He Broke One of the WORST NCAA Rules & Paid the Price!

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    Jeremy Bloom was a Colorado WR and an Olympic Skier, but the NCAA didn't care.
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    1. Red Herring

      It bothered me you untucked a silver chain in a hoodie... That's weird

    2. Shiza Chico

      Went to college with this guy

    3. Disco Potato

      Damn... This infuriates me.

    4. froboy449

      9:15 as good a reason as any for the nfl to have some kind of developmental league. But they don't really care about these types of player either.

    5. xMoNsTeRx6969

      Ncaa literally one of the biggest piece of shit organizations, 2nd to only the kings of corruption FiFA

    6. I must be Koren the way this K pop

      Who was forced to turn over there hiesman again? Please refresh me

    7. D M

      They should have waivers and handle everything case by case.

    8. Daniel Mackey

      Great video. I enjoy it. Bring up good points. 👍

    9. Darrien Scott

      Didnt some young ladies get into trouble cause they played for USA overseas and the teams messed up and was sending the money directly to them.

    10. Wavy 15 Creature

      I can’t wait until an established league comes up for guys that don’t want to go to college and they can make money.

    11. Timothy Lyons

      Molly bloom from Molly’s game. Sister?

    12. Jesse

      5'9 165 lbs that's my size & I'm 25 lol these damn kids are huge

    13. Big Al

      The NCAA is a non profit???? Hahahahaha my ass

    14. Dan Counts

      The big thing is that the NCAA "amateurism" rules are designed for one thing and one thing only. To keep kids from lower economic classes locked into their place for a while longer while the member schools and the the association itself makes money off the kids sweat, name and likeness. That is why I was so happy when the NCAA got slapped in court in the O'Bannon lawsuit. So shit like what happened to him and Bloom and a ton of other cats out there aren't free grist for the NCAA machine.

    15. Vince Fisher

      I absolutely love these videos!

    16. Ramez Hanna

      Who’s here after NCAA Football is back 😁

    17. Trent Huntoon

      Your awesome at this bro salute god bless

    18. The Prince

      I used to play with this guy in madden 08 or 09! Massive nostalgia

    19. Eric Conner II

      If he would have gone to a football power they would have granted him the waiver.

    20. jeremy fincham

      This makes me glad that the NCAA lifted the ban on endorsement deals for college athletes

    21. luther kimbrell

      This is just another example of archaic bylaws in the NCAA holding back a true self made athlete. Countless examples exist. Flem you nailed it as always, I thought of Dwight right away. It’s tragic that someone can give everything, truly embody the values the NCAA, and every school would ask for and yet, god forbid you make some cheddar. Paid his own way, Still not right in the eyes of the true no fun league. @lukietattoos @xposedtattoos

    22. Tony Vang

      Looks like molly blooms brother

    23. Taylor Horne


    24. Chris Smith

      As an NCAA athlete it is well known that they treat us as property without the benefits a company gives their employees.

    25. David Wadsworth

      Ski Company should have hired him as a tech. adviser, on salary.

    26. Michael Edwards

      Screwed this man NCAA sucks

    27. Scott Dreyfus

      Fuck the ncaa. I can’t believe the nfl hasn’t stepped in with a developmental league or minor league to circumvent the college product. It’s ridiculous these student athletes can’t even have a part time job to feed themselves in the off-season. The ncaa is the evil empire and all that non profit moniker does is allow them to misappropriate millions of dollars in bureaucracy instead of taking care of students.

    28. chris vercher

      The NCAA is absolutely out of control, its nothing about greed and power over an athlete. We also know these types of people to be called a Pimps in the streets! They use and abuse student athletes for profit, and can throw you away in a second without remorse. The NCAA is so corrupt that they can even put a person in prison..... How can a NON PROFIT Organization put someone in prison. Just let that sink in. I understand that an athlete gets a scholarship with room and board, but in most cases isnt enough. I have so many instances and situations to prove that theory. Anyways as much as I love college sports, it should be run a different way.

    29. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

      The irony being nearly every D1 school pays their players. It's an open secret.

    30. JerrBear74

      Hey can you do a story on Ron dayne?.. What ever became of him??

    31. Shannon Rush

      Great video Flemflo. NCAA does not have the athletes best interest. They are a self serving organization preserving archaic rules. I’d love to give the NCAA a huge hair cut

    32. Micah Asher

      Taek niklee

    33. jubjub567

      It likes the saying goes just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right.

    34. Raymond Solis Jr.

      Was this the dude that said the nword at a concert on a camera phone

      1. Yung Monn

        no that was Riley Cooper.

