felt like I was 25 again. I had a lot more energy, the pain in my elbow went away in a week, I was less worn out after cardio and my wife was having to fend me off with a pitchfork. And that was just three weeks. As much as I hate PED's in sports, when the roids ran out I understood how easy it is for athletes to get hooked on them.


      Love the vids bro! What’s your fav NFL TEAM?

    12. Ian Smith

      8:37 look at his Jaw , that might be from a lot of HGH use . Compare that to when he was in high school in the earlier pick .

    13. Ian Smith

      5:15 that’s gyno right there

    14. algermom1

      Hard telling all these stories. You do it well. Thanks!

    15. Main_Misfit

      Queue the wayne is my new favorite phrase. Love the channel brother

    16. seanB009

      The ads in the video are on steroids

    17. Felonious Skunk

      I'll bet loads of NFL players are on the juice.

    18. The Sze Progression

      "Give him the juice he can feel and turn him loose on the field." If a millionaire jock wants to wreck his brain and body for my entertainment... I've got a few minutes to spare and watch. Maybe Cushing "identified" with being someone physically stronger and he "transitioned" into that stronger person via the marvels of modern science and medicine. We should all be proud. He should get some kind of Person of the Year Award or something because he displays such bravery and irreverence to objectors.

    19. Ross Brandt

      This was inciteful. Thanks for the informative and balanced video. Subscribing!

    20. jay jackson

      If you don’t use a muscle you would be surprised how quick you loose all muscle I broke my ankle couldn’t walk lost all the muscle I had in my calf

    21. Robert Givens

      Hey brother I just want to say how much I appreciate your work. I am a 64 year old white man that has always tried to have understanding and compassion for others. They call me a recovering Alcoholic and drug addict but I consider myself a recovering Christian. I know your videos covers sports stories but its your values of not judging others and allowing them a second chance that really touches my heart.I go to treatment hospitals to to try and give encouragement to others that they might overcome their struggles also. I was in that world for almost 50 years. I would really enjoy speaking with you one day I think it would do my heart good. Thank you for your hard work and honesty and most of all for understanding that there is good in all. sometimes they just need a second chance. I've been clean 5 years now and have a successful fence company by the grace of God. Thank you again and God bless and allow you to prosper

    22. Zack

      He's underrated Linebacker in my book, it's in there with London Fletcher, Jeremiah Trotter, David Harris and Karlos Dansby

      1. John Willis

        I see you no a Little something

    23. beatrice siaw

      Yeah, cushing should have just quit. I'm curious to hear how his wife influenced him in taking steroids.

    24. Jack Guerra

      Solid research. Love the lessons thrown in. Can't go wrong quoting Tony Dungy on integrity.

    25. Randy Marsh

      The “one rule” narrative is a little much

    26. jason Mancil

      Reid creation since high school

    27. Mikel Trujillo

      No wonder Will fuller started going crazy in fantasy this year before he got caught smh... Cushing was fasho the plug for him 🤦‍♂️

    28. Mikel Trujillo

      They really re voted him ROY🤣🤣NFL corrupt af

    29. Alexander McCoy

      That TLC top flames 🔥

    30. Unstoppable Force Moving

      This boy is dangerous I listen to his adds like he’s teaching me or showing me something I didn’t know like I do his shows...dangerous advertising man I would buy what ever he promoted like I was lucky to get it

    31. Abby Alder

      The cynical road focally arrive because fold clinically weigh athwart a anxious message. ancient, warlike bread

    32. JesusChristEmmanuelLord JesusChristEmmanuelGod

      Matthew 19:18 Jesus Christ replied, “‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, 19 honor your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’” 20 “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?” 21 Jesus Christ answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

    33. Staples Family

      The only time I don't fault an athlete for taking steroids is when they come back from a career threatening injury, like Anderson Silva snapped his leg in half and was told he would never fight again than he came back and was caught taking peds shortly after but those steroids helped him come back from a potential career ending injury,and Julian Edleman blew his knee out than the following year got caught taking peds during his return year but a blown knee for an athlete coud be a career ender, so if somebody suffers an injury that threatens there career I believe if peds help them get back into shape than that should be an exemption, because neither of those 2 ever took peds before when they were tested,and I notice alot of athletes who suffer severe injuries get caught taking peds for the 1st time in their careers shortly after returning from injury..

    34. Brian Bennett

      Lenny Dykstra says you do it for the money:)

    35. Brian Bennett

      I can only give this guy 1 thumbs up but I like his show more than that

    36. Matt Johnson

      Dude started saucin hard at Bergen Catholic. My cousin was in the same graduating class, told me all about it haha

    37. keith marin

      nobody going to point out the exploitation of the bank card???

