You Won't Believe This JACKED NFL Hall Of Fame Nominated Linebacker's New Passion! (Inspirational)

FlemLo Raps

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    Interview with former NFL Linebacker Takeo Spikes.
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    1. Benjamin Metcalf

      Do an episode about Steve Tasker....a special teams great from the 1990s Bills dynasty who belongs in the HOF and is a forgotten star

    2. Chris Hejduk

      Spikes was so a good LB. I remember being a young kid watching my Steelers play a bad Buffalo team in the snow and Spikes was one of the first players out on the field with no shirt on warming up. That's toughness

    3. unknown

      all exept the money

    4. Greis Prifti

      The five uganda importantly murder because squirrel phenotypically raise regarding a bizarre double. jagged, clumsy square

    5. Ivan Tchangam

      Do a laron Landry video

    6. Ben Torrey

      He will always be a buffalo bill to me

    7. Matthew McLeod

      Did he make it???

    8. Richard Jones

      Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    9. Torago Flint

      Bol never played a playoff game. And still got nominated.

    10. 12toungeproductions

      Love this interview FlemLo. Would love more OC like this b


      NFL legend..

    12. richard yost

      What's the instrumental to his video

    13. Samuel Dumas

      Definitely should be in the Hall. I am glad he is

    14. curtis Blow

      mans gotta drop that neck routine ..shissh!

    15. TaHkEEM_ ThaDream

      I was disappointed when the Eagles didn't re-sign him after the 2007 season.

    16. TaHkEEM_ ThaDream

      Takeo Spikes was a tackling machine when he was with Cincinnati and Buffalo. Him, Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis were the best tacklers in Madden back in the day.

    17. Mr. Professor

      Great interview, and a true testament to the pursuit of passions for both the interviewer and the interviewee. By the way, WDE! Takeo knows what I'm talking about.

    18. Jacabo Blanco

      Takeos next is unreal. Lol

    19. Mitch Cadiz

      A great guy with an even greater neck

    20. anthony bruno

      This dude was amazing to watch- he played everywhere and wrecked havoc all over the field and was the first dude that looked like he was wearing pads 24/7 it was crazy I think he started with the bengals -either way it was -ray lewis and TKO spikes - I Idolized as a football player N definitely loved watching tape of - ( that shirt is sick I literally got that same one in one of my draw at home - “quitting is not and option “ love it dbz for life )

    21. RookInCharge27

      Wait, so has he had any concussions?

    22. Mike Hanks

      Bro u went to southern??????

    23. blafiman

      i didnt know you played in baton rouge

    24. Handsome Bastard

      I didn't realize he played for that many teams.

    25. gingram2

      Bruh what a fucking piece of art! This one ofy favorite sport related videos ever. ESPN E60 shaking in their boots.

    26. Jamal Mtshali

      As soon as you see that neck, you already know

    27. Rob D

      SANDERSVILLE GA WACO Terrence Edward's is from there too

    28. Reasonable Doubt 821

      This dudes neck is like a boabab tree trunk

    29. Niko Tugas

      Takeo is my dude. Niner for life man 🖤

    30. Beast of Bmore

      Can you do Adalius Thomas and Ed Hartwell

    31. Michael Pappas

      bro what’s the instrumental at the begining???

    32. Freedom Brown

      I like this video I like how you had a personal interview with man you talking about good information

    33. nico B

      Even later years, chargers knew spikes was and is greatness with out saying a word. Then when he does speak, sleeping with eyes open just seems unimportant.

    34. shelbs716147

      This was an awesome interview. Great listen!!

    35. southern country1993

      War damn eagle!!!

    36. Totally Not A Lolicon

      I just want to say Takeo Spikes muscles have muscles he will be getting into the Salty Spitoon

    37. Darryl Mcd

      "War Fk'n Eagle!!"-Takeo Spikes

    38. Jaheem Williams

      London fletcher up next for sure

    39. Cool Runnings Xoe

      He looks so handsome now that he has lost some of that muscle.

    40. Jeremy Caulk

      Bruh I never knew you had legs. That’s crazy

    41. Siloam King

      I remember watching Takeo Spikes and Robert Edwards play in high school at Washington County. They were beast.