    35. Alexander Law

      Damn FLemlo your videos are fire. Thanks for th entertainment man apprecaite it !

    36. Tony Shetter

      He should have filled a lawsuit and he still should

    37. Dill R

      200 yards on 5 attempts??! God daang

    38. Arthur Kraft

      Sees the video is about Jeremy Bloom... Me: "I remember him.... he's only 10 years younger than me." FemLo: "I'm going way back to pull this out of the vault" Me: "Fu@k I'm old....."

    39. War Mac88

      Great video Flemlo bro

    40. Andrew Lang

      If cases like this get bounced from school by the NCAA, we should force the top officials of the NCAA make only minimum wage, with no bonuses

    41. Tommy Brecht

      This guy's sister was Molly Bloom. The movie Molly's game is based off of her. He gets a brief mention in the movie, not by name.

    42. will be real

      NCAA are crap pieces of shit, just play the game make me rich and I don't care how you survive, they are so controlling, how is it that they can make money from jerseys and reputation and the players can't even except free meals from someone trying to show them appreciation

    43. will be real

      With all the money the colleges make from these players is a shame that these young men put there lives in jeopardy to make these corrupt schools rich, they don't care how you sacrifice yourself to them your just dollar signs your not worth nothing

    44. Wet Bedsheets

      Ncaa just want the money 🙄

    45. narski82

      He knew the rules before he signed up and still signed up. Whats the problem? Oh right life isn't fair whaaa whaaa

    46. Mr. H

      When yo name and game is BIG go to a smaller school . NCAA is a group of legal robbers . they make Millions off yo name but if someone buys u lunch its over for u

    47. gerald warren

      Some of these people you talk about I don’t know, know or barely know but I like how you elaborate everything been watching you for years now

    48. thebigbristolian

      This is absolute BS. He literally paid his own way just so he could dual sport and they still screwed him. The NCAA gatekeepers literally only care about their own wallets and cover-up sex scandals.

    49. Geo S.

      Total BS that this guy was dealt this bad hand. I remember hearing the story of a NCAA athlete that served in the military first and was permitted to play. I don't remember the details but he was much older like 30+ years. I think he old the record for oldest student athlete.

    50. Sergio M

      Another great video, never heard of this young Cat, the NCAA is all about, Rules for thee, but not for me. Please make a video on how many kids they have screwed over. There are plenty of examples.

    51. Daniel DeMicco

      Thought that was Eli Manning in the thumbnail lol

    52. Thomas Schaefer

      Should do a video on that Louisville safety that had all those INTS. Got drafted by the steelers and didn't make the team

    53. Kyle Goeken

      Just imagine how good of a psychological impact this father had on all of his kids. Adopt me Plz lol

    54. Vaughn Andrews

      I would love to see NCAA go bankrupt. They made too much money for too long off of these players. There should be a alternate place for a player to play if he don't want to go to college for football.

    55. Random Account

      Yo who is him self and why they gotta be all the pop stars

    56. K Dill

      Honestly didn't know of him then, didnt now. Sounds about right with NCAA tho.

    57. Joe Cab


    58. David White

      Great content as always. Only just discovered your channel but it's been a worthy find.

    59. Giovanni V

      In the years to come the NCAA is going to get what is coming to them. Karma.

    60. Angelica Dickson

      Thanks for doing such a great job of explaining these stories.

    61. Shantanu Khandkar

      NCAA: We keep our students athletes dirt poor while we profit off of their talent, and punish them if they try to profit off of their own talent, because we don't want them to be exploited.

    62. TheSBleeder

      He was a walk-on?! And the NCAA still pulled this?

    63. Minh Nguyen

      The overt deodorant retrospectively guarantee because roadway socially inform past a motionless hardware. sordid, tested season

    64. Derek Deac

      Still blown my mind that the NCAA had rules that you can't borrow money from your family. Yeah I get it, can't take money from randoms , boosters and others. But man, how is that a legit violation if I borrow 20$ from my mom? I get it that there should be some restrictions like a limit on whatnot so if a guy has a rich uncle etc. I don't see how they justify borrowing or getting "gifting" food for a college kid. Athletes have full school schedule and sports schedule. Yes that's there choice as well but a lot of athlete's have scholarships so they can go to school but I'd love to hear there argument against food gifts. How they can justify denying basic human needs. A roof over your head and did in your fridge shouldn't be considered a gift. Basic human needs are just that, needs. It's disappointing the NCAA can make millions and millions on the back of student athletes and but it's against rules to be"gifted" a box of ramon noodles

    65. A Fuzzy Creature

      Its not about the player getting paid, its about the ability of boosters of CO being able to loophole pay... now would they, probably not... but they're trying to stop 'bama from doing god knows what.