    38. socals1finest

      Bill Romanowski 2.0

    39. Kyle Yuliex

      Lol at the beginning of the video I thought he said Kermit

    40. Publiconions

      FlemLo.. love your content and human-insight... great vid and thoughts!

    41. Rafael Garcia

      They should just let everyone use them honestly.

    42. Jimmy Brown

      Daughter was football student manager during Cush years. That D that Pete had was LB superstars! Cush was a workout monster! That shoulder injury was bad! Took 5 guys to hold him down to pop shoulder back

    43. Jimmy Brown

      Your Juco story is 100% correct!!!

    44. M.E. Bentoo

      Hey, FlemLo. Cushing was a great, I repeat, a great PED's Player. OK? There's been a few of'em to be sure and at least he made some good plays but methinks more foolishness than goodness. I don't like any athlete who takes Pez. Not at all. Pez will meth you up. That's a take. Good vid. take care

    45. scott miller

      Todd marinovich would be a good one too

    46. scott miller

      You should do stories on Jason Peter, Christian Peter, richie incognito, and Lawrence phillips

    47. Rhinotime 117

      Who really cares if someone uses peds? It’s their body.

    48. Kelly Strickland

      I know for a fact he was on steroids because my cousin who was also on his high school team used to juice in his basement together.

    49. Evan Green

      5:20 Gynecomastia strong. Lol

    50. J C

      When you learn about PEDs and understand the history as well as the science you begin to realize just how prominent they are. When I was younger I would’ve said that about 5-10% used or uses them, now I wouldn’t be surprised if it was upwards of 80%. There’s nothing wrong with using them, but it is wrong to lie about it.

    51. Mr Roboto

      Funny how LT is considered great but spent most of his career cooked up, but anyone who does roids is a big no-no. Gotta love hypocrisy.

      1. tropicalpnch

        Watch the documentary Cocaine Cowboys if you haven't already. One of the smugglers in that claimed he had the entire o-line of the Pittsburgh Steelers partying with him during the super bowl run in 78... the guy was obviously shady so the story is probably exaggerated some but it makes you think.

    52. Edwin Kubena

      He is a millionaire but that path will work one in a million times you still have to have talent

    53. Mike S

      To say it's rare to lose muscle in 5 weeks and definition it's rediculous! It's only hating, im 5'11 205 and I've been thrue ups n downs Incarceration made me lose 30pounds and when I got out I gained it back in 2 months something with covid I lost 20 pounds when I got hospitalized when I healed I gained it all back in 3 weeks, and im solid all around and 35years old, and I know HCG it's only giving to keep estrogen down and keep natural test up, ive taken it, it doesn't do anything without actual testosterone!!

    54. Jeremy A

      Thx for the video mang. I loved the LB core at SC. But I’ll always remember Cushing getting dusted by VY in the 🌹🥣

    55. plop pill

      The only direct evidence we have for myonuclei-mediated muscle memory comes from rodent studies.

    56. Ronald Tartaglia

      3 minute commercial to start. Why the fuck do I pay for premium?

    57. boseefus macmurphy

      Tboz left eye and chile. Ohhhh on the tlc tip dude

    58. Ivan Lopez

      I am sorry. I admit being naive about PED use. Do PEDs affect individual's health negatively? If not, what's the issue? I mean let's say one athlete can financially/physically handle "legal" sports supplements and another athlete cannot...is the capable athlete cheating? It seems that these guys could be doing a lot worse but they are just trying to live their dream. Imagine any sport without PEDs? Boring.

    59. PE

      Well done. As a longtime high school coach, I like your presentations.

    60. Joe Chill

      Homie it’s *hCG* not HGC - it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It helps your nuts getting back to the handful they were before your cycle and mostly reverses the suppressed testicular function - your body tells your boys hey we got all this extra test in the body and you can turn off for now -> where the “steroids makes your cock small” myth comes from, it doesn’t it shuts down natural test function in your balls so they shrink up a little bit bc they’re literally not working. But once your off and let the steroids get out of your system usually a week or so after last shot, you start hCG therapy to kickstart and recover. A lot of guys also take it even while on their cycle.

    61. wakawaka1976

      Dudes looked like the guy who played nose tackle on the program or whatever that James Caan movie was.

    62. Devon Halk

      Awesome video. Subscribed

    63. Saint Hockey

      What happened to Brian Cushing? Maybe the stupid eye black he wore. You’re not 12, you’re in the NFL...STOP IT!!

    64. Joe G

      Good video. Just one small thing, it's HCG not HGC.