    42. PBond Fishing

      I wasn’t really sure if I would like this style of video from you, but as always you do not disappoint. I liked how you really asked open ended questions so we could get a whole story from each question. Another great video man. Keep up the amazing work

    43. mssolo78

      Hey FlemLo!...Is he married!?!...If not, HOOK ME UP, bro!😁😍..Cue tha Wayne!

    44. Jermaine Magee

      Bro you went to southern 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. Andrew Creech

      TKO my all time favorite NFL player this was a great interview

    46. TeeKay Kennedy

      What happen to Braylon edwards

    47. Marvin Davis

      This was the best football/life motivational video I've seen yet. Mad respect for your work💪🏾

    48. James DuBeck

      Takeo spikes was the epitome of consistency when i was growing up

    49. Yungtyro 1

      Man I forgot about takeo spikes bc u never hear about him anymore smdh but when he was playing he was one of my favorite players of all time hands down

    50. Mike Cook

      FlemLo Raps, thanks for your time and effort that you put into each of the vids. True, honest expressions of the REAL people in each story. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it.

    51. Troy Johnson

      You are a real real guy and the way you talk speaks for itself... I and many of others should thrive to be a man like you Flemlo.... What a head you have on your shoulders... Wish I thought the way you think now my freshman year in college............ I would probably be in Talk of HOF if I had your mindset back then.... Hope and pray the young thrive to have your mindset now...

    52. Anthony B

      Yo, absolutely amazing video. Your content is 1st class. Thanks for your dedication.

    53. ShellzFilms LLC.

      I worked out with spikes in Atlanta and helped him on set of a photoshoot. The coolest guy I've ever met from the league

    54. David Gregorovic

      This was a GREAT VIDEO!!! What an amazing man, so cool!!!!

    55. Drew Duenas

      Jesus madden 05 just hit me in the feels

    56. RonnieMo _

      I am a 51 year old man from San Diego that enjoys your takes on football. I played some sports at a decent level in many places in California. That is long past, and I slipped into a good job and have an amazing family. For years now, something has been missing. Your comment "Find something to be excited about every day" when you wake up now greets me at the computer where I start my day. Thank you for sharing.

    57. Vibranium Talk w/ Professor Shaka

      This interview was so inspirational brother.

    58. I'm The Guy

      if i see derrick henry abuse my baltimore ravens team i may transfer to an ncaa division I or II school and look the sit next to ray lewis. (i said may)

    59. I'm The Guy

      the hardest hit i've ever took tackling someone was from a speedy little guy

    60. T B

      The dude used to come into the Costco I worked in SD, and usually had a couple other guys with him. He and his friends were class acts all around. Guy was HUGE and probably as big and scary as a person can be seriously, the guy is fucking huge. Yet never played that role.

    61. William Thomas

      Would love to see a Joey Porter video

    62. raheim21

      This episode was supadope

    63. captain_red_beard

      Been a takeo spikes fan since he was at Auburn... War Damn Eagle!!@

    64. Ryan Snustad

      In dude's playing days, his neck was frightening. His neck veins had veins on top of them.

    65. nmarkert01

      How has flemo not hit a million yet? Probably a top ten channel on KGup for both sports and history (regardless of subject)

    66. TaySav 4900

      Damn that question you asked about why did you wanna go to the nfl fucked me up that was my dream all thru school but I NEVER thought about a hall of fame speech or even making it. Cause now with music I picture all those things. I must’ve not really wanted it

    67. dvon1097

      Takeo was a DOG back in the day!

    68. NyCoolin

      I don’t understand how any of y’all can dislike bro videos?

    69. MikeDixonComedy

      You really interviewed him? 👏👏👏

    70. M_J S

      Takeo had the illest name for a linebacker! He was that dude on the Bengals & Bill's. He's a stand up man too.

    71. ch0sen0neaus

      You should talk about religion , spirituality meaning of life , meditation something like that I know you already do this with football and I love how you incorporate that with it but I feel like your bigger that the sport and think about deeper things I love football too but I have my own channel talking bout other things how to deal with mental problems etc

    72. Tyler Platt

      Dude, this was awesome! Great format too, I hope to see more videos like this! This video does help me want to put some things into perspective, look at some different things I could be doing with my life right now. I'll echo others when I say this: this was something I think I needed, especially with how goofy 2020 has been.