    66. Fitts 33

      NCAA sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    67. Jack Rayner

      I just realized this is the molly's game girl's brother

    68. Nathaniel Cutler

      Isn’t this guy also the brother of molly bloom who Molly’s game was based on?

    69. tyler rush

      Flemlo! You the best man! Thanks for all you do.

    70. Dave Adrift

      NCAA Sucks

    71. DoublexKeyz

      I went to the same high school as this guy. Grew up in the same town.

    72. The Prodigal Heel

      Say what you will about the NCAA rules, however the NFL just released a 1st round QB for not wearing a mask!😂😂😂😥😥😥😂😂😂😂

    73. The Roach Den

      But if he got drafted by the Rockies and pitched a few games and made $100k before going back to college football he would've been fine. But Heaven forbid Oakley give him money to wear their sunglasses.

    74. bleekness37

      so how much money does the ncaa actually get from skiing.. compared to how much they received from him playing football... like you said he's got money but what about the next kid that doesn't... who needs the money and deserves that money..

    75. Matt Allen

      Fun fact: Jeremy’s sister (Molly Bloom) is the girl behind the true story of the 2017 movie Molly’s Game


      Best storyteller on KGup 💯💯🗣

    77. Kevin M.

      The NCAA has a passing interest in the best interest of athletes, similar to dog owners who engage in dog fighting who will make sure their dogs are fed so they have enough energy to fight. They make a ton of money off of these athletes, and even if they wanted to share some of it, they're afraid to. Once you open that door it just gets wider and wider and wider, and eventually athletes become professionals at the college level, negotiating contracts and signing bonuses. The NCAA cannot have that; They want ALL the money.

    78. Maxbps

      Meanwhile, the ncaa rakes in BILLIONS and coaches on all levels including conditioning coaches make MILLIONS. Talk about the GREED of SOCIALISM.

    79. Outside The Box

      First video I’ve seen from u and I just wanted to say ur pretty good at expressing the emotions of the story

    80. Leon Tan

      This. This is what Communism looks like.

    81. Leon Tan

      This is so fucking wrong. So fucking wrong.

    82. Leon Tan

      Tito Ortiz fought for free in his first UFC fights.

    83. mc _ dub

      Plot twist the guy shot and killed jfk Edit:i fixed spelling

    84. Ryan Brown

      You make great videos man. Keep doing you!

    85. ChambleeGames

      The NCAA is a joke. They don't care about the student athletes. All they care about is how much money they can make. And they want to give that "athletes are getting a free education" excuse. Keep telling yourself that NCAA.

    86. Michael Tinajero

      You should be a motivational counselor you're a good Sir ,God bless you. !!

    87. Steven Buckallew

      U know what time it is

    88. Darice Lim

      Bruh they said u can be a pro in one sport and but bot in another so he technically didn’t break any rules cause he was pro in skiing but not football

    89. Numa 2K

      Can't wait till you get 1M subs Flem. Well deserved and another nice video. Keep the grind we got your back 🙏🏾

    90. Stephen Ertz

      The NCAA has no power or control over Skiing the USSA has the sanctions over skiing and this iratates

      1. Stephen Ertz

        I meant to say the NCAA is irritated because they can’t collect revenue from the sport and seeing it is outside their Purview they vote against skiers

    91. Mister Feola

      FlemLo I haven't seen you in MONTHS. so glad I got to see your work again! Any topic you make a thoughtful video on is ALWAYS OUTSTANDING

    92. ninjacowboy

      Kids should bypass the ncaa and go to the cfl. They will get paid, the government nor the ncaa can’t stop them and if they are good enough the NFL will come a knocking. If enough people do it, It would force the ncaa to reevaluate their rules.

    93. Colton Groves

      Can’t wait until you hit 1 million

    94. Elliot Cannon

      If you think this is bad, you need to read a little about Avery Brundage.(sp)

    95. Allister Louison

      Man I wish there was a way football players could sidestep the NCAA the way basketball players do (ex, go to Europe like Brandon Jennings).

    96. Sirjt Khan

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    97. Daniel Colon

      That is sad.

    98. Gilbert Landeros

      Sko Buffs 🦬

    99. Tr0uB135uM

      Loving the hoody bro. High key

    100. PRIME 200

      He should do on on destroying