    65. Devin Pelmon

      The current card is ok nothing special. But those type of cards are good for people with bad banking history

    66. Dom1118

      That muscle memory stuff is real. I was jacked when I was in my late teens. When I stopped lifting, my muscles became flabby pretty fast, but every time I go back to lifting, I get jacked again in like a month.

    67. SR 71

      Make PEDs ok to use only under doctor supervision

    68. Sauce Hugo

      People say you still have to put in hard work with steroids. Coming from someone who has taken juice that’s simply not true. When you see unnatural results it gives you more motivation to work even harder. More motivation and return on investment than you would ever see naturally.

    69. Jake Robertson

      At 5:38 on the left it definitely looks like he has gynomastia which is usually a strong indication of steroid use.

    70. Andrew K.

      Where can I can find your video on Barry bonds steroid use?

    71. thatBLACKnurse Uncut

      please do female flag football...

    72. Kurt Halloch

      Dude your videos are so basic...all speculation..no new facts and the same pics and articles we have all seen over and over....67% of all athletes in football are juicing or will juice in there career.

      1. Matt Joseph

        Feel free to start your own channel if you can do better.

      2. VERLYUSIS

        He talks about all race . Don't be salty cuz he talked about your race

    73. Reid Crowell

      First time watching this channel. Appreciate the realness

    74. Cleve Gulahardro

      Most all Pro NFL athletes take steroids . being from a football state , high school an collage athletes also find steroids to build up . in a competitive world - have to use every edge you can get

    75. Young Lui

      Dude why every Texans defensive player bleeds from their upper noise

    76. dinan5iver

      This entire video betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what the brutal collision sport of American football requires. Steroid use is a necessary ingredient for the demands such an activity demands of the human body, particularly at the elite collegiate and professional levels. MOST NFL players are using some form of performance enhancing drugs. Yes, that’s what you’re watching on Sunday.

    77. Jered Steadman

      Did two cycles my sophomore year just to get the the muscle on me for varsity. 41 years old I still weigh 220 lb and I got the c-cup titties to show for it😔😔

    78. jay lee

      Never juiced, played with guys that juiced and that shit never bothered me. Also, if juicing gets you 10-20 million the risk maybe worth the reward. Cushing made it to the nfl off of juice. College recruiting is mainly based off of size ,speed, and strength. He had them all for his position

    79. Jason Soto

      Should of seen his growth from Sophomore to Junior year Highschool . 20 pounds of muscle... He went all American. The steriod story goes way back

    80. L M

      Pfffft Romanowski was 10x worse than him

    81. lassie JR

      Cushing what he brought too the Table was intensity and he made everybody around him play harder as well and that is what the Texans are missing now > But to be honest the NFL don't want those kind of players now they get penalized for hitting >

    82. Tony Mazza

      Newsflash: most nfl players use peds, Cushing just got caught

    83. scott chirco

      Let the fox in the hen house and he's gonna have chicken for dinner!

    84. Cody Messerall

      “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” - TLC

    85. Tony Terry

      Bottom line he me made millions

    86. O' H

      hes a bum

    87. Taylor Barrett

      what is the instrumental in the beginning of this video? ive heard it in numerous others on ur channel.. great content btw keep it up

    88. LTamazil

      i had to look up the roster for USC in 2006 just because from the image at 7:18 I thought there was a team that had Troy Polamalu, AJ Hawk, and Brian Cushing, and it made me cream my pants a little.

    89. Philly Gamer24

      Do one one DeSean Jackson

    90. whileu slept

      When u tell ur children u have 1 rule, never embarrass the family, what ur telling them is do whatever u want, just don't get caught, and if u get caught, dont admit to anything. If u teach ur children to be honest, compassionate, respectful of people, polite, and that success requires hard work, and dedication than u wont have to tell them to never embarrass the family, because u will raise a good person

    91. Christian Fehr

      Those white linebackers need to juice to get to the league no cap

    92. Raven

      Love that winstrol

    93. R Messinger

      You are a talented presentation. You state the facts fairly. Good job.

    94. justin burgan

      You're either on PEDs or you're falling behind in high level athletics.

    95. Kyle Jones

      Although dungy might have said that once. He most definitely got it from CS Lewis. The integrity line that is.

    96. John Kramer

      I try to remember that Tony quote every day man

    97. Dissy

      You don’t look like that without help.

    98. pjam07pjam

      Damn I didn’t know the Texans hired him as a coach. Either way, players will always take the risk when they know they can still make millions. Unless leagues are gonna start taking away money from contracts when they test positive then it won’t stop. This guy made millions cause he chose to do steroids

    99. Goodfella Frank

      flen boy tryna look like lil durk lol

    100. Sean Juan

      Nice work and well done..! Did you do one of these on Shawne DeAndre Merriman?