    73. J A Y Y F E E D Z -

      Damn I been hella vids on your channel and I’m just now subscribing

    74. Dask

      He was one scary dude on madden

    75. Khiry Jones

      I remember him playing

    76. WallyWompers 62

      My favorite one so far and I’ve been on your work for a while, this just made me look at your work as a new start on top of all your great work and content!! Salute bro you’ve just started as big as you are!!

    77. Jerome D.

      WAR EAGLE!!

    78. jimbo 2346

      Find you a woman as thick as Takeo's neck.😂 Joking aside, I always liked Takeo. A really good player that I always wished would have at least made the playoffs at least one time in his career. It would be cool it if he makes the HOF one day.

    79. SlickNick

      I actually did and still do dream about being an HOF thats why i feel like my mindset still gives me a chance to make it because besides skillset i have the IQ and words instilled in my head from all time greats quotes.

    80. Dari Carlisle

      Well done. On so many levels............WELL DONE!!!! Your content is unique, informative and entertaining. Keep grinding young man.

    81. Jordan Stewart

      Please do Arian Foster.....if not ill do one

    82. Boom

      Yo this is dope Ik I’m late but back in 2010 he came to a camp where I live at and at the time I was really into football and we met him Kerry rhodes and Aaron Rodgers right after he won the SB 😂😂💪🏾

    83. Two in the Pink

      You have the gift of speech. Keep it up. 👍.

    84. Histalian

      OMG I almost forgot about Takeo. Gosh I loved watching that man play!!!

    85. James Schratwieser

      Without a doubt a hall of famer. He was always one of my favorite players in the nfl, watching this just made me just enjoy him even more.

    86. Julian Monsalve

      Bruh ion know why, but I woke up wanting to watch one of you videos and I’m never disappointed in your content! You a beast!!

    87. American Patriot

      Great video. One of my favorites 👍

    88. mr manu

      How'd this guy even get nominated ? No doubt a good player but surprising to hear.

    89. DepthsOfMyMind !

      I love takeo and ur channel, but why NO to very few E-A-G-L-E-S clips of him!? He had some awesome seasons!

    90. Andy Villarreal

      Omfg he was a monsterrrr

    91. C T

      ThankYou Takeo! Wife & i both have ur jersey & i we met you at a fund raiser back n the day..

    92. C T

      My God t6he dude was a BEAST next To London Fletcher & Aaron Schobel & NateClements.. What a defense.. Then his Ankle fell off.. One of the worst injuries ever.. The dude is hands down one of my favs of that era & that era is hands down my fav era..

    93. Damone Johnson

      Lost my Dad the same way man he loved the game DAMN BRUH GONE TO SOON RIP POPS💙😞

    94. Germaine WillFixIT

      Lol. Right at the part about leaving home and living on your own for the first time, I got nauseous thinking about how I felt when I first stepped out on faith, and then a nausea and diarrhea add popped up🤦🏽‍♂️

    95. tweeotch

      Takeo! Love this guy! Arguably the best linebacker for the Bengals while he was there, which he was playing on a terrible Bengals as a team. I rooted for him even after he left Cincy because he's such a successful presence and an all-around beast on the field physically and mentally. Definitely a mentor for young athletes. Great interview and video!

      1. tweeotch

        Mentor for all ages, athletes, or not!

    96. TravyGravy

      It’s not surprising since you do a ton of research for each of your videos, but this is one of my favorite interviews I’ve seen in a long time, I think the questions you asked were interesting and led to interesting answers and I also liked the little in between questions commentary

    97. Kordell Smith

      Man this video made me rethink my whole life and what I need to change to not only better myself but stay in a goal setting mind set as well 💯 I love your videos big dawg been watching them for 2yrs keep up the GREAT work broddie! 💯

    98. Tripp42

      He had the biggest neck in the nfl for sure!

    99. Jer Rivera

      Man was a dog on the niners much appreciated

    100. Official BNAMusic88

      “Lil jit” 😩😩when was he